Friday, November 27, 2015

Spread Some Cheer + I've Returned

Hey Jammers!

The Jamaalidays have come the day after Thanksgiving, apparently AJHQ has some of those people who celebrate Christmas ASAP :3

And so, I invite you all to spread some cheer! I just got a message with a tiny gift saying 'Just trying to spread some cheer! Pass it on'. So, I bought a little somethin' and passed it on! I invite you to do the same. Tell your buddies you're thankful for them, send someone a little gift, just do something kind for someone. It's (almost) the holidays, after all!

I haven't been playing Animal Jam as much as I used to, but I just logged on and was overwhelmed by a wave of... sadness. I never knew how much I missed Animal Jam, and you guys <3

And so, I've returned, I guess? Thank you for being patient with me while I'm silly and try to leave. Let's hope I never (unofficially) leave again! If this blog is inactive, then leave a little comment reminding me to make a post! I'll try my best to do so.

I love you guys and I'm so thankful for you <3

Monday, November 9, 2015

The final chapter!

I have added the final chapter to A Tiger's Destiny, now renamed The Moon and Sun. I'm sorry that I didn't give this to you before, and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for sharing this little adventure with me that was writing it.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lion King Animal Cosplay!

Naaants ingonyma bagithi baba!

That's Swahili, and the opening words of the opening song of the Lion King! So, a few days ago a certain blogger watched the Lion King for the first time! And so, of course, she just HAD to post some Lion King-inspired costumes. So, here they are, member and nonmember alike!


So, here he is for members:

Note that Simba has a red mane, not a brown one.


I got a little creative since there isn't really a mane for nonmembers.

I also tried using a hood, but it looked really odd.

Bonus! Simba as a Cub




Nala is pretty straightforward. You can put a crown on her if you like!



Just darken up Simba's look and you'll get MUFASA! 



This one looked too much like Nala, so I darkened it

You can choose whatever!


(If you want to do Sarafina, Nala's mother, then just darken Nala's fur, but keep the eyes)



(Don't ask me where I went with this one. I tried to make him look lean, but....)

(I love how this one turned out)


(Rather dashing, wouldn't you say?)

(If you want to do a scar-less scar, then just use the spiked hair colored black)


You can change eye shape to choose your hyena. Shenzi has girl eyes, Banzi has the eyes pictured, and Ed would probably have... errr, the default eyes? You can change up the mane if you like, but I think it turned out pretty well






Timon and Pumbaa

Sorry but I couldn't find a good pig or meerkat. If a meerkat pet comes out, I could do pet versions!


Someone get me that epic alpha staff thing, or whatever it's called! I need to bonk insolent young lions on the head with it!

This took a very very very long time to do, and I hope you enjoyed it! If you want me to do some more movie or book inspired costumes, comment and let me know! 

Love you guys, even though I don't post very often <3

Friday, September 25, 2015

Four ways to bid farewell to Summer!

Hey jammers!

Sorry for basically monthly posts, I haven't been playing a lot of Animal Jam and I don't have any ideas off the top of my head. That's when you come in! Please comment any ideas for any posts and I'll see what I can do. Also, if there are people who really want to be authors, then I might start accepting authors! Anyway, here's the post!

Four Ways to Bid Farewell to Summer!

Hey jammers!

Fall is closing in, the season of colorful trees, pumpkin pies and crazy (and sometimes spooky) costumes. (Notice I left out school. That was intentional. I am in denial). But, before we welcome my personal favorite season with open arms, we must bid farewell to the hot, sunny, green summer. I wish I made this post before the Summer Carnival left! But, anyway, here are four ways to say farewell to summer!

1. Rock your summer look

Wear your fabulous summer look one last time. Haven't found one yet? Well, it's a little late in the year to just be getting a summer look, but here is my advice: make sure it reflects the sunshine and coolness of summer! Go on, find your look. I'll wait. Done? Alright, now go rock it!

2. Enjoy the summer parties one last time!

Have fun at the summer-only parties one last time! Lounge in the sun, play in the water, hang out and enjoy yourself. These parties come only one season a year, best to enjoy them while they last! Be sure to wear the awesome look you got in Step 1! 

3. Go to the Summer Carnival!

Okay, so the carnivals gone at the time of this posting. But be sure to play all the fun games and buy all the cool stuff! Also, save some tickets for the next time it comes around ;)

4. Don't mourn for Summer much!

Yes, mourn for the amazing lack of school summer brings, but worry not my dear reader: there is year-round sunshine and happiness at Crystal Sands.

Now, I should get to writing four ways to welcome fall...

See you in the next post, and don't give up on Animal Jam Good Times! I'm still alive and I still love this blog <3

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Play Wild!

Hey jammers!

Play Wild was released for Ipads a few weeks ago, and it's amazing!

