Monday, December 15, 2014

Party Soon and Giveaway!

Greetings dear jammers, I bring glad tidings! I have been on National Geographic Animal Jam for 1 year, 6 days. I missed my koala's birthday! Anyways, so I'm going to have a birthday party for Incredible Quietjunior and my account! I would love join-day gifts, but I'll also give out gifts: the three daily gifts from today until Wednesday! I'm going to use my duplicates to amass a large amount of them, so you'll be able to choose which out of three gifts (and possibly their colors) you want! Members get it free, Nonmembers get it for one necklace (I'll also trade a colored necklace to nonmembers so they get it free too!). It'll probably be this Wednesday, but I'm not sure! But now I'm going to put up a poll whether I should have it in a fancy schmancy Sky Kingdom or a cozy and delicious gingerbread house! There will also be a rare topcoat giveaway, just comment your AJ username! If you don't want a rare topcoat then you can help me with my airport-to-be, with a free job (the payment is a plushie :p). Y'dont have to, but I understand some people
may enjoy working at a airport/hotel! Now, I know I'll get a minuscule amount of people at the party, and maybe only a little more for the giveaway, but hey, it's easy to comment so why don't you enter ^.^

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