Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Nice :3

I now have a new look: my purple is lavender, and I wear a rare headdress!

A really, really, super, douper nice jammer named Akirk20 just gave it to me in a giveaway, I told her it was my dream item and then..

She said in the jamagram ''Then your dream has come true''.

I am speechless.

And then happy.

I'm not super happy, it simply is pixels and thats what this game is. But some bunch of pixels I really wanted came, and it makes me happy, and i'm touched, super touched, by her generosity. An act of kindness is worth a lot, even if its small, even if its pixels, and can make someone really happy.

Have a rare you don't need?

It makes you happy too.

Find someone who wants a colored item, and you have it?

Its worth it.

That is truly how to have a good time: be kind!

Good day!


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