Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tangled Fun!

Hey jammers!

Upon trying to find ideas for a blog post, I recalled something I did a long time ago. I had ''When will my life begin'' from Tangled stuck in my head, so I turned my eagle into 'Rapunzel' and sang it while sitting on top of the Jam Mart Clothing castle-like thing. I also pretended to do chores, and dream like a proper princess! XD

Well, someone came along, and I later unbuddied him (I wish I didn't now) and pretended to be Flynn Rider. I got to go to Epic Wonders with him, to see 'the lights' and then hid from guards, and acted out Tangled to some degree, (some onlookers began following us for amusement!)

So, basically the moral of this story is it is really fun to act out movies, and people either catch on, or you can get buddies! Film and edit them, and then post them on Youtube or on a blog! If you do, please give the me the link (extra credit if there is movie soundtrack in there)!

Anyway, to fill up the post, this looks something like my eagle:

And the Tangled Rapunzel:

And as an extra, When will my life begin!

Have a good night o' the phantoms, jammers!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Ten Tricks to Den Improvement!

Hey guys!

I'm back, and I would like to show you a few den tricks that might improve your den, member or nonmember!

I saw an awesome nonmember den today, but I accidently left and forgot the username, epic failure!

Anywho, i'll (regretfully) let it go, because the past is in the past, right?

Just a reminder, make sure to report any inappropriate dens, so others don't have to see them!


10. Arangement! For example, a table in the middle of a room with a rug under it! Put smaller items in corners, such as lamps. Arrange it neatly, and it'll look so much better!

9. Design with decorations! An often used example is trees on both sides of the pathway, or plushies lining walls! You can also form hearts, or flowers from flowers, but its really cool if there is a design!  Use decorations to make your own wallpaper even! Why haven't I seen pillows checkering floors yet?

8. Theme your den! Themed dens are much cooler! While many dens are a normal house, why not theme it a Egyptian palace? Perhaps you like animals, show your animal love with any animal banners you can collect, and plushies galore! Your den can be anything from a mystical garden to a haunted house, but the hardest part is deciding on a theme!

7. Matchy matchy! Try to use furniture sets in the same room, like the spooky couch/lamp and the crystal couch/table! Sure, candy and ice cream goes together, sort of, depends if they are both similar color schemes, or at least brightly colored. If you cant access another piece of furniture (whether lack of gems/diamonds or nonmember restrictions) then at least make the colors match!

6. Themed Rooms! Similar to the themed dens, if you can't theme a whole den then theme one room! Can be anything from 'stone furniture from outback imports room' to 'bedroom'.

5. Comfort! Believe it or not, jammers (I myself included) like seeing comfortable rooms, with food, couches and maybe a cocoa machine, not to mention the warm fire! It isn't a neccesity, but sometimes you might enjoy a comfortable-looking den :3

4. Pets! They make any den cuter, or even spookier! They look amazing if they follow the color scheme, or adorable on a wittle chair, or even spooky silhouetted against the room! As a plus: pets are cool because they are interactive!

3. Interactive Items! We all love 'em, being able to control a spaceship, or stopping/starting a taffy machine, or even getting a smoothie/cocoa/icecream popup (the first two are even customizable!)

2. Sometimes, the best items can't be bought! Rare doesn't make anyone or anything 'cool', but there are neat rare items sometimes! The candy items from 'Bitter Sweets' are appealing, and adventure items give an adventurous flair, or just a nature/phantom touch.

1. Uniqueness! You don't have to follow a fad, be yourself! Decorate your den exactly how you want it to be, this is only to get you inspired! If you like your den, thats the important thing (as long as your den is following the Animal Jam rules, which aren't really that strict den-wise!)

Have fun decorating your dens, jammers! Other blogs besides AJGT can have some excellent den ideas, or even pop by an epic den if you want some ideas! (If you want to make it on the list, please note your den must be unlocked and you must be member, I know, strict!)

Have a good evening/morning/whatever time of day it is when you read this blog post


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weird Log-In Glitch

Hey jammers,

Can't post till Monday, camping trip!

But first, I want to report a weird happening: for some reason AJ thinks i'm someone else, and I have access to their accounts. I'm a little freaked out, and no, i'm not an hacker D:

I don't think people actively use these accounts-one was on limited chat and had no items.

Perhaps they were victims of a hack? I hope not!

The weird thing is that their buddies jamagram them. I usually only stay on the account for a minute, I feel like i'm prying!

