Tuesday, December 30, 2014

These are pretty cool!

Hey jammers,

I saw two weird and wonderful things at Nemachu's den and I want to share them with you!

 This is a nonmember snow leopard. How you can get them, or any other member animal as a nonmember is simply purchase a membership, buy member animals and delete your nonmember ones. Then you can choose two member animals to keep! I personally like all my nonmember animals, so I'm not going to be doing that anytime soon!
And this is the unreleased 'Toilet.' I saw it on Nemachu's trade list as 'Toilet', so thats simply what it is called!

Have you seen anything cool today Jammers? Comment what if you have!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Guide for New Jammer Tours

Hey Jammers,

Sorry that I have been lazy/busy/having too much fun! I hope you have had a Merry Christmas, I got an extra special present that I never thought I'd get: a year of Animal Jam membership! Anyway, you have heard me listing 'Give New Jammer a Tour' as a way to be nice, but do you actually know how? You probably do (never lost my faith in you!) but you MAY not know the basics. There are some things you need to know before you go out and be nice! Let's get dow to business!

Step 1: 'Obtaining' the New Jammer

Go to Jamaa Township and head up to the Mira Statue. New Jammers first appear here, and automatically head down to Jamaa Township. Don't make the mistake I did, trying to greet them there. They don't go down of their own accord, it's automatic. Anyway, go up to the Mira Statue so you can identify who is a brand new jammer, and who has been around a bit. Make sure you get the animal name of the New Jammer and call them out of the crowd, and even go up to them. Ask them if they want a tour. Now, some say 'No' and I totally understand that. Others might agree, proceed to buddy them so you can keep track of them!

Step 2: The Tour

First thing you should know that people (including me) don't like full tours of Jamaa that much. There are of course some exceptions, but you should ask them first. Then proceed with showing them Jamaa Township. If you have gems on your paws, ask them if they could have anything nonmember from Jam Mart Clothing/Furniture, what would they get. Secretly purchase that item (in their favorite color they want if you are member). Show them the Sol Arcade and wait for them to play a game or two if they wish, while you do the plushie machine if you still have gems. Show them the Diamond Shop, explain to them how to get diamonds, and the Pillow Room. An optional thing is to show them the Mira Statue and explain to them who Mira is. You can show them the rest of Jamaa if you wish, or continue to the next step...

Step 3: The Goodbyes and Gifts

Once when you have finished your tour, go to their den and teach them to put up a necklace on their trade list. Trade them some starter items, and/or a RIM. Wish them good luck, answer any questions, and depart. You might unbuddy them, but you could also stick around for them-you are their only buddy for now!

Now that you know the tour basics, why don't you find a New Jammer right mow and test your knowledge? ;)

Sorry for my late post!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cami gets a spotlight!

Hey Jammers,

I was delighted to find out that AJHQ has a new news announcement thing called Wild Explorers! The host is a little girl named Cami! If you don't know her story, she is a little girl that has/had cancer.  
You might've heard about Cami's Frog, a beta item! Well, Cami's father works for AJHQ and in honor of Cami and her favorite stuffed animal -a frog called Froggy - AJHQ made that item! I'm delighted to see she has her hair, I don't think she has cancer anymore. I saw some pictures of her last year, and it was sadly gone. Well, I love the new Wild Explorers, and I hope I can run into her in Animal Jam! She even featured someone's epic den!

A new jammer of the week/month is coming soon!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Dinner Party is in Brazil!

Or, rather, the Brazilian server! (Hey Jammers),

So, I clicked the Dinner Party and I found myself in Brazil! I'll grab Google Translate, (I'll probably have horrible grammar in Portugese) and tell me about my experiences! I needed something to post about, yay!

Oi! Como vocĂȘ esta?

Turns out every jammer was sent to the Brazil Dinner Party when they clicked it! I taught someone some Portugese, I have Google Translate as well as (minuscule!) knowledge of the language!

The party ended, but I'll try to interview someone in Portugese for the Sarepia Forest page (i'll translate it as well).

If you want to visit Brazil, Germany, Mexico, or France then simply go to your Parent Dashboard and switch the preferred language on your account! You can always switch it back!

Unfortunately, those servers are basically empty.

