Thursday, June 9, 2016

I've decided to quit Animal Jam (this blog will stay up, though!)

Sorry for randomly poofing on you guys! I'm not going to beat around the proverbial bush, I've decided to 'close' (technically not close because this blog represents years of work and I'm not going to take it down) the blog down, meaning I'm going to formally stop posting. Here's why:

I ran out of blog ideas >.< There's only so much you can do within the game. Besides, no one seemed interested in the events or RPs anymore, it seems to have lost all creativity and everyone's just trading nowadays. I also don't play Animal Jam much anymore, my membership has ended and I don't feel like renewing it for a game I hardly play now. You could say I grew out of it. It's been amazing posting here and watching people use my ideas, send in screenshots and follow a blog. My blog never really became popular but it's not really an 'ordinary' Animal Jam blog so I'm not surprised. It began and ended as a little tucked away outlet for my creativity, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Also, I'm almost at 10,000 views, my goal that was always so close and yet so far, and I'm content with that.

My advice to anyone wanting to write a blog? When you create it, plan what you're going to post. Don't post all at once, keep a consistent schedule (my blog was updated whenever I get a new idea so that never worked for me, haha) so you get a rhythm (I did get one, though) going. Take time to choose the perfect name and the perfect look for your blog. Don't force your blog to be anything it isn't, don't suddenly just start posting rants about real-world issues because people read blogs to be happy and often inspired. Don't be afraid to advertise, but don't expect a massive following. Even if you only have four followers, treat them well and make them happy they read it. Be honest with your followers if you aren't going to post and don't be afraid to pull the plug if you 100% know you aren't going to post anymore but leave the blog up just in case you do.

I love you guys, thank you for all the adventures you've shared with me.

Until our paths cross once more~