I've discovered Clanning has already risen in Play Wild and some people have a few feeble attempts to adopt, but there aren't any parties or den events! I think the main reason why is because it's impossible to get anything for your den! Everything is super expensive!

I recently had a little wolf pack in my den, and I spent all day playing games just to earn up the money for four trees and a rug! I'm glad Overflow has a new expert mode, or I would barely be able to make it!

It's time for some amazing jammers to rise up and help make Play Wild even more awesome! Host an epic party, be the first ever to have an alpha training camp, the possibilities are endless! Don't let Play Wild be run by trading like Animal Jam is, together we can make sure it's run by creativity and fun! Let's rise up and make Play Wild awesome! Who's with me?

Sorry for the rare posts! If you would like I will make a 'How to have fun' post covering the Back to School Party!

Thanks for staying with this blog even when it's inactive!


Monday, August 10, 2015

New Jammer of the Month!

Hey jammers,

I'm delighted to announce a new Jammer of the Month! I'm trying to start up JOTMs again, so be outstanding and you might get this honor!

Congratulations Rikkirik! You can find her interview on the Sarepia Forest Page!

Be sure to congratulate her via jamagram, because she certainly earned it!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Chapter!

Hey jammers,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I went on a camping trip and I didn't have the means to post anything! To make up for that I have something that I haven't updated in a long time: my story in the Mt. Shiveer page! Due to real-life issues I won't be able to post within the next three days, so just hold on! Also, the blog's birthday was about a week ago! Can you believe Animal Jam Good Times is a year old? I can't! It feels like yesterday when I first made it, and my how it has grown! Perhaps we can get 10,000 views by the end of the year...

Shall I have a birthday party? Comment below and let me know!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick Tip: Exclusive Llama Color and lightened secret 'glitch' raspberry!

Hey jammers!

I have recently discovered that newly-purchased Llamas have a special color that cannot be found on the palette!

Do you see color one? It's a shade of tan that's not accessible on any other animal! You can see that color one doesn't show any color selected. No, that doesn't mean that somehow I magically 'unselected' a color, it means it's a secret, exclusive color! BUT if you select a different color for Color 1 on your Llama that means you will never be able to use that color on that llama again! 'Oh, but Suzi!' you exclaim. 'I already selected a different color one, but that tan is just SO amazing and I want it SO much!'. Unfortunately if you want to have access to that color again you'll have to pay 500 gems. It's pretty simple: recycle your llama and then get a new one (since you already paid the 10 diamonds it's only 1000 gems like a normal animal, but you got 500 already from recycling it). If you want you can name it the same exact thing as your previous llama (that's what I did). Now, once when you have your llama you can customize it as much as you like, but whatever you do DON'T change Color 1 (the top color). Or, if you don't want to pay 500 gems to get that color, it's only a slight shade off from the other tans, but you won't get the super-douper fancy SPECIAL tan. The choice is yours.

And for all jammers, I have a bit of interesting news! The secret Best Dressed raspberry has turned into a light pink! That's right: if the raspberry was too intense for you, have a nice, soft pink!
I'm not sure if the same raspberry color of glitched items/animals has also changed to this pink. Someone let me know if this is so! Don't worry, the much-loved 'arctic blue' (that is found the same way as the pink except out of best dressed) hasn't changed! If anyone is wants to get these secret colors then just click around on the bottom left lavender's corner, on the tan part right outside the color box.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you learned a thing or two! Let me know which is your favorite secret color! 

Ooooo... You read below my signature! I'm impressed! As a reward for your grand feat, I'll let you in on one more secret: if you miss the secret raspberry, then look at the default pattern of an owl! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friendships across the language barrier

Hey jammers,

Today I have made friends that I didn't say a word of english to. I have played adventures and have had nice conversations with people who spoke a language I didn't. The jammers I talked to said I had pretty good Portuguese.

Anyone know what I'm saying in these pictures? Open up your translator and call it practice! I'm speaking Portuguese.

I had to use Google Translate as well as my mad typing skills =P (being a writer pays off y'know).

It's amazing the moment you understand what a person is saying even though you don't speak their language. It's even more amazing when you make a friend or two... 

How do you visit another country, or at least a different language server? It's simple, this video here made by the lovely Snowyclaw explains how:

Unless your fluent in whatever language server you go to, you'll need a translator. I recommend 

I advise having two windows up so you can look at the different-language chat while translating at the same time! 

Be sure to look at the servers list so you can get the most full server of your language! 

If you have made a friend, played an adventure or have even won a Best Guess round while in a different language server, let me know! I'd love to hear any stories you may have!

May the language barrier never separate you from making lots of new friends!

