Saturday, January 31, 2015

Possible interview coming up...

You might get to see an interview by someone I'm sure you ALL know about ;)



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friendship Parties are here!

Hey Jammers!

Just a friendly, neighborhood reminder to check your party list for the returning Friendship parties! If you like pink, purple and well-decorated princess castles (as well as roses, hearts, shopping music... oh, and friendship of course!) then you'll probably enjoy the friendship party! But I can't speak for you, go check it out yourself :3

If you like pink, purple, hearts, roses, sky high music, candy and burrows as well as friendship festivals, then you can check out my den, it's all decked out! Purple is my favorite color but I didn't know I had so many pink stuff... Yay!

Friendship Party is a great party, but I wish they'd change the music x.x

The people at AJHQ are pawsome decorators, don't you think?

Also, forty views away from 3,000 views! I've had a lot of votes on my poll, so how does a meet-up at my Sky Kingdom with a mini-giveaway of simple rares and then a cross-Jamaa camping trip sounds? Would you attend something like that? I hope so!

I've been taking my time for the party because the 1,000 views party was depressing... At least my plushies showed up!

This is a wimpy post because I'm lazy... If I can get 3 people to ask for me to write a member airport post, then I will! o3o

Have a nice time in reality, Animal Jam and this blog (in order of importance), jammers!


(Should I get a signature?)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Epic Den Interviews

Me: How did your den become an epic den?

Her: I don't know, today I became a member and then random people showed up.

Me: Did they talk to you?

Her: Yes, we asked them for gifts, I'm poor. They said epic and awesome den.

Me: Did you get a jamagram or anything saying your den was epic?

Her: Lots of million

Me: What was your reaction?

Her: 'Wow, they really like me'.

Me: Do you have any advice for people who want epic dens?

Her: Be calm and get a random den with friends. Be yourself.

Me: Did you know I interviewed a few people a few months back? They had epic dens as well, but it was unexpected and they didn't host a party or anything.

From other interviews I learned that they just decorated their den well and people came... and then they got an epic den. Weird... Anywho, one person's tip was to decorate your den well in your own style and your own way! Give each room a special theme or touch and you might just get an epic den.

Unfortunately, the most epic of nonmember dens can't be epic dens :-(

It would be cool to start an epic den list right on this blog, for member and nonmembers alike. I could give you like a howl plaque if I can obtain enough. How does that sound?

I'm posting more to make up for my huge lack of posts the time I was sick D:

Have a good day/night/morning/evening, jammers!


P.S. Ever wanted to meet Peck? There is a cheerful and an adorable New Jammer tutorial thingamabobber. Want to see it? Make a new account. (I have 20-something o3o).

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eagles in Land Adventures!

So, AJHQ fixed the glitch. You can't have a land/sea animal in Forgotten Desert. But there is a loophole. While you can't change animals while hosting adventures when you go from ocean to dry land and vice versa, you CAN change animals while going from ocean to dry land DENS! So, yay!


So, thats nice :3

I think the seal is lucky... I got a beta on the Forgotten Desert! It was from something like green or orange. Of course, AJ isn't about rares, so it honestly doesn't matter if anyone has a beta or not. 

Enjoy the new update! Greely's Den is pretty cool!


Note to Greely: Don't be rude. I know where you live o3o

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 Reasons why Meet Cosmo is AWESOME

Hey Jammers,

So, your probably wondering why I'm taking so long for the Member Airport post. Apologies, I'm waiting for a certain buddy of mine to help me with it, because I really wanted to do it with her. Anyway, in the meantime, I want to tell you about how awesome Meet Cosmo is.

So, here are ten reasons why you should play Meet Cosmo, right now!

10. It has great soundtrack and scenery. There are flowers, waterfalls... The koala dens are also very well done, they have their own charm. There are four seperate soundtracks, the repetitive adventure soundtrack, the cave soundtrack, the special Cosmo's Den soundtrack, and the around-Cosmo's-plants soundtrack. You hear the around-Cosmo's-plants soundtrack at the beginning. The music changes, but every time you go inside Cosmo's den it will play around-Cosmo's-plants again until you go inside a cave or house. Soooo much eye candy <3

9. The koalas are interesting. There are a lot of different koalas in crazy outfits, with nice names, but they have a lot to say. One koala, the one by the bridge, along with helping you build the bridge he has a few funny extra things to say. Usually the koalas also have some quest for you as well, which brings me to the next point.

8. Unlike other adventure, there are quests. Most koalas want something. A koala wants you to plug all the pipes, one wants you to water all the plants (both of these koalas give you 1,000 gems when you complete their quests. Both quests take a while to complete, but you certainly get a lot) one wants you to find his pet moth (I am with her in the above picture), one koala wants you to find her a rose, one koala pays fifteen gems per orange you bring him and one koala (a farther one away from the plants) pays you 50 gems every time you bring her a Carrot. You get Courage for all of those, so if you do all the quests (like I just did) then you get a whopping amount of gems (I have 4,000 from that adventure).

6. It is the first storyline adventure. There were Return of the Phantoms and the Phantom Portal, both are just random task Liza gives you. But,  Meet Cosmo states that since the boom seeds are now made, you can infiltrate the Hive (something which I think should become nonmember). It is the start of a series of adventures tight-knit in storyline, and all but this one member. 

