Thursday, December 11, 2014

Woot, 2,000 views!

Alright, so I have some nice announcements to make!

1. The Mt. Shiveer page is going to be... *drumroll* a creative writing page! Basically it'll have made-up stories about Animal Jam.

2. There will be one week each month about updating and improving pages. Basically means more ideas, more interviews, more funny stuff and more stories!

3. I'm going to experiment with timing your posts, so when I'm in a particular 'AnimalJamGoodTimey' mood, i'll make several posts and time them! I'm hoping i'll manage more then one post on the weekend, since school is steadily getting more difficult!

4. I'll be making a longer post about how to make an airport and a location at your den!

5. I MIGHT be hosting a celebration of some sort, since Animal Jam Good Times has 2,000 views! Tell me in the comments If I should and if you would go.

6. The Lands of Jamaa pages are going to be spruced up by videos with the land's soundtrack!

Be sure to vote in the poll on the left of this (up or down, idk). It'll motivate me ^o^


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