Monday, February 2, 2015

Party Invitation

It is time. You have asked about it, and now you'll get an answer. What am I talking about? The blog party of course!

What: A party

Who: Everyone who likes the Animal Jam Good Times blog!

When: Saturday, Feburary 7th. 12 through 1 pm pacific time, 1 through 2 mountain time, 2 through 3 central time and 3 through 4 eastern time. Sorry if you don't live in the United States!

Where: The first fifteen minutes of the party will be in my Sky Kingdom while people arrive, and then we shall pack our bags and go across Jamaa in a camping trip! Don't know how to camp in Animal Jam? Try this tutorial I made around the time I started this blog:

Why: To celebrate 3,000 views! To some it may seem a small amount (I'm looking at you, Naffy! :p) but it took me seven months to get this far, so I might as well celebrate! We could also celebrate 93 posts (I'll tell y'all when we reach 100!)

Please tell me if you can make it at most a day prior to the party. I would like to know how many people can make it, and If I would have to reschedule if to many people can't.

Have a great day!


  1. Can you make it a bit later? I have to do stuff on Saturday and I really want to go to your party :(

  2. Cool! Can you come to my blog's party just a little before that?

  3. I'll be there!

  4. Oh no I just realized I have a volleyball game when the party is on. Sorry, but I won't be able to make it :(


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