Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things to do in the Jamaalidays Part 1!

Animal Jam-Things to do in the Jamaalidays!

1 .Host a Jamaalidays party!
2. Pretend to go ice-skating!
3. Bundle up your animal, and drink some cocoa while sitting next to the fire in JamaaTownship
4.Pretend to throw snowballs at people!
5.Go caroling in people’s dens
6.If your member, send people presents!
7.Tis the season of kindness! Give a new jammer a tour
8.Make the perfect Jamaalidays den using presents from the advent calendar!
9.Go to the Jamaaliday Jam!!
10.Pretend to build snowmen using the snowman in Jamaa Township!
11.Eat Club Geoz! It is gingerbread, right…?
12.Go camping in the Pillow Room since it is cold out!

13. Open the presents by Jam Mart Furniture and proclaim what is inside!

I'll also making a Jamaaliday Jam things to do!

Have fun jamming!



  1. woo hoo! 2000 views! Can you sing My Little Pony to me?

  2. Omg it's like you read my mind, I always pretend to go ice skating!


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