Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Dinner Party is in Brazil!

Or, rather, the Brazilian server! (Hey Jammers),

So, I clicked the Dinner Party and I found myself in Brazil! I'll grab Google Translate, (I'll probably have horrible grammar in Portugese) and tell me about my experiences! I needed something to post about, yay!

Oi! Como vocĂȘ esta?

Turns out every jammer was sent to the Brazil Dinner Party when they clicked it! I taught someone some Portugese, I have Google Translate as well as (minuscule!) knowledge of the language!

The party ended, but I'll try to interview someone in Portugese for the Sarepia Forest page (i'll translate it as well).

If you want to visit Brazil, Germany, Mexico, or France then simply go to your Parent Dashboard and switch the preferred language on your account! You can always switch it back!

Unfortunately, those servers are basically empty.

Thanks for the practical joke, AJHQ ^o^


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