Monday, October 27, 2014

Ten Tricks to Den Improvement!

Hey guys!

I'm back, and I would like to show you a few den tricks that might improve your den, member or nonmember!

I saw an awesome nonmember den today, but I accidently left and forgot the username, epic failure!

Anywho, i'll (regretfully) let it go, because the past is in the past, right?

Just a reminder, make sure to report any inappropriate dens, so others don't have to see them!


10. Arangement! For example, a table in the middle of a room with a rug under it! Put smaller items in corners, such as lamps. Arrange it neatly, and it'll look so much better!

9. Design with decorations! An often used example is trees on both sides of the pathway, or plushies lining walls! You can also form hearts, or flowers from flowers, but its really cool if there is a design!  Use decorations to make your own wallpaper even! Why haven't I seen pillows checkering floors yet?

8. Theme your den! Themed dens are much cooler! While many dens are a normal house, why not theme it a Egyptian palace? Perhaps you like animals, show your animal love with any animal banners you can collect, and plushies galore! Your den can be anything from a mystical garden to a haunted house, but the hardest part is deciding on a theme!

7. Matchy matchy! Try to use furniture sets in the same room, like the spooky couch/lamp and the crystal couch/table! Sure, candy and ice cream goes together, sort of, depends if they are both similar color schemes, or at least brightly colored. If you cant access another piece of furniture (whether lack of gems/diamonds or nonmember restrictions) then at least make the colors match!

6. Themed Rooms! Similar to the themed dens, if you can't theme a whole den then theme one room! Can be anything from 'stone furniture from outback imports room' to 'bedroom'.

5. Comfort! Believe it or not, jammers (I myself included) like seeing comfortable rooms, with food, couches and maybe a cocoa machine, not to mention the warm fire! It isn't a neccesity, but sometimes you might enjoy a comfortable-looking den :3

4. Pets! They make any den cuter, or even spookier! They look amazing if they follow the color scheme, or adorable on a wittle chair, or even spooky silhouetted against the room! As a plus: pets are cool because they are interactive!

3. Interactive Items! We all love 'em, being able to control a spaceship, or stopping/starting a taffy machine, or even getting a smoothie/cocoa/icecream popup (the first two are even customizable!)

2. Sometimes, the best items can't be bought! Rare doesn't make anyone or anything 'cool', but there are neat rare items sometimes! The candy items from 'Bitter Sweets' are appealing, and adventure items give an adventurous flair, or just a nature/phantom touch.

1. Uniqueness! You don't have to follow a fad, be yourself! Decorate your den exactly how you want it to be, this is only to get you inspired! If you like your den, thats the important thing (as long as your den is following the Animal Jam rules, which aren't really that strict den-wise!)

Have fun decorating your dens, jammers! Other blogs besides AJGT can have some excellent den ideas, or even pop by an epic den if you want some ideas! (If you want to make it on the list, please note your den must be unlocked and you must be member, I know, strict!)

Have a good evening/morning/whatever time of day it is when you read this blog post



  1. Great tips! I am going to use them.

  2. Since you said nobody had done pillow-checkered floors, I decided to go ahead and do that. Check out my den and buddy me! I'm Straykitty1.

  3. Good tips! My theme is an actual house. Sadly I'm nm, which s**ks. But my den looks great!


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