Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Study of Jammers 1: 'Adopters' Part 1

Hey jammers!

I'm starting a small series of posts about types of jammers. For the sake of this, no matter how opinionated I am (approval or disapproval) I shall simply be there to observe, interview and interact slightly.

First off, I encountered the oddest glitch: I was my own buddy!! I could send gifts to myself and a few weird side effects occurred. I sent the pictures in to Animal Jam Spirit, it would be cool to be featured there! Now, for a bit of info:

The pillow room is almost always where this happens. Its basically a bunny usually saying stuff like 'Is cute baby adopt me please' and/or an fox (or ___ animal, but fox is popular) 'I need a child' or something like that. They find each other, the fox takes the bunny 'baby' home and then the 'baby' pretends to grow up and the new 'mom' has to feed the baby and whatnot, and its basically a game of 'house'. 

I actually joined AJ from reading Wikihow articles on how to adopt, and I was fascinated. For maybe three/four months I adopted kids/pets or pretended to be a kid/pet. Being a 'mom' or pet parent is hard, you have to keep the pet/child constantly entertained. I've since stopped adopting 'children' when I asked AJHQ and they said it was unsafe behavior. I still adopt pets now, and one has give me a lot of sadness/joy. I mentioned and showed in earlier posts my eagle, Arctic. He start blind, stopped being blind and was a loyal companion and friend in almost everything I did.  He took more to dating then he usually did at one point and since I was more preoccupied with my blog, I was unbuddied. I'm not angry at him much, though I do miss him lots. His player card is shaded grey, and that makes me unhappy, because I guess I had a fleeting hope that Arctic would come and stay back, but he know I strongly disapproved of dating (I might not cover that because I'm so opinionated...). If he reads this ever, then I want to thank him for being a loyal friend for the time I knew him. I'm still really fond of my old eagle, (he has since changed his colors, making me a little sad) and for his privacy I shall not reveal his username here. Sorry for the ramble! So, thats the beef of adoption, and more will come soon with interviews and whatnot.

Have fun jamming!


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