7. The prizes are great for any plant den. Right after I finished Meet Cosmo I decided to make Incredible Quietjunior a nice treehouse, very plant-like and inspired from all the koala huts. Tomatoes that you can grow and pick... A wall garden... A greenhouse window... Great prizes indeed!
6. You can play music. In order to get to the first cave you have to listen to a bird's notes, and then play them on pipes to make a vine ladder grow down a cliff so you can reach the cave (how cool is that!). Of course, you can play music as much as you want. There are five different notes to play, so you can have fun with that. As a plus, the koala that gives you 50 gems per carrot you bring her is conveniently next to the pipes. 

5. You get to see where an alpha lives. As said before, how cool is that?! There is a LOT to learn about Cosmo, like how he makes plants. One koala tells you how helpful he is. You can see Cosmo's den from the outside, enjoy all his plants and plus you can see never-seen-before den items in his place. If you like Cosmo then you will LOVE all the things about him to see.

4. The adventure is very Jamaasian. If you are interested in Jamaa's culture, then you can observe a good deal. As a plus there is plenty of fanfiction inspiration! 

3. So much room for exploration. Lots to see! People to meet, places to be... You can spend a lot of time in Meet Cosmo, and honestly, I think there is plenty of roleplaying opportunities. If you want to take unique, nature-ey screenshots or make a cool Animal Jam movie, this adventure is a great setting!
2. The adventure is very relaxing. Flute music, nice scenery (see 1), helping koalas and bashing an occasional phantom. 

1. The adventure is nonmember. YAY!!!!!! Invite your buddies, member OR nonmember and have a blast in Meet Cosmo!

I find that a little funny... 

Anywho, this started out with me wanting to tell you guys about how much fun I had playing Meet Cosmo, and it turned into this. It seems like I make a lot of lists of ten things... 

What Party should I cover next in the 'Ten Things to do at the ____ party' series? Comment below! As a side note if you have any post ideas or want to hurry a promised post up, then feel free to state so in the comments! I love all comments that follow the rules.

I might add on to the list or take some away. 

Have fun playing Meet Cosmo, Jammers!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nonmember Airport

So, long ago I promised an airport post. I finally will get to that, but I'll make my first post nonmember only. I have been earning gems and spending time on my nonmember duplicate to make this airport, and it might cost roughly three thousand gems for the whole thing. First off, I'll show you all the pics.

                              This is my waiting area, while i'm getting people everyone who arrives waits here.
This is the front desk and the security. I usually station a duplicate, or a buddy with a script at the desk. The jammer who sits at the desk tells everyone about the flight, and instructs people to sit in the waiting area until you board the plane. I usually have a set time for the flight, with a fancier plane I had I made it eight minutes. I would make this flight four-six minutes long.

Behold the wonderful plane, with the toilet in the corner.

You'll also see the snacks that can be moved around by the den owner to dispense to guests, and the pilot's seat, complete with a moon window.

This over here is den number two, the destination. Here are the beds where jammers can sleep at, because it is a hotel. I'm assuming jammers won't stay very long at the destination, because people expect big, fancy member hotels. My advice is to enjoy the journey, for both pilot and passenger.

Here is the eating area, where you can call jammers for meals. 

Of course, the post isn't done yet! I need to invite some jammers and report on how things went!

'Scuse me for a moment, going to run an airport.


So, not very many people came and it was a little dissapointing. Member airports are bigger, attract more people and can be more fun to run sometimes, but in the end it depends on creativity and advertising! I got more people for the hotel, and that was nice. Anyway, be creative and have fun with your airport, jammers! Member Version of this coming soon! :3


Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Host a Party in a Party

Weird title? Yep!


Hey Jammers! I did the coolest thing today (actually, I'm currently doing it).

I am so excited! Anyway, so the story goes that the Bouncy Party came on! It just came out today ^O^

I partied, and partied, and partied some more. Here are some shots to prove it:

Anyway, so when you go into the Bouncy House your animal automatically starts jumping instead of walking, and jumps extra high too!

Well, so the party ended, but I was still there, partying.

And then, I jamagrammed my buddies, telling them to teleport to me to access the Bouncy House party! They did, and invited their buddies. I also got a duplicate to find people in Jamaa, buddy them, and have them teleport to me at the Bouncy Party. So the party was actually FULL because of me :3

We all had so much fun!

So, we had a party after a party. I could invite who I wished, and it was perfect! Did you know the bouncy house party has its own music?? The bouncy house party even has jumping and sliding sound effects! Pawsome, as my buddy, Rosy Daisyeyes, said in the picture.

Anyway, you can try this with ANY party! So, all you have to do is go to a party (or have a duplicate wait at it for you) until it ends, and then most of the people will be gone at most ten minutes after it ends. The place is yours! 

Have fun hosting your party-after-a-party jammers!


(For some reason, I feel like I sound like the upbeat AJHQ writing style, addressing everyone as jammers! :3 I have better grammar then AJHQ though.)

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I figured out the Epic Dragon Mask COMPLETELY ENGULFS koalas! To add to the effect I put on wings!

Random Tidbit :3

AJinsider is interesting...

Hey Jammers!

You may or may not know about the hacker that steals pictures from AJHQ and posts it on Instagram, but there is one. He/She goes by the name of AJinsiders, and has been shut down multiple times. I think there is a 'new' AJinsider that posts pictures from the old one. You can find the link (that may or may not work, since the account could get shut down any time) here:

Now, I took some screenshots, observe:

Some people speculate this as a party, but a den?!?!

Wow. AJ doesn't really have beds, I'd love to see that.

They predict this Bench Press and Toilet around New Years... How did Nemachu get the toilet?!?!

A nonmember statue, of 'Meta Knight'? That is from Kirby, does AJinsiders mean something else?

 This makes me curious! it is also juicy blog news :p

The happiest of New Years to all of you!