Saturday, June 27, 2015

Battle for the Beacon: Ways to Play

Hey jammers,

So, I'm gonna be gone a week at a camp, so I'm trying to post today, and then try to make a 'scheduled' post. I hope it works out!

Anyway, some of my best posts are ones that I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm just gonna jump in!

Battle for the Beacon: Ways to Play


Gardener: Constantly tend to the chomper and boomseed plants with water buckets.

The 'Tank': Run in there and use your weapon (sword/gloves) or paws to destroy the phantom pipes, bit by bit.

The Boomseed Sniper: Your the one who throws the right boomseeds to he right places. You can destroy swarms of phantoms with a single boomseed, or bombard the pipes until they give way. Your the best friend of jammers who are in a tight situation!

The Protecter: You try to protect jammers as best you can, even at your own expense. You lead swarms of phantoms away from those hacking at the pipes and destroy them best you can, and basically do all the above to help other jammers out. A good protecter should be at least level seven, so they have a few more hearts then other players.


Alpha: While Greely protects the beacon, you get into combat.  
  1. Choose which alpha you want to be (I recommend some of the alphas from the busts, like Amelia, Sigurd, or even the diamond shop busts, like Jade and Juno. But don't use Juno, she's me! Just kidding, feel free to use whichever alpha, known or little-known, you want.
  2. Dress the part! If your going off a bust then you'll have to be creative with your colors and clothing, but try your best to go off whatever markings/clothing is on the bust. Remember: you are trying to be as epic as possible!
  3. Act the part! You are very kind to all jammers, both peace-maker, peace-keeper and protecter of all jammers. I recommend you use the 'Protecter' strategy. Feel free to get into as much alpha-y roleplay as you want!

You are a warrior in the jamaasian army against the phantoms! You were once an ordinary jammer, but you got trained and you have proven yourself again and again as a skilled warrior. Your ranking is up to you, do you command other jammers and strategize, or fight alongside them?

Alpha Trainer:

Want to do something exciting for your alpha training camp? Why not give your young alpha trainees some experience in the phantom wars? Buddy them all and give them a chance to fight and prove themselves. It can be just like an alpha training camp at the den (with teaching and training), but with real phantoms to fight!

Clueless Jammer:

You are the most clueless, soft jammer ever! You stumble into Hidden Hollow and get captured by the phantoms! Run around screaming with half a million phantoms on your tail and see who is noble enough to help the likes of you!


Roleplay healing 'injured' jammers, as peaceful as can be. Think of it as a war effort!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Have Fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival

Hey jammers!

So, I'm only posting if I have something to post about =P

When this blog first started, I was bursting with ideas. I got most of my ideas out now! If your impatient for a post, then go and read previous posts using the archive! You don't even have to read them in order, just pick and choose!

By the way, I also need nagging to help me write a new Choose your own Adventure post. Those are very long and complex to write, and I need motivation D=


How to have fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival*
(*Technically a party)

10. Grab yourself the perfect cotton candy. Make matching colors or color it to look like your animal, make 'rainbow cotton' or find the elusive phantom treat!

9. Find an item, and save up for it. There are tiny plushies, lightning necklaces and balloons, as well as flaming hoops and sombreros to name a few items to buy...

8. Make a 'Magic Bouncy Treehouse Club', 'nuff said.

7. Find the one most game that makes the most tickets, and then play it over and over again, until you can buy your item from 9.

6. Become a carnival clown! Dress the silliest you can dress and entertain people! There are tons of wacky items from the Summer Carnival Shop for you to use!

5. Go camping there!

4. Pretend your pet piglet (or weird pink hamster) is Wilbur, and a buddy's pet tarantula is Charlotte...

3. Sell stuff at one of the booths. Plenty of roleplay fun there! ''Step right up, step right up...''

2. Nom on everyone's cotton candy

1. Have a 'cutest' pet contest thing with other jammers. The cutest pet gets a plaque and shall be displayed for all to see!

Jam on!