Saturday, February 7, 2015

Interview with Snowyclaw

This is my surprise for you all! An interview with Snowyclaw, enjoy :D

This was done by email, because she was to busy to meet me in Animal Jam. Her email is, by the way.

1. How did you find out about Animal Jam?

I found out about Jamaa through National Geographic Kids magazine back in 2011!

2. What appealed to you about it?

The largest pull (over other MORG) was the plot, the stories, the lore, the legends... I also enjoyed the beautiful artwork around the game, the creative ways in which you could individualize yourself with items, colors, and designs... And also the friends I could make. ^-^

3. Were you always Snowyclaw, or did you start off with another user?

I started off a different user in beta, but when the new Jamaa began I started fresh (and soon became a member). My original animal was actually a wolf named Pouncing Snowyclaw, hehe. You can see where my inspiration came from?

4. How did things change as the beta testing period ended?

Membership began obviously. Rares also changed the game. There were so many developments were since then, but Jamaa is ever changing!

5. Have you ever seen any of the beta 'guide' volunteers? If so, could you tell me about what you saw them do?

Yep! I've talked to some of them when they came to visit Jamaa. They usually just answer questions about various aspects of the game. Once though, they revealed a jammer "sizzlerat" to be a test account of AJHQ when a Guide crocodile came in, danced with sizzlerat, and then they both disappeared in a puff of smoke and mischievous laughter (though that last bit might have been only in my head).

6. I'm sure everyone wants to hear this: tell us about your Graham encounter! Did you just chance upon him? What did he say and do?

Everyone received a message from AJHQ (you know the type), "Go to Temple of Zios and...." and I think it said something about sleeping around Zios and telling stories, or something about how old he was or something... But anywho, I went there and there were a few other jammers. They were just sitting round, so I asked if they wanted to hear the original story of Jamaa. They said yes, so I did... AND THEN... Graham appeared about of no where!! He actually said "CLAPS FOR STORY" and then continued to chat and dance with us for a while. Quite exciting...

7. How did starting out the Animal Jam Spirit work out? Could you tell me about the starting out of the Animal Jam Spirit?

Starting out was tough, but I just kept posting! My buddies at the time helped me so much with spreading the word about the blog. They were featured on the side of my blog as the original Spirit Jammers. The group slowly grew into what the great community is today!

8. When did you start your Youtube channel?

A few years ago now? I dunno! I've never been very good at that YouTube thingy. ^3^

9. When did you start getting 'popular'?

I've never considered myself popular or famous, though jammers refer to me as such sometimes.
That's just not really who I am?

10. What is Proven's opinion on your popularity? Give her a hug for me, she makes me smile a lot :3

She kinda just shakes her head. She thinks it may have been more fun when we could just play around Jamaa together without me stopping to talk with everyone who recognizes, but she appreciates the way jammers say hi to her (she is delighted to recieve little messages from self proclaimed fans, I'll tell her you said hello!!)

15. Do you have any advice for newbie Animal Jam bloggers? 

Don't give up! It's a long, difficult process that will seem very hard sometimes, but it's worth it. :) Find support in your friends (both on Animal Jam and in the physical world) and your family. It's a big project and commitment  –  do it for you!

16. Another random question, has Old Frozenspirit always looked that way? And was there anything inspiring you with your unique animal looks? (such as your eyeball snow leopard, I like that one :3)

Old Frozenspirit has looked practically the same (simply added tail armor and swaped sword for pirate sword) since before June 2011!

17. Have you gotten any friends to play Animal Jam?

My sister! And some kids that I've cared for, babysat for. :)

18. Do you consider yourself old to play AJ?

I think anyone can play Animal Jam if they are willing to exist within the world of Jamaa!

11. Did AJHQ ever directly respond to the Jamaasian Movement?

Sadly never directly, but in a interview/conference by the CEO  of Smart Bomb (head of AJHQ, basically), he mentioned how fan sites, stories, and opinions influence the game in large ways (and referred to actions that we had done in the movement). That's as close as those silly adults will get to acknowledging us kiddies. X3

12. How has AJ's lore changed?

There has been a lot of the "origin story" kind of swept under the rug, but other than that, much is the same!
Details were added, tweaked and such, but the important stuff remains. :)

13. What appeals to you about it today?

The ever-changing world full of amazing individuals who make Jamaa a joy to visit when I'm feeling down!


  1. The funny thing is how she said your family should support you.

    Well, if you looked into the deep, murky waters of the cesspool of my life, you won't find my family in anything big and important I've done.

    I only wish I had more time to do the stuff I actually like. Once you get to be my age, it's kind of hard to find things like Animal Jam appealing.


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