See you Monday!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview from an Expert Clanner (announcement!)

I had the luck to be able to jamagram XxRoesellaWarriorxX asking for an interview and she responded! The interview is in Sarepia Forest, and it should help if you want to know the more advanced parts of clanning, and sort of what it is from a former leader of Swiftclan, and now active member of Brookclan!

I hope you enjoy the interview, but warning: it is LONG

Happy jamming, and (possibly) clanning!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Picnic and Flyer

Hey jammers!

Can't do that great of a post today, so I encourage you guys to go have a back to school picnic!

Pack the yummies, invite your buddies, and have it at your den and even on rugs around Jamaa (Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest for example!)

And also, I'll put this up every three months:

Uncle Jam....errr I want you!


And check out a snazzy, ridiculous GIF I made when I was bored in Deep Blue o3o

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Thanks guys!

I'm not hosting a party unless you comment otherwise, since no one would probably come.

Now, if only I could get some followers :P

That'd be cool...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pretty Peacock and NEW Jammer of the Week!

Hey Jammers!

First off, I have a new Night of the Phantoms costume for you:

All it requires is a green patched blanket, and a penguin! Cool add-ons include a tiara, headflower, and a headfeather among other things.
Did you know only male peacocks have this extravagant plumage? Thats right! Female Peafowl, called Peahens are a little on the homely side. Its for attractin' da ladies. I have peacocks near my house, because they were brought in my city a while back for a garden!

Next, is our new jammer of the week!


Read all about her in Sarepia Forest! Yay!!!

Have a jammin' day!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Costume Spotlight: Wizard Panda and Queen of the Jungle

Hey jammers!

I'm starting a new costume spotlight so your animal can wear a fab halloween costume! Here are the first two:

Queen of the Jungle (Nonmember)

Its contains:



Bow and Arrow (can be replaced with something else jungley)

Wizard Panda (member):


Wizard Hat

Moon Necklace!

Remember jammers to get yourself a orange and black hamster or pet bat to celebrate night of the phantoms!


Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Trick or Treat!

Hey jammers!

With Night of the Phantoms here, there is going to have to be Trick or Treating! But first off, look at this:

Oh my! It won't let me say ''Twix, Gummy worms, lollipop, giant crunch bar'' when saying the candies I have o,o

Trick or Treating at other peoples dens:

Dress up in a costume, be creative (I love dressing up in Night of the Phantoms costumes!).

Go to someones den, it doesn't matter who.

Stand at their 'door' (entryway), and wait for them to come.

Say 'knock knock' and when they reply, say 'trick or treat'!

They either would lock the den or give you candy, in my experiences!

Be sure to say 'have a good day 'thank you' 'have a happy halloween' 'have a phantastic day/night' or 'happy night of the phantoms!'
 Yum! Someone even gave me a Bitter Sweets lollipop stand, which I gave to another trick or treat, that leads us to the next method of trick or treating!

Trick or treating at your den:

Decorate your yard in night of the phantoms stuff, and then put some candy from Bitter Sweets by the doorway (optional). Go to Jamaa Township and say 'Trick or treating at my den!' and wait for people to come, it doesn't matter how many. They sometimes knock, or just say Trick or Treat at the door, and then you say 'gives candy' or 'pick out, lollipop or gummy worms' (as an example). I like to send a TBA candy thing, like the Lollipop Stand I myself got for trick or treating to the person with the best costume (providing you are both member, I chose a deer in a purple skeleton suit!).

Have a great night of the phantoms, Jammers! 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Storyline Post 1 #2 (choose your own adventure storyline)

Hello, jammers, hello adventurers!

I bring ye another story post, whether your path is on the Restaurant chapter, Hotel chapter or Other Jammer's Help chapter, you will find the continuation of your path, the chapter that your situation is paired up with, and maybe even branch out into a different chapter, ok, lets go!

ALL Chapter Continuation

You find yourself a place to stay, and food. After resting, eating and general getting your energy back you find yourself a job (if you don't already have one) and get to work immediately. 

If you found work (which you need to in order to continue) read this:

Good job, you have a job!. You talk to your boss about pay, and he/she agrees, you know if he/she didn't, then you would quit the job and look for a paying job. (hint hint, find another job if there is no pay. By pay, that means sending (or trading the item for a necklace) item, any item usually over 100 gems, your boss should do that. ) After getting paid a few times, you earn some money. When your shift is over, you go to the pillow room and relax. You spy a hungry dog, and feel a little guilty. You understand what its like to be hungry, and homeless and wonder...