Thanks for the practical joke, AJHQ ^o^


Monday, December 15, 2014

Party Soon and Giveaway!

Greetings dear jammers, I bring glad tidings! I have been on National Geographic Animal Jam for 1 year, 6 days. I missed my koala's birthday! Anyways, so I'm going to have a birthday party for Incredible Quietjunior and my account! I would love join-day gifts, but I'll also give out gifts: the three daily gifts from today until Wednesday! I'm going to use my duplicates to amass a large amount of them, so you'll be able to choose which out of three gifts (and possibly their colors) you want! Members get it free, Nonmembers get it for one necklace (I'll also trade a colored necklace to nonmembers so they get it free too!). It'll probably be this Wednesday, but I'm not sure! But now I'm going to put up a poll whether I should have it in a fancy schmancy Sky Kingdom or a cozy and delicious gingerbread house! There will also be a rare topcoat giveaway, just comment your AJ username! If you don't want a rare topcoat then you can help me with my airport-to-be, with a free job (the payment is a plushie :p). Y'dont have to, but I understand some people
may enjoy working at a airport/hotel! Now, I know I'll get a minuscule amount of people at the party, and maybe only a little more for the giveaway, but hey, it's easy to comment so why don't you enter ^.^

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mt. Shiveer page is out!

I have good news, I finally finished the prologue of my new story! You can view it now on the new Mt. Shiveer page, along with the Lonely Fluter! I hope you like pictures and reading with soundtrack, because I have both on there! (The soundtrack is optional music from Animal Jam that fits each chapter, usually from the land the chapter takes place in. They are simply playable videos!)

I'm also happy to announce I have a new follower! Welcome to the family of some sort, Audrey!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Woot, 2,000 views!

Alright, so I have some nice announcements to make!

1. The Mt. Shiveer page is going to be... *drumroll* a creative writing page! Basically it'll have made-up stories about Animal Jam.

2. There will be one week each month about updating and improving pages. Basically means more ideas, more interviews, more funny stuff and more stories!

3. I'm going to experiment with timing your posts, so when I'm in a particular 'AnimalJamGoodTimey' mood, i'll make several posts and time them! I'm hoping i'll manage more then one post on the weekend, since school is steadily getting more difficult!

4. I'll be making a longer post about how to make an airport and a location at your den!

5. I MIGHT be hosting a celebration of some sort, since Animal Jam Good Times has 2,000 views! Tell me in the comments If I should and if you would go.

6. The Lands of Jamaa pages are going to be spruced up by videos with the land's soundtrack!

Be sure to vote in the poll on the left of this (up or down, idk). It'll motivate me ^o^


Should I get a signature?

3 more...

3 more pageviews to 2000

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Maker of Animal Jam's Account

You may not believe me, but I do believe I have found Clark Stacey, CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive's account. The username is simply 'clark'. I have seen pictures about AJ (some official articles I believe) with the shown username 'clark'.

Oh, and there are a few betas in there too ^O^

I might say a few things more by editing or this post, or even a comment...

Anywho, have a nice night/day!


Coming Soon...

We only need 53 page views to reach 2,000 views! Yay!!

Also, a new page, Mt. Shiveer is coming soon !! What do you think it will be about? Agh, my grammar is as bad as the daily explorer... Anyway, thanks for viewing/commenting and I hope to satisfy you with a Mt. Shiveer page!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things to do in the Jamaalidays Part 1!

Animal Jam-Things to do in the Jamaalidays!

1 .Host a Jamaalidays party!
2. Pretend to go ice-skating!
3. Bundle up your animal, and drink some cocoa while sitting next to the fire in JamaaTownship
4.Pretend to throw snowballs at people!
5.Go caroling in people’s dens
6.If your member, send people presents!
7.Tis the season of kindness! Give a new jammer a tour
8.Make the perfect Jamaalidays den using presents from the advent calendar!
9.Go to the Jamaaliday Jam!!
10.Pretend to build snowmen using the snowman in Jamaa Township!
11.Eat Club Geoz! It is gingerbread, right…?
12.Go camping in the Pillow Room since it is cold out!

13. Open the presents by Jam Mart Furniture and proclaim what is inside!

I'll also making a Jamaaliday Jam things to do!

Have fun jamming!