Here's a few Portuguese words you might want to use if you choose to go to that server:

Sim = Yes

Naõ = No

Oi = Hello

Troca = Trade

Also, you know how when using the limited chat it shows words you can choose as you type so you don't have to type the whole word? It does the same for servers of different languages, and it also does it for accent characters (like ˜ ˆ ç) so you don't have to use special keyboard shortcuts you make the accent symbols. It's SO handy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort!

*No, I don't know Kala at all. I just stumbled upon her den at Jamaa Township, and decided to write a post about it to inspire other jammers. Her permission has been given for this post! If you want me to spotlight your den, comment below*

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort

Hey guys!

Have you considered making a beach resort now that Summer is here? Well, I found a really awesome beach resort to get your inspiration flowing! 

A classy entrance, and a hinting at the color theme of the party.

I walk into a den and I see ice cream tables, as well as a beautiful wallpaper and a nice corner-fountain. Honestly, it's not the betas that make it good. It's the perfect placing of the betas, just like any other item. It doesn't matter if it's a seahorse fountain or a beta fountain, it depends on how well you use it. 

The beta fountain, the pillows and the walls give further hints to the color theme.

A beautiful resteraunt! It's very neat and tidy, as well as more color theming! I suppose you figured out what the color scheme was by now...

I love the themed rooms, and the use of an entire den set for a room theme, AND I love how it keeps the beach theme.

A beautiful jacuzzi, with the color scheme blasted loud and clear! Yellow and orange!

Unfortunately, the den owner didn't have towels or umbrellas for the wonderful beach at the time of the screenshots being taken, but I'm sure by the time this post comes up that minor flaw will be fixed, and I'm sure it'll be yellow and orange! Lemonade and Orange Juice, two summer drinks. I love that color scheme, it's so very summery!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and better yet, inspired! I recommend dropping by Kalahurikub's den! 

So, now for tip time!

1. Keep a theme, like beach resort. Every room had a bit of beach, whether the treasure map in the restaurant or the fountain in the ice cream part, and of course the sand castle room!

2. Keep a color scheme! While many of you (I included) may not be able to pull off the color scheme being relevant to the theme like Kalihurikub did, be sure to try! Also, a color can be a theme. Go make a purple and pink den and invite me!

3. Arrange your items. Kalihurikub's den is very neat and every item is in the perfect spot where it can compliment the den to it's very finest!

Also, I know Kali was a member but I've seen some amazing nonmember dens as well... I'll try to spotlight a nonmember den next!

For more den decorating info, I recommend visiting an old, yet popular post: Ten Tricks to Den Improvement

Have fun decorating your dens, jammers, and may the epic den list be with you!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Battle for the Beacon: Ways to Play

Hey jammers,

So, I'm gonna be gone a week at a camp, so I'm trying to post today, and then try to make a 'scheduled' post. I hope it works out!

Anyway, some of my best posts are ones that I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm just gonna jump in!

Battle for the Beacon: Ways to Play


Gardener: Constantly tend to the chomper and boomseed plants with water buckets.

The 'Tank': Run in there and use your weapon (sword/gloves) or paws to destroy the phantom pipes, bit by bit.

The Boomseed Sniper: Your the one who throws the right boomseeds to he right places. You can destroy swarms of phantoms with a single boomseed, or bombard the pipes until they give way. Your the best friend of jammers who are in a tight situation!

The Protecter: You try to protect jammers as best you can, even at your own expense. You lead swarms of phantoms away from those hacking at the pipes and destroy them best you can, and basically do all the above to help other jammers out. A good protecter should be at least level seven, so they have a few more hearts then other players.


Alpha: While Greely protects the beacon, you get into combat.  
  1. Choose which alpha you want to be (I recommend some of the alphas from the busts, like Amelia, Sigurd, or even the diamond shop busts, like Jade and Juno. But don't use Juno, she's me! Just kidding, feel free to use whichever alpha, known or little-known, you want.
  2. Dress the part! If your going off a bust then you'll have to be creative with your colors and clothing, but try your best to go off whatever markings/clothing is on the bust. Remember: you are trying to be as epic as possible!
  3. Act the part! You are very kind to all jammers, both peace-maker, peace-keeper and protecter of all jammers. I recommend you use the 'Protecter' strategy. Feel free to get into as much alpha-y roleplay as you want!

You are a warrior in the jamaasian army against the phantoms! You were once an ordinary jammer, but you got trained and you have proven yourself again and again as a skilled warrior. Your ranking is up to you, do you command other jammers and strategize, or fight alongside them?

Alpha Trainer:

Want to do something exciting for your alpha training camp? Why not give your young alpha trainees some experience in the phantom wars? Buddy them all and give them a chance to fight and prove themselves. It can be just like an alpha training camp at the den (with teaching and training), but with real phantoms to fight!

