Friday, February 6, 2015

Party Camping Route!

Hey Jammers!

The party is tomorrow! It has been a whole week, can you believe it? I can :p

As you probably know, the party is going to be a camping trip! The first fifteen minutes is going to be spent talking and partying at the Sky Kingdom while we wait for people who said they would come to come. Please come within the fifteen minutes, I'm afraid I can't wait for you. If you are late, please jamagram me and I'll try to direct you to the world we are in!

This is the route for the camping trip! When everyone is here we'll leave the Sky Kingdom, go to a (probably half empty) world and begin camping! We'll go on hikes, sing campfire songs, gather food, interact with other jammers who might think we are weird, epic or both... It's going to take some roleplaying, or cluelessly watching, but it will be fun!

Oh, and besides the party, I have an extra-special gift for y'all, and no, it isn't items.
Hint: A special interview

The gift will come after the party, or at the end at least! 

Anywho, the date is tomorrow, obviously and the time is (as quoted from the invitation 'Saturday, Feburary 7th. 12 through 1 pm pacific time, 1 through 2 mountain time, 2 through 3 central time and 3 through 4 eastern time. Sorry if you don't live in the United States!'' 

Anywho, I hope to see most of you there, and sorry to those who can't make it!

Have a jamtastic evening, and see you at the party!


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