(Only continue if you went to a pillow room, and saw a dog. You may need to do some server-hopping.) 

Your decisions include:

1. Deciding to feed the dog

2. Give the dog a blanket AND food

3. Give the dog a place to stay.

4. Leave the dog alone.

If you chose 1 (feed the dog), read this:

You fed the dog, and gave it a few pets. Your heart melted, and you wondered if you should choose to adopt the dog (Go to the 3 Chapter if you do). You decide against it, and take a walk. You hear some babble about Liza. Suddenly, a plan formulates in your mind. You need to ask Liza to help you, and in return you'll do what she asks! You've heard of some captured bunnies, and are faced with a decision. 

If you chose four (leave the dog alone), read this:

You feel a little guilty, but you slip away and sit down in the grass in Jamaa Township, guilt keeping you from relaxing in the pillow room. You look up at the announcement board, and your heart skips a beat. You read a large sign that says ''Help wanted, brave jammer(s) to fight phantoms, and save captures bunnies. Go to the Liza portal in Adventure Base Camp.
-Liza /v\ ((thats supposed to be a flower design))'' You were faced with a decision.

(Decision 1 and Decision 2 both lead to this).

A. Rescue the captured bunnies alone.

B. Rescue the captured bunnies by yourself.

Both will be done in exchange for Liza's help. 

Adventure (Return of the Phantoms) Section
If you chose Decision A: read this.

You decide to partake on the adventure alone. You hear that Liza has set up a portal that teleports you to the current quest she needs jammers to help her with. You walk to the portal, and watch neon green runes shimmer across it, break apart and seemingly float away, and then come back together. You enter through the portal, and you hear gears somewhere. You look down at your paws, and see that you teleported onto a pressure plate. The gears creaked and twisted, and then a giant pink flower grew out of the ground, and opened, with the panda alpha stepping out of it. The flower opened completely, and then shimmers out of sight. 
''Greetings, your here to help me with the phantoms?'' she says, a soft smile on her face. Excitement fills you and you nod.
''Yes, Liza.'' you say. She nods.
''No friends to help you?'' concern fills her voice. You shrug and shake your head.
''I was wondering... My den has been taken over by phantoms and I wonder if you can help me?'' you feel a pit in your stomach, wondering if she will say no.
''That would make it the 17th den to do so, and right in the middle of Graham's big project that he needs us to help him. My dear, it will take around three months to finish up our work and get to your den. But, if you rescue the bunnies successfully and if you ask for that instead of an adventure reward... Yes, I think I might be able to spare a few of the minor alphas to help you. They would normally do this, but everyone's busy. This would take a few days you know.'' Liza says. You nod.
''Sounds fair.'' you smile slightly. Liza sighs.
''Good luck, this would take two days or so. The bunnies should be able to give you shelter after you stop the pollution, that would take about a day so good luck!''

-Continued Later-

If you chose Decision B read this:

You know that a group of four is a good group, so you go to Jamaa Township hoping that you'll get that many people. You ask around, and eventually someone hosts the adventure for you (if your nonmember, otherwise host it yourself) and you get your adventure companions. Liza comes and greets you, and you make a deal: If you guys rescue the bunnies, then the alphas will help you reclaim your den from the phantoms. It was far enough, and you are excited to begin. You wonder if you should instruct them on anything, and help them out.

For a mini-decision, you choose whether to

1. Give them advice like: stick together! Hide from the phantoms if necessary etc.

2. Or you don't :I

If you chose Decision 2 (give the dog a blanket and food) read this:

You went to Jam Mart Clothing and bought a blanket, and then went to Claws n' Paws and bought dog food. Thankfully, both were on sale. You came back approached the dog, and give it a few pets.
''Hey, (boy/girl), how are you doing?'' You get out the dog food and a free bowl you found lying around claws 'n paws and put the food in it. 
''Eat up, your probably very hungry!'' you say. The dog eats the food and wags its tail. You wrap a blanket around it, making it nice and cozy.
''Here, nice and warm until your new owner picks you up...'' you say, and think about if you should become this dog's owner (see the 'give the dog a home' chapter, if you want to) you decide against it, and give the dog a few more pets. You perk your ears, a few jammers are talking about a new phantom outbreak. They say the street it is heading toward, in what is estimated to be an hour away, and you realize that there is a den there! You give the dog a few more pets, and begin running. You've got to warn the owner, or they'll become homeless for who knows how long just like you! You arrive at the den, and have to quickly make up your mind.

