Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Chapter!

Hey jammers,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I went on a camping trip and I didn't have the means to post anything! To make up for that I have something that I haven't updated in a long time: my story in the Mt. Shiveer page! Due to real-life issues I won't be able to post within the next three days, so just hold on! Also, the blog's birthday was about a week ago! Can you believe Animal Jam Good Times is a year old? I can't! It feels like yesterday when I first made it, and my how it has grown! Perhaps we can get 10,000 views by the end of the year...

Shall I have a birthday party? Comment below and let me know!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick Tip: Exclusive Llama Color and lightened secret 'glitch' raspberry!

Hey jammers!

I have recently discovered that newly-purchased Llamas have a special color that cannot be found on the palette!

Do you see color one? It's a shade of tan that's not accessible on any other animal! You can see that color one doesn't show any color selected. No, that doesn't mean that somehow I magically 'unselected' a color, it means it's a secret, exclusive color! BUT if you select a different color for Color 1 on your Llama that means you will never be able to use that color on that llama again! 'Oh, but Suzi!' you exclaim. 'I already selected a different color one, but that tan is just SO amazing and I want it SO much!'. Unfortunately if you want to have access to that color again you'll have to pay 500 gems. It's pretty simple: recycle your llama and then get a new one (since you already paid the 10 diamonds it's only 1000 gems like a normal animal, but you got 500 already from recycling it). If you want you can name it the same exact thing as your previous llama (that's what I did). Now, once when you have your llama you can customize it as much as you like, but whatever you do DON'T change Color 1 (the top color). Or, if you don't want to pay 500 gems to get that color, it's only a slight shade off from the other tans, but you won't get the super-douper fancy SPECIAL tan. The choice is yours.

And for all jammers, I have a bit of interesting news! The secret Best Dressed raspberry has turned into a light pink! That's right: if the raspberry was too intense for you, have a nice, soft pink!
I'm not sure if the same raspberry color of glitched items/animals has also changed to this pink. Someone let me know if this is so! Don't worry, the much-loved 'arctic blue' (that is found the same way as the pink except out of best dressed) hasn't changed! If anyone is wants to get these secret colors then just click around on the bottom left lavender's corner, on the tan part right outside the color box.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you learned a thing or two! Let me know which is your favorite secret color! 

Ooooo... You read below my signature! I'm impressed! As a reward for your grand feat, I'll let you in on one more secret: if you miss the secret raspberry, then look at the default pattern of an owl! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friendships across the language barrier

Hey jammers,

Today I have made friends that I didn't say a word of english to. I have played adventures and have had nice conversations with people who spoke a language I didn't. The jammers I talked to said I had pretty good Portuguese.

Anyone know what I'm saying in these pictures? Open up your translator and call it practice! I'm speaking Portuguese.

I had to use Google Translate as well as my mad typing skills =P (being a writer pays off y'know).

It's amazing the moment you understand what a person is saying even though you don't speak their language. It's even more amazing when you make a friend or two... 

How do you visit another country, or at least a different language server? It's simple, this video here made by the lovely Snowyclaw explains how:

Unless your fluent in whatever language server you go to, you'll need a translator. I recommend 

I advise having two windows up so you can look at the different-language chat while translating at the same time! 

Be sure to look at the servers list so you can get the most full server of your language! 

If you have made a friend, played an adventure or have even won a Best Guess round while in a different language server, let me know! I'd love to hear any stories you may have!

May the language barrier never separate you from making lots of new friends!

Here's a few Portuguese words you might want to use if you choose to go to that server:

Sim = Yes

Naõ = No

Oi = Hello

Troca = Trade

Also, you know how when using the limited chat it shows words you can choose as you type so you don't have to type the whole word? It does the same for servers of different languages, and it also does it for accent characters (like ˜ ˆ ç) so you don't have to use special keyboard shortcuts you make the accent symbols. It's SO handy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort!

*No, I don't know Kala at all. I just stumbled upon her den at Jamaa Township, and decided to write a post about it to inspire other jammers. Her permission has been given for this post! If you want me to spotlight your den, comment below*

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort

Hey guys!

Have you considered making a beach resort now that Summer is here? Well, I found a really awesome beach resort to get your inspiration flowing! 

A classy entrance, and a hinting at the color theme of the party.

I walk into a den and I see ice cream tables, as well as a beautiful wallpaper and a nice corner-fountain. Honestly, it's not the betas that make it good. It's the perfect placing of the betas, just like any other item. It doesn't matter if it's a seahorse fountain or a beta fountain, it depends on how well you use it. 

The beta fountain, the pillows and the walls give further hints to the color theme.

A beautiful resteraunt! It's very neat and tidy, as well as more color theming! I suppose you figured out what the color scheme was by now...

I love the themed rooms, and the use of an entire den set for a room theme, AND I love how it keeps the beach theme.

A beautiful jacuzzi, with the color scheme blasted loud and clear! Yellow and orange!

Unfortunately, the den owner didn't have towels or umbrellas for the wonderful beach at the time of the screenshots being taken, but I'm sure by the time this post comes up that minor flaw will be fixed, and I'm sure it'll be yellow and orange! Lemonade and Orange Juice, two summer drinks. I love that color scheme, it's so very summery!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and better yet, inspired! I recommend dropping by Kalahurikub's den! 

So, now for tip time!

1. Keep a theme, like beach resort. Every room had a bit of beach, whether the treasure map in the restaurant or the fountain in the ice cream part, and of course the sand castle room!

2. Keep a color scheme! While many of you (I included) may not be able to pull off the color scheme being relevant to the theme like Kalihurikub did, be sure to try! Also, a color can be a theme. Go make a purple and pink den and invite me!

3. Arrange your items. Kalihurikub's den is very neat and every item is in the perfect spot where it can compliment the den to it's very finest!

Also, I know Kali was a member but I've seen some amazing nonmember dens as well... I'll try to spotlight a nonmember den next!

For more den decorating info, I recommend visiting an old, yet popular post: Ten Tricks to Den Improvement

Have fun decorating your dens, jammers, and may the epic den list be with you!