Friday, October 3, 2014

To-do List! Sweet (not bitter) furniture! Mira's grave?!

Hey jammers,

So, part of having a good time is to share the wealth! Helping others have a good time makes them and you both happy! So, I made a to-do list for how you and others can have a good time:

1. Send someone a nice jamagram, especially if they are having a bad day. If your both member, you can send a nice little gift.

2. If you like a persons outfit, or color combination or animal or personality or whatever, then say so! It makes them feel better :3

3. Know someone who wants an item of your bunches? Give 'em it! Or, if you love it too much and it can be like obtained in an adventure or easily traded, then get another for them!

4. Be cheerful in all situations! Remind everyone they are playing Animal Jam to have fun, so have some fun!

5. Play an adventure with someone if they want to do it. It helps bond you, and you both can get great rewards!

6. Offer free hugs, and follow up on your word! :3

7. Host a surprise party for someone, decorate your heart out, invite as many people as you can and then ask them to come to your den, and then jump out and say surprise with everyone! Its especially great if everyone brings a gift for them. I did that for my buddy one time :3

8. Ask people if they want to do something fun with you, like go on a virtual camping trip or adventure, they and you will both enjoy it!

9. If someone is in need of something help them! If their outfit would look best if that certain item in that certain color were there, provide it for them!

10. Get all goofy, and make people smile! There are a few ideas in Deep Blue.

On a sadder note, is Mira dead?

Or is it just like a cross gravestone? Do animals die in Jamaa?!?! :(

Oh, and on a happier note: CANDY

I got these from the former TBA adventure and now called Bitter Sweets! Its a cool adventure, and its member and nonmember! Get it while the Night of the Phantoms is upon us! By the way, I purchased the Haunted Mansion. Now, I did everything I could to make it cute and fun and not spooky at all! Combo breaker!

Have fun jammers!


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