1. Dash into the den and save the valuables.

2. Warn the owner, and tell them to ask Liza for help.

3. Try to stop the phantoms yourself!

To be continued in the next Storyline Post!

If you chose Decision 3 (give the dog a home) read this:

Should you or should you not? Your heart is pounding as you look at that dog. It isn't too late to turn back now... No! You approach the dog, and give it a few pets. You observe the dog and its temperament, and spend a short time just talking to it, petting it and playing with it. Finally, you take out a collar you just bought.
''Hey (boy/girl)! I want to adopt you, your such a good doggy!'' you say, and the dog wags its tail. 
''I don't have a home right now, its taken over by phantoms so i'm staying somewhere else. But don't worry! I'll get the home phantom-free soon, and you can live a normal doggy life!'' You know if the dog says yes, then you will have a decision. If the dog denies you, then you'll have to go back to Jamaa Township, and then what? You wait impatiently.

If the dog says yes:

The dog licks you, and wags its tail even harder! You take a deep breath, and put the collar on, and take some rope out you were carrying and make a leash. You take the dog back to where you staying, and then you have a decision that is going to be a tough one:

1. Hide the dog from whomever your staying with, and take it to work while still hidden

2. Reveal the dog, to whomever your staying with and your work! (You might lose your job, or the dog).

If the dog says no.

The dog says no, and you shrug sadly. You give it food, or food and a blanket or just leave it alone. (Redirect to whichever one of the chapters that isn't this one!)

Well, thats all for now! Whichever path you take, it will certainly be an adventure in the very least! I hope you meet lots of new people, and have lots of fun!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Story Post 1 #1 (A 'choose your own adventure' storyline to react to in Animal Jam!)

Hey jammers!

So, I have an interesting idea that might just work. Basically its a story where you have to respond while playing Animal Jam, perhaps you'll get what I mean when you read it. This will take you on an epic quest, I try to find every situation you might encounter and turn it into a story. So, say, if you need water and you choose whether to ask someone on the bridge, or someone in the pillow room whether the water in the river is safe, and if they say yes then you drink, if they say no then blablabla, I hope you get it. I suggest for maximum fun, you look at the storyline and do your best to act like that backstory is your animals, and what you would react in that situation. If a situation sentence is in a chapter, it should specify what you should do if that happens-or if that doesn't. It should redirect you to a chapter, or 'put it on hold' until the next post. If you can't find the same situation again by the next post comes around, then you just start all over. Its not as complicated as it sounds ;)

You are in Sarepia Forest, tired and hungry. You just ran halfway across Jamaa, for phantoms invaded your den. You lived alone in the woods, a bit of a loner and happy with the quiet. You learned about plants, and observed other jammers from afar and grew wise in the ways of Jamaa, but didn't mingle often. You see no food, and realize that you'd have to talk to other jammers. One jammer begins walking towards his/her den and you wonder if you came into their den if you they would provide you with some food, and shelter for the night. You also hear some buzz from Jamaa Township, do you go there?

So, you have two choices: go to Jamaa Township or go to a person's den for shelter. Which one?

If you saw someone in Jamaa Township with a restaurant of some sort, look at this:

A restaurant! And its close. You listen to the person, and managed to walk to their restaurant. You collapse tired and hungry onto a chair, and wait for someone to let you order. You look around for a buffet (if their is free food, just go ahead and eat it) and then you wait for someone to take your order. A waiter/waitress comes up, and asks for your order. You tell them it.

If no one took your order, or never brought you food, then read this:

No one took your order, and the restaurant closed. You go back to Jamaa Township, hoping there is something else.

If someone takes your order, and brought you food then read this:

You eat the food, and pay a couple gems, and look at your five more. You need to be very wise with your money, you tell yourself. You wonder if you could stay at the restaurant, perhaps work there in exchange for food and shelter. You look for the owner.


If the owner lets you work there then then read this:

Your happy, at least you'll survive for a while. Even if the owner didn't let you have food, then you are sure you could manage to eat any leftovers around. But shelter is a necessity: if the owner doesn't let you have shelter (that is, if you haven't found one) then you decided to work for a pay of a few items. You could recycle them, and use the money for shelter AND food. You get to work immediately, and know as soon as your shift is over you'll discuss what payment they'll give you.

End of the 'restaurant' chapter for this post.


