Monday, April 13, 2015

How to Roleplay in Animal Jam

Hello all!

I'm gonna try to start posting more. I just came back from a great camping trip, and few things inspire writing more then Yosemite!

I've noticed that I've assumed all of you knew how to roleplay. There are really two types of roleplay, novel-like roleplay that is usually seen on a forum (like on a wolf roleplay forum I own) and roleplay in chat.

It's really easy to chat-roleplay, which you can also call Animal Jam roleplay.

Role-playing is basically pretending to be a different character, whether pretending to be a fairy princess or a wolf. Some people like their character to have a completely different personally then themselves. For example, my other arctic wolf Daredevil Arcticbrave is an alpha-trainer (see the Alpha Training Camp post I made a while back. Probably my best) so she is much stricter and tougher then I really am. Many people make up a good backstory to explain why their character is who they are. In Animal Jam most people roleplay their animal, but sometimes dress up their animal to make it look like something else.

Roleplaying at it's very basic can be something as simple as *laughs* or *perks ears*.  The first one is something you may do to show that you are laughing through the Internet (it's like using the emoticons). The second one you may use like YOU are your Animal Jam animal. I don't really think humans can perk ears, so it assumes that you are your animal. That is roleplay.

In my blog posts I often tell you what you could do or say in roleplay to make it more fun. Most ideas here are roleplay ideas, whether roleplaying you are a pilot of an airplane or you are an alpha trainer. (Remember: you don't have to make up a personality or a backstory every time you roleplay, for example when I own an 'airport' I'm really not any different from who I'm actually am besides the fact that I have an 'airport', which I usually don't have.)

Here are some tipes to improve your roleplaying experiance: 1. try to make your animal look as close to your character your roleplaying as you can. If your roleplaying a brown wolf in a forest then I suggest you get a wolf (or, if you don't have one and can't get one then you dress up, say, a bunny or fox to look like one) and roleplay in Sarepia Forest. If you are a Waiter/Waitress at a 'restaurant' then I suggest you dress up as close to a waiter/waitress as you can (for example, wear a tuxedo or a white tie). 2. Act the situation as if you were actually there. That definitely doesn't mean overreact, it is a game after all. But, for example if your a museum tour guide you shouldn't just say 'This is the ancient hamster thing'. You should say 'This is the ancient hamster statue of the hamster tribes. The hamster tribes made this statue to look like a Jamaasian Animal, hoping that the giant hamster statue would scare away jammers so they would rule Jamaa. As you can guess, the attempt was a failure.' If you are a self-respecting museum tour guide then you probably would be detailed about the artifact, it's part of your job. I'm not saying you have to do so, I just recommend it. I'm just a person who likes to be detailed about roleplay, but it's totally cool if you don't want to be detailed. 3. Since *these* aren't able to be used in Animal Jam, I reccomend :doing this: or .doing this if your nonmember. Or you can just do this, without anything to show your roleplaying. Lastly, don't roleplay if you don't want to. Roleplay is about having fun and being creative, not something you have to do because other people think it's 'cool'.

This post was long, lol. Congratulations on reading the whole thing! You get a cupcake *gives cupcake*.

Keep playing wild!

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