Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Service Dog Training

Hey jammers,

This is how to train guide dogs, I know, its weird. These dogs can be given to "blind" jammers, send them out to find and rescue jammers and provide therapy. These dogs take training, I use an agency with a big bed, agility course, and food and water place. The dogs are also given medical checks, and are given training such as socializing them in Jamaa Township and Pillow Room or you can tell them to lead you around with your eyes closed.

1. For decoration, add any wolf statues or plushies, a lot of pillows can make a bed, and a pet cabin is a good dog house. Put down several bowls or a trough for food and water, and then tables/treehouses/and any things to jump, climb or swim for agility.

2. Invite the dogs, and then send them to bed, in the morning pretend to give them a check-up to see if they will do well.

3. Buddy them all (I had a duplicate account since my list is full buddy them). Take them for a walk and socialize them.

4. Watch them all in their daily activities and according to their breed, how they act etc. to determain if they are a Therapy Dog, Guide dog or 'rescue' dog (saving lives) or a baby sitter.

5. Give them special training for each and then sort them into their jobs.

6. Let them go into the Pillow Room, or set them up with their owners.



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  1. Wow! You are SOOO creative! how do you come up with this stuff?!


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