Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tangled Fun!

Hey jammers!

Upon trying to find ideas for a blog post, I recalled something I did a long time ago. I had ''When will my life begin'' from Tangled stuck in my head, so I turned my eagle into 'Rapunzel' and sang it while sitting on top of the Jam Mart Clothing castle-like thing. I also pretended to do chores, and dream like a proper princess! XD

Well, someone came along, and I later unbuddied him (I wish I didn't now) and pretended to be Flynn Rider. I got to go to Epic Wonders with him, to see 'the lights' and then hid from guards, and acted out Tangled to some degree, (some onlookers began following us for amusement!)

So, basically the moral of this story is it is really fun to act out movies, and people either catch on, or you can get buddies! Film and edit them, and then post them on Youtube or on a blog! If you do, please give the me the link (extra credit if there is movie soundtrack in there)!

Anyway, to fill up the post, this looks something like my eagle:

And the Tangled Rapunzel:

And as an extra, When will my life begin!

Have a good night o' the phantoms, jammers!


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