If you went to someone's den and they let you stay, read this:

They let you stay, and you find yourself a good place to sleep, thats not on their bed. You ask for food, and if they say yes, then you enjoy it and go straight to bed. If they say no, you go to bed anyway and make up your mind to go to a restaurant and get food, easier now that you have shelter (read the restaurant part, ignoring everything with shelter.)

If you saw a hotel in Jamaa Township, read this:

A hotel offers both shelter and food, you go to it and manage to find yourself a room. You get room service, and eat your fill and then get some shut-eye. Later you know you'll ask them if you can work there, in exchange for the food they offer and a room for as long as you need it. If they say no, then you'll just stay there for as long as you can, and then try to find a place to stay at someone's den. (Hint hint-look at the chapter).

If you went to someone's den, and they locked it or casted you out, read this:

You go  to Jamaa Township, disappointed, keeping an eye out for a restaurant or hotel. If you see one, then go to the chapter for each, or you can keep trying to find yourself a place to stay at dens until you hit a 'let you stay'. Then read the chapter for it.

If you saw nothing in Jamaa Township, then read this:

No restaurants, nor hotels. You sit down on the grass and rest a little bit, and try to decide whether to wait for a restaurant or hotel, or just go to someones den. You decide on both, going from den to den, but popping up in Jamaa Township and staying for a few minutes to see if anyone comes.


Have fun, :-) If you like this new idea, then say so in the comments, or just keep checking back-next post is probably going to be another 'story post'. Thats what I call them.


P.S. GO to 'TheFireShop' den, it is soo cool! It is a den portal adventure, you'll know what I mean when you see it!

Friday, October 3, 2014

To-do List! Sweet (not bitter) furniture! Mira's grave?!

Hey jammers,

So, part of having a good time is to share the wealth! Helping others have a good time makes them and you both happy! So, I made a to-do list for how you and others can have a good time:

1. Send someone a nice jamagram, especially if they are having a bad day. If your both member, you can send a nice little gift.

2. If you like a persons outfit, or color combination or animal or personality or whatever, then say so! It makes them feel better :3

3. Know someone who wants an item of your bunches? Give 'em it! Or, if you love it too much and it can be like obtained in an adventure or easily traded, then get another for them!

4. Be cheerful in all situations! Remind everyone they are playing Animal Jam to have fun, so have some fun!

5. Play an adventure with someone if they want to do it. It helps bond you, and you both can get great rewards!

6. Offer free hugs, and follow up on your word! :3

7. Host a surprise party for someone, decorate your heart out, invite as many people as you can and then ask them to come to your den, and then jump out and say surprise with everyone! Its especially great if everyone brings a gift for them. I did that for my buddy one time :3

8. Ask people if they want to do something fun with you, like go on a virtual camping trip or adventure, they and you will both enjoy it!

9. If someone is in need of something help them! If their outfit would look best if that certain item in that certain color were there, provide it for them!

10. Get all goofy, and make people smile! There are a few ideas in Deep Blue.

On a sadder note, is Mira dead?

Or is it just like a cross gravestone? Do animals die in Jamaa?!?! :(

Oh, and on a happier note: CANDY

I got these from the former TBA adventure and now called Bitter Sweets! Its a cool adventure, and its member and nonmember! Get it while the Night of the Phantoms is upon us! By the way, I purchased the Haunted Mansion. Now, I did everything I could to make it cute and fun and not spooky at all! Combo breaker!

Have fun jammers!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to have fun at parties: Dinner Party!

Hey jammers,

Sorry this has been a wee bit slow, I have a bit of news: Pandas are returning tomorrow and I'm working on a new dictionary page so you can know all your Animal Jam lingo! I've gotten back into Minecraft, and I might post a few things on that along with AJ stuff but this blog will remain Animal Jam Good Times, not Minecraft Good Times.

Right, here is the list!

1. Wait for someone to seat you, order some food from a waiter, and then pretend to eat it.
2. Buy the cool dinner booths and whatnot 
3. Pretend to be a waiter, and serve people food.
3. Sing along to the music ''Play Wild'' and/or put on a live performance.
4. Take some of the delicious food to-go, and perhaps share with a friend in Jamaa Township.
5. Pretend to be a chef, and host a cooking show.
6. Eat everyone's food O,O
8. Pretend to be plants and whatnot.
9. Greet people who walk in, and tell them the menu.
10. Make sure everyone buys something from the ''gift shop''.

Have a good day!