Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to live in other people's dens and Tiny Wittle Giveaway

Hey jammers,

First off, Nafaria9, creator of Animal Jam Whip hosted an epic party. It traversed through Jamaa Township, Phantom Vortex, her den and my den! I'm excited to have her for a buddy (she buddied all party attenders), she's a really cool, sweet and fun (and nice) person as well as an experienced blogger (perhaps she will teach mer her ways...). A few of the highlights in picture form:

How to Live in People's Dens

So, first off, the dens may lock/you may get reported (for, hopefully, no good reason)/blocked/or you'll have fun. Here are the two methods:

Method 1:

1. Locate a den, preferably not a buddies den but it can be any den.

2. Lock your own den, and invent an excuse for not being able to be at your den such as: ''Termites are being gassed, I'm den-less for a few days." "I'm super poor because I bought a new den so I had to rent them all off'' ''I got locked out of my house, I'm getting a new key in a few days'' ''I got lost'' make sure its temporary.

3. Go to that person's den, and sleep on their lawn o3o

4. When they come, tell them your excuse, and ask them if you can stay at their house.'

5. If the person is nice, you should get a bed and maybe a bite to
 eat. Be a very good guest, and befriend the person and do chores for them etc.

Method 2:

1. Find an epic den, party or whatever.

2. Sleep on the beds, eat the food and pretend its your house.

3. Take care of the house, and don't trash the place :3

You might also want to live in a separate room, or something. DON'T be RUDE about IT


Extremely small giveaway for a nonmember rare eyepatch! Its ends October 5th, and you just need to comment your username, and your favorite post from my blog and your in!

A piece of my past:

I remember my old headfeather, which I traded for a dinner booth because I thought nonmembers could place member items if only they could actually OWN them XD
Ahhh, my newby days.

This was so long ago......

And this was my pic from my 'Savvy Jammer' news crew entry. I failed big-time XD

Ahhhhh... The good 'ol days.


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  1. Ohhh, Suzi, are you sure you weren't diagnosed with a kindness disease at birth or something? XD I kid, I kid.

    But seriously! I love your blog and your posts! You have talent!


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