Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to have fun at parties: Dinner Party!

Hey jammers,

Sorry this has been a wee bit slow, I have a bit of news: Pandas are returning tomorrow and I'm working on a new dictionary page so you can know all your Animal Jam lingo! I've gotten back into Minecraft, and I might post a few things on that along with AJ stuff but this blog will remain Animal Jam Good Times, not Minecraft Good Times.

Right, here is the list!

1. Wait for someone to seat you, order some food from a waiter, and then pretend to eat it.
2. Buy the cool dinner booths and whatnot 
3. Pretend to be a waiter, and serve people food.
3. Sing along to the music ''Play Wild'' and/or put on a live performance.
4. Take some of the delicious food to-go, and perhaps share with a friend in Jamaa Township.
5. Pretend to be a chef, and host a cooking show.
6. Eat everyone's food O,O
8. Pretend to be plants and whatnot.
9. Greet people who walk in, and tell them the menu.
10. Make sure everyone buys something from the ''gift shop''.

Have a good day!


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