Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Chapter

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the wait, I got back into Minecraft! Anywho, there is the new Chapter Three of the Tiger's Destiny on the Mt. Shiveer page, and Chapter Four should be coming really soon.

Happy Reading!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Play Wild

Hey guys!

Sorry about the lack of posts, busy week and a certain picture for the tiger story is taking especially long.

If you haven't heard the news, (I heard this from Animal Jam Graphic Central who heard it from Animal Jam Legendary Palooza...) PLAY WILD is coming for IOS in April! Play Wild is a 3d Animal Jam app that is in it's beta testing stage.

I know one of you (a certain sparkle fairy) is super excited about Play Wild, so if you have an iPad you should freak out :3

Sorry for the short post, more coming soon! (probably Monday)

P.S.: Next two chapters spoiler.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pick-Me-Up Dens: A den idea

Hey jammers,

So this idea came up when I changed my den to the small house, wanting to remodel it to fit one of my animals. I didn't even touch it. When I stepped into my house I was a hit with a wave of Jamaaliday cheer, with brightened my spirits. I quickly changed the den to my gingerbread house which I tried to redecorate but ended up with very little furniture. I cleared the den and got to work making the perfect Jamaaliday den. I love the Jamaalidays so much, but they last only a month, and the Jamaaliday stuff leaves by the end of January. I made it house-like, with a kind of kitchen-y room that had cocoa and a fridge, and basically just utilized the hoard of Jamaaliday decor I had. I replaced my withered seasonal tree with a bright and happy Jamaaliday tree, loaded ornaments on and presents below, and then I truly began decorating. It really felt like my den, because I put the things I liked best. Probably my favorite pair of items are the plaid couch and the fancy fireplace, because the couch is so comfy and the fireplace so cheery (especially with stockings!). I could go on and on telling you about how, say, I made a little igloo with a frozen pond by it and snowy woods behind it, or how I put all my pets doing things that suit them (like a large hamster gathering by a firepit, a fox hiding in the woods or my cats snuggling on the couch) or how I even stuffed my den with the more significant plushies to me (like a purple arctic wolf and a purple seal, the seal represents my best AJ friend) but I'm not going to do that (I actually sneakily did, mwahahaha) because this is an overly long introduction!

My den made me feel very warm and happy, and I think that you might want a den like it. A den that is filled with things that make you happy, that you probably might escape to when you are bored (thats what I do!). If you like parties, then you can make a great party den and fill it with pets! If you tend to get angry and use Animal Jam to calm down, you might like a soothing little den (perhaps with diamond shop music if your member) to just unwind and smile. I know it might be hard to personalize dens to be filled with things that make you feel happy and possibly remind you of yourself, so here are some pointers.

- Smaller dens feel cozier and warmer, so you might like a small or medium sized den. I don't recommend Crystal Palaces, Sky Kingdom or other very, very large dens unless those are your absolute favorite dens. If so, go right ahead!

- Think about why you would want to be in this den. Would it be because you're angry? (a calming den), sad? (a cheerful den, but probably not a full-on overwhelming party), bored? (a den that you might enjoy in roleplay, perhaps a den with interactive items or slightly witty, detailed things for you to enjoy), feeling a need for Jamaasian magic (y'know, the magic of Animal Jam! Probably something that reminds you of what you like to do best on AJ), wanting a certain holiday (I want Jamaalidays magic! My den is basically for when I have no buddies on and I want to be cheerful) or even a remembrance thing. Perhaps you miss a buddy, your dog or your new jammer days. Make a den that reminds you of that person/thing!

- Don't visit the den unless you are feeling bored/sad/angry/etc. (whatever feeling-down emotion you made your den for). The more you see it, the less magical it is. So, that means this special den would have to take up an extra den slot, and won't be touched until you need it. I don't care if you don't want two small houses, you'll eventually want to redecorate!

- Put time and effort into it. Make it perfect with all your resources. Take time to make a checklist of things you like in a den, finish the checklist and then touch it up with items that are meaningful to you, if any. Athe den needs to have meaning, and to fit YOU!

- I don't suggest any influence by others, by the way. The only standards it needs to pass is yours, and for that reason you probably shouldn't show many people it, or at least don't ask them what you think.

Just make the den a little special to you. If you get mad on Animal Jam or it just doesn't feel happy, then I suggest you get off Animal Jam and maybe drink something warm, especially with a good book. Animal Jam is a way to unwind, but if you are not enjoying it then the best thing to do is get off the computer.

I hope you enjoy whatever awesome den you can make for yourself! You don't have to follow my guidelines, those are just suggestions, and you can do what you want with your den! Just be you! (Unless you are making a den for a Roleplay character for some reason. Of course, that has nothing to do what I just discussed, so don't let it bother you. Be your roleplay character if you want ;p

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Interview with Snowyclaw

This is my surprise for you all! An interview with Snowyclaw, enjoy :D

This was done by email, because she was to busy to meet me in Animal Jam. Her email is animaljamspirit@gmail.com, by the way.

