Deep Blue


(But since the soundtrack is so sad, and the page so happy, this alternate soundtrack will perk you up!)

Under Kani Cove is Deep Blue. Dark, and lonesome Deep Blue has some unpleasant creatures at first sight, like Angler Fish but they really are just big softies <3 Deep Blue has some weird rock formations, and is scarred by a trench that glows red. Pet Anglerfish are found there, as well as the Underwater Den shop, but the real reason you'd find me visiting by is the EPIC Kani Cove glitch-I posted about it, see the archive.

Jammers can also BE Deep Blue, lonely, sad, or just plain bored. This page is dedicated to get you out of it, and into happiness. So, in a short, a joke page/boredom buster.

Random Joke:

There was three robbers, and they were stealing stuff from a farm. The farmer came with his flashlight (and gun) because he heard some strange noises. The robbers hid in the barn, the first behind a cow, the second behind a pig, and the third behind a sack of potatoes. The farmer came in, and shined his light on the cow. The robber behind it said 'Moo!' he shone his light on the pig, the robber behind it said 'Oink!' and show his light on the sack of potatoes. The third robber said 'err Potato?'


So, me and my duplicates traveled to a random persons den to sing Let it Go. A bunch of random bunnies, the same color scheme in someones den. Funny. But, things twisted slightly: she and her friend joined in later! Here are a few pics:

Also, I had a den glitch:

It started with Otters with Fezes with a few of my buddies, and then Enchanted didn't have one so I felt sad, so I became her twin!

More jokes, and funny AJ pics coming soon!


  1. Ahh, I remember our little Fez Hat party, so much fun XD

  2. Indeed that was, Fez is one of the greatest items to be added in AJ and if they ever go on clearance then I shall buy two of every color.

  3. I love the one with the crocodiles. "Furry Croc Convention my den!" The farmer one was awesome, too!

  4. "Ahhh. beautiful piece of art." So true. so true.

    - MW234


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