Monday, September 26, 2016

Upcoming Blog Posts (Yes, I've returned again)

Princess Arcticspirit was relaxing on a couch up in her bedroom at the castle she called home. She was scrolling on her blog, reminiscing about all the good times she had writing it . She sighed softly.
"I wish we could continue the blog..." Suddenly, a koala and a fox burst into the room. They were her roommates and co-founders of the Animal Jam Good Times blog, all of them writing under the name of Suzi00. Spirit was the main writer and and it was she who wrote the final post on the blog, but the other animals wrote parts of the blog as well, edited it and worked on the layout and replying to comments. The koala, who had the rather bizarre name of Incredible Quietjunior (he said it was an accidental name) spoke rapidly.
''Princess! We need to continue the blog!'' Princess whipped around and gasped.
''What did you say...?'' 
''He said we need to continue writing the blog. Juno is at our front door, and she has demanded that we write another post on her Alpha Training Camp.'' the fox, Princess Arcticstar, replied. The surprise in Star's voice revealed that she was as surprised as her friend was.
''But that's not all! Pouncing Tinypaw got an idea for another poem, Blooming Arcticviolet wants to write a post on her favorite pranks to pull, and Empress Arcticpride got an idea for a theater! Plus, now I think I want to write more posts on fashion!' Star finished. Spirit's eyes widened as she realized what this meant.
''We're not out of ideas! There's so many things we have to do! ...But what will we do when we run out of ideas again?'' 
''Well, I'm thinking we all brainstorm a list of ideas, and then post it on the blog and slowly write a post for each idea. If we find new ideas we can add them to the list, but once we complete the list we can stop posting, or try to brainstorm another list.'' Incredible mused. Spirit agreed to the plan and within minutes she had rallied every animal that lived in the castle plus Juno (she lived alone and only had written one post for the blog). The concept of this brainstorm session was simple: if an idea didn't make everyone tremble with excitement than they wouldn't do it. Ideas began to be tossed around and soon a furiously scribbled list of ideas was compiled. Spirit looked over the list, everyone agreed to it and the purple Arctic Wolf returned upstairs to her laptop and clicked onto the blog once more. She smiled slightly as she copied down the list onto the blog, and clicked 'Publish'. Her smile widened and soon transformed into maniacal laughter. It was time to return to the blog!'

Hullo my lovely jammers!

Firstly, if you're reading this it means you have stuck around with this blog and for that I thank you (or you have stumbled upon this post months or years later and feel awkward that I am thanking you). I hope you enjoyed that little story I wrote! I like to imagine all my animals working together on my blog and living together in my Fantasy Castle (fun fact: it was my dream den as a nonmember and the first den I purchased when I became member. It is still very dear to my heart). I am the sole writer of this blog, by the way, and am one person; I hope I didn't confuse you! So, you may be wondering: are you really continuing this blog or did you just write that to confuse/annoy me? Well, my dear reader, I am indeed continuing this blog and not just getting your hopes up! 

I have compiled a list of all the posts I'm going to write from here on. I am not promising that I'll write any more posts once when I finish the list, but I might. Now, without further ado, here is a list of all the posts I will write from this point onwards (not necessarily in any particular order):

1.  The Alpha Training Camp: Revisited
2. The Guide to Theatre in Animal Jam (having plays, finding actors and putting on the best show for your audience)
3. Choose Your Own Adventure: Animal Jam (pt. 3)
4. How to have a Kingdom in Animal Jam
5. Harmless and Fun Pranks: Caroling and Talking Chairs
6. Public Library
7. Having an Animal Rescue in Animal Jam (Animal Shelter Pt 2)
8. How to have a Phantom War (w/ alphas) in Jamaa Township (Alpha Training Camp pt 2)
9. Start a Scam Watch!
10. Equestrian Centers in Animal Jam
11. Shops in Animal Jam: Plushie Stores, Art Stores and More 
12. How to have a Parade in Animal Jam
13. Fall Fashion (done! You can find it here:
14. Halloween Costume Ideas #2
15. Fun Ideas: Become a Storyteller
16. How to host a Fashion Show
17. A study on the roleplayers of Sarepia Forest (humor)
18. *Possible Kimbara Outback Page*
19. 25 Days of Jamaalidays
20. (Continued the two series about having fun at parties and lands until all are complete)
21. Animal Jam Boarding School...? (Inspired by one person in the statistics who came to this blog by searching 'How to make a boarding school in Animal Jam')
22. How to make a Carnival in Animal Jam

Thank you guys sooo much for 10k views!

(Note to self: update this picture)

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