Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Lonely Fluter's Song

Hey Jammers!

Not quite sure what I'm going to post about yet! I'm relaxing and hoping the idea will come to me, but I may be wrong though, I'm new at blogging! First off, a couple days ago I saw this person in Jamaa Township:


Well then... am I the only person who imagines labs and phantoms, not to mention maniacal cackles?

Did you know that Jamaa has crayons?

The Art Studio music is sooo relaxing.
So is the Mt. Shiveer music.
Hey, am I inspired?


First off, listen to this while you read:


Okay, introdoucing:

The Lonely Fluter

The lonely fluter plays his song...

The days of yore oh how he longs...

A lonely flute, through the snow.

The notes rising high and low.

Jammers look up, listening to the tune.

They shiver with delight, magic will be here soon.

The song grows more full, once the phantoms took over the land...

The flute note's quiver from the mountains to the forests to the sand.

Mira found special beasts, alphas she called them.

They weren't much to anyone who saw them.

But Mira saw something greater, and trained them well.

Then she led them, over mountains through dell.

Finally they came back to Mira's Jamaa.

A reign of terror, phantoms they saw.

They defeated the phantom king.

Without words, the flute sings...

 Mira mourned over the lost Zios, and her heart was broken.

At his lost, her joy was shaken.

Mira's spirit came into the earth and sky.

The flute gentle goes down.

The fluter slips away without a sound.

The lonely fluter, a mystical flute he plays.

Hear his song, I hope you may.

I love poetry!! Have a good day, jammers!


P.S. I was Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings for Halloween!




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  1. Love your poem!! I also am crazy about everything LOTR. Go Eowyn and her mighty sword!!!


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