Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day

Hey Jammers!

This is for American Jammers!

Today I posted flags by graves and gave cards to veterans at Forest Lawn, a graveyard. I also watched half of a ceremony honoring the veterans, and heard the saddest amazing grace i've ever listened to on bagpipe for a wonderful soldier that died the day before my birthday (June 10) this year! Its happy to know that so many brave men and women love and serve America, but also sad for all the people lost to bring America to where it is now :'c

I got a wee bit teary, only a little, but it was so bittersweet...

Now, when I got home I felt I needed to do a bit more of honoring, so I danced in red, white and blue and said stuff like 'Dance to honor our veterans, fallen and alive!'

And, then, other people came. Some people were patriotic, and some people lost loved ones, like someone who lost their father, and someone who's grandfather fought in the army (my grandfather, that I never met because of cancer, was an army doctor!).

It was wonderful:

This one was a little goofy:

And some people that were British, Canadian and even Irish were dancing/commenting on our dancing as well!

I know some of you see Veterans Day as an excuse not to go to school, but this is serious stuff. People have died for America, and lived hard lives for us. Great bravery, great injury and great loss has been for our country, for us! 

And even for the rest of the world.

So, just take a moment to think about the fallen and living veterans, and be thankful.

Thankful for our country of freedom, thankful for bravery and thankful for our wonderful veterans!

Even if your not reading this on Veterans Day.

Even if your not American

Honor your Veterans.

Have a fabulous Veterans Day jammers,



Here is a den decoration that you can replace with YOUR country's flags, with a nice little memorial wreath like some I saw.


  1. Yeah, I got today off from school. I know a lot of men and women risk their lives to protect us. I take it pretty seriously, because my dad was once a soldier.

  2. That's really cool, good to know! ^.^


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