Clueless Jammer:

You are the most clueless, soft jammer ever! You stumble into Hidden Hollow and get captured by the phantoms! Run around screaming with half a million phantoms on your tail and see who is noble enough to help the likes of you!


Roleplay healing 'injured' jammers, as peaceful as can be. Think of it as a war effort!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Have Fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival

Hey jammers!

So, I'm only posting if I have something to post about =P

When this blog first started, I was bursting with ideas. I got most of my ideas out now! If your impatient for a post, then go and read previous posts using the archive! You don't even have to read them in order, just pick and choose!

By the way, I also need nagging to help me write a new Choose your own Adventure post. Those are very long and complex to write, and I need motivation D=


How to have fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival*
(*Technically a party)

10. Grab yourself the perfect cotton candy. Make matching colors or color it to look like your animal, make 'rainbow cotton' or find the elusive phantom treat!

9. Find an item, and save up for it. There are tiny plushies, lightning necklaces and balloons, as well as flaming hoops and sombreros to name a few items to buy...

8. Make a 'Magic Bouncy Treehouse Club', 'nuff said.

7. Find the one most game that makes the most tickets, and then play it over and over again, until you can buy your item from 9.

6. Become a carnival clown! Dress the silliest you can dress and entertain people! There are tons of wacky items from the Summer Carnival Shop for you to use!

5. Go camping there!

4. Pretend your pet piglet (or weird pink hamster) is Wilbur, and a buddy's pet tarantula is Charlotte...

3. Sell stuff at one of the booths. Plenty of roleplay fun there! ''Step right up, step right up...''

2. Nom on everyone's cotton candy

1. Have a 'cutest' pet contest thing with other jammers. The cutest pet gets a plaque and shall be displayed for all to see!

Jam on!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 things to do in Coral Canyons

Hello, all ye bored jammers!

Is boredom getting you down? Do you have absolutely nothing to do yet a ton of time to do it? Well, go to Coral Canyons and I shall help you be bored no longer!

10. Find these 5 things!

  • A nest with eggs
  • A giant (Sequoia?) tree
  • A peregrine falcon, dive-bombing
  • Crayons
  • A cactus with a flower
9. Get into your Desert Attire! Remember: your fur is probably stained orange from the sand. Protection for those wittle paws and face required! 
The desert has never gotten so fashionable!

8. Rule over Epic Wonders
You are the mystical being that resides in Epic Wonders. Perhaps you are an enchanter/enchantress, or perhaps Epic Wonders is your palace and you are the King/Queen of it, the last of your people. Be creative, and may all who enter Epic Wonders leave, knowing they've seen the most epic wonder of all.

7. Be artistic.
You can make amazing things in the Art Studio if you just let your creativity out. Submit your masterpiece to AJHQ, and remember that the only limit is your imagination. You can be the best artist in Jamaa if you let yourself be.

6. Live in the Art Studio.
See the last part of this article for ideas:

5. Go camping/'Live of the Land'
Coral Canyons is by far one of my favorite campsites. There is so much to 'eat' and gather, and it's the perfect place for a hike.

4. Make a fortune off of Swoopy Eagle.
I believe in you, little hatchling. I'm positive you can do better then me at the game!

3. Buy a den from the den shop with the money you got from Swoopy Eagle.
Be sure to preview them all! Even another small house is fun! (You could leave the small house decorated as a restaurant/museum/Alpha Training Camp and so whenever you want to do that, you just change to that den, no work necessary! You could also use multiple dens for an Airport, just be sure to make an epic vacation small house. Small houses are amazing!) If you give up on Swoopy Eagle yet still can't pay for your new den then play Best Dressed or even Long Shot until you can afford your new den.

2. Go for a swim.
It's fun, believe me.
It really is.
Do it.

1. Dress up as Peck and go to the Art Studio and pretend to be Peck. You can help jammers unleash their creative side, and have an 'Ask Peck'. Or can you pretend to be Peck's little sister/second cousin twice removed/(but not daughter, seriously, that's overused).

Play Wild!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Chapter

There is a dramatic new chapter on the Mt. Shiveer page! Is Daisy gone forever? Who knows...

Sorry for the wait and enjoy!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Little Felted Animals

These animals are 'felted', which means I made them by poking wool repeatedly with a needle for a very long time. Look up needle felting, it's fun. Anyway, these animals were modeled after my real-life friend's Animal Jam animals, I made them for her birthday. The deal has a fox hat and a heart necklace, the koala has. head feather and the snow leopard has no clothes. These took about two weeks with frequent breaks. I couldn't make the exactly like Anima Jam animals but I tried. Hope you enjoyed this post and sorry for my activity! Also, we have 5,000 views, which is the reason for this real life post and a new chapter that may come up soon.

Happy jamming!