Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Den Idea: School

Hey jammers,

I made a school, but I'm going to report how things went later in a mini-post. First off, i want to show you a cool glitch that i also sent to Animal Jam Spirit.

Basically, the wolf isn't frozen, but if you stop walking around then its frozen. That particular area of Jamaa Township for some reason made all the wolves that walked there freeze, as well as a section of my den. I tried it with other animals and only the normal, nonmember wolf was affected. 

Now, onto the School. My first day of school started today so i think this fits today's post. In honor of school (yes, it needs to be honored), i'll post an educational or random, school related fact every post. Now, get out your textbooks class and turn to page three of Animal Jam Good Times and read the eleventh(?) post there. I would enjoy school very much if reading this (no, not a narcissist) blog or any other AJ blog was in my textbook.

Step 1. Set up your den: in the outside items like the you might want to include a small library, a playground with a monkey jungle gym and of course, a chalkboard with rows of school desks or any chair with a table. If you want to make a boarding school then be sure to add several 'rooms' of Shoji Screens and Mister Chunkybuddy's bed: A blue couch on top of a coffee table of the same color with a pillow on it. Books and plushies are good additions to a room, as well as a Cleverclaw's Dresser.

Step 2. Call your people: Be sure to state the grade level, the student slots, your username, and any other information. 

3. Welcome your class: Give your class a warm welcome and show them around. Make sure you tell them all about who the teacher(s) are, and make them comfortable.

4. When they are comfortable, start the first class: Be sure to make up a schedule of when each class is, recess and lunch (you can move some furniture and place any food items with tables or 'food' on the desks, and remove them when the lunch period is done). Introdouce the subject, and then go into it. Make sure each class is short, and its important NOT to have anything to complicated, but its also a bonus if your pupils learn something IRL.

5. Have Recess: For a short period of time they can be free, playing around or whatever. You can organize games (tag, hide and seek) or have them form them among themselves. Keep your eyes peeled (ouch!) for bullying. Call them in when they are done, and you might want to make them stand in a line. Any bullies or slow-to-obey students go in 'timeout'.

6. Field Trips: Your class is going to need field trips if it really is fun, a list of field trips are:

  1.  Tierneys Aquarium: Have them 'pretend' to use the touch pool, a few of the land/sea animals can dive into Kani Cove with supervision and you can point out fish and say a few facts about them (do your research teacher!). Watch a movie at the end in Tierney's Theater. 
  2. Brady's Lab: Teach them how to do the Rainbow Potion (three of every color and click the flame three times, other blogs have guides to that) and watch a movie.
  3. Conservation Museum: It teaches itself with its cool facts and coloring pages. The plushie machine and gift shop is a +
  4. Flag Shop: Its really cool to teach your class facts about a specific country including: a few words of the language, a dish from them, and then you can go to the Flag Shop to buy the flag
  5. Medical Center: Empty Medical Center preferred because all kinds of sick animals can be in there, show them the Grey Wolf exhibit and the equipment.


(I might add more to this post!)

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  1. omg thank u so much! Now I can make a really good school!


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