Saturday, November 29, 2014

Introdoucing... The Otter Movement

Greetings jammers,

The Jamaalidays start tomorrow, but even the infectious cheer is a little half-hearted. Right, that's a bit of an exaggeration but I know of some Jammers who are disappointed... Why? Well, that's simple. All the new animals are diamond shop and member, Return of the Phantoms, the Phantom Portal and Meet Cosmo are a little dull and sky wallpaper is a little measly. Only this morning I considered these things. Let me cut to the chase! I'm basically starting a movement that hopefully wouldn't be needed after Christmas. My hope is that you and me and your buddies and their buddies and my buddies and their buddies can bomb AJHQ with these two messages "Give nonmembers happy jamaalidays, make otters nonmember and 1000 gems!" and "Give nonmembers happy Jamaalidays, make the hive nonmember and a new wallpaper and two new floors for them!", at least, something along those lines. I'm hoping, by Christmas, enough jammers will ask. If not, then we'll just keep workin' until then! I know my ideas are far-fetched, but I believe nonmembers deserve this Jamaalidays Gift! My parents didn't let me get a membership at first, like most nonmembers. Or, perhaps, they can't afford it! I'm not condemning membership, it what keeps AJ alive! But I believe AJHQ needs to do this, a lot of nonmembers quit sometimes! AJHQ themselves said that great things happen when jammers stand together! So join me, friends, simply put those two messages in the Sol Arcade, Jam Mart Clothing or Furniture, Party or Pet Tree suggestion box (click on a floating, purple question mark!) Hit send, and know that you have made a difference.

Thank you.


Oh, and woot for my new follower and 70th post! Nearly 2000 views as well! Yay!!


  1. We should include nonmembers being able to color items

  2. Hey, that would be something. But some things are solid member features, this movement is more about taking a portion of the features (like removing a member adventure and making it nonmember or a member animal), not the abilities. Besides, there is always members who color items for nonmembers, or adventure prizes.


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