1. How did you find out about Animal Jam?

I found out about Jamaa through National Geographic Kids magazine back in 2011!

2. What appealed to you about it?

The largest pull (over other MORG) was the plot, the stories, the lore, the legends... I also enjoyed the beautiful artwork around the game, the creative ways in which you could individualize yourself with items, colors, and designs... And also the friends I could make. ^-^

3. Were you always Snowyclaw, or did you start off with another user?

I started off a different user in beta, but when the new Jamaa began I started fresh (and soon became a member). My original animal was actually a wolf named Pouncing Snowyclaw, hehe. You can see where my inspiration came from?

4. How did things change as the beta testing period ended?

Membership began obviously. Rares also changed the game. There were so many developments were since then, but Jamaa is ever changing!

5. Have you ever seen any of the beta 'guide' volunteers? If so, could you tell me about what you saw them do?

Yep! I've talked to some of them when they came to visit Jamaa. They usually just answer questions about various aspects of the game. Once though, they revealed a jammer "sizzlerat" to be a test account of AJHQ when a Guide crocodile came in, danced with sizzlerat, and then they both disappeared in a puff of smoke and mischievous laughter (though that last bit might have been only in my head).

6. I'm sure everyone wants to hear this: tell us about your Graham encounter! Did you just chance upon him? What did he say and do?

Everyone received a message from AJHQ (you know the type), "Go to Temple of Zios and...." and I think it said something about sleeping around Zios and telling stories, or something about how old he was or something... But anywho, I went there and there were a few other jammers. They were just sitting round, so I asked if they wanted to hear the original story of Jamaa. They said yes, so I did... AND THEN... Graham appeared about of no where!! He actually said "CLAPS FOR STORY" and then continued to chat and dance with us for a while. Quite exciting...

7. How did starting out the Animal Jam Spirit work out? Could you tell me about the starting out of the Animal Jam Spirit?

Starting out was tough, but I just kept posting! My buddies at the time helped me so much with spreading the word about the blog. They were featured on the side of my blog as the original Spirit Jammers. The group slowly grew into what the great community is today!

8. When did you start your Youtube channel?

A few years ago now? I dunno! I've never been very good at that YouTube thingy. ^3^

9. When did you start getting 'popular'?

I've never considered myself popular or famous, though jammers refer to me as such sometimes.
That's just not really who I am?

10. What is Proven's opinion on your popularity? Give her a hug for me, she makes me smile a lot :3

She kinda just shakes her head. She thinks it may have been more fun when we could just play around Jamaa together without me stopping to talk with everyone who recognizes, but she appreciates the way jammers say hi to her (she is delighted to recieve little messages from self proclaimed fans, I'll tell her you said hello!!)

15. Do you have any advice for newbie Animal Jam bloggers? 

Don't give up! It's a long, difficult process that will seem very hard sometimes, but it's worth it. :) Find support in your friends (both on Animal Jam and in the physical world) and your family. It's a big project and commitment  –  do it for you!

16. Another random question, has Old Frozenspirit always looked that way? And was there anything inspiring you with your unique animal looks? (such as your eyeball snow leopard, I like that one :3)

Old Frozenspirit has looked practically the same (simply added tail armor and swaped sword for pirate sword) since before June 2011!

17. Have you gotten any friends to play Animal Jam?

My sister! And some kids that I've cared for, babysat for. :)

18. Do you consider yourself old to play AJ?

I think anyone can play Animal Jam if they are willing to exist within the world of Jamaa!

11. Did AJHQ ever directly respond to the Jamaasian Movement?

Sadly never directly, but in a interview/conference by the CEO  of Smart Bomb (head of AJHQ, basically), he mentioned how fan sites, stories, and opinions influence the game in large ways (and referred to actions that we had done in the movement). That's as close as those silly adults will get to acknowledging us kiddies. X3

12. How has AJ's lore changed?

There has been a lot of the "origin story" kind of swept under the rug, but other than that, much is the same!
Details were added, tweaked and such, but the important stuff remains. :)

13. What appeals to you about it today?

The ever-changing world full of amazing individuals who make Jamaa a joy to visit when I'm feeling down!

The Party can now start!

Hey Jammers,

This is your last warning: the party is starting!

Hope to see you there!

Party is Today!

Hey Jammers,

I am pleased to announce that in an hour and forty minutes (very specific) my party shall start! So, check the time, make sure everything is good, and I'll see you then! I really hope this party works out,
I just realized that my first party that no one went to was for 200 views x.x Silly me!

Very nervcited, but anywho, enough rambling! See you then <3

And apologies to those who can't come D:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Party Camping Route!

Hey Jammers!

The party is tomorrow! It has been a whole week, can you believe it? I can :p

As you probably know, the party is going to be a camping trip! The first fifteen minutes is going to be spent talking and partying at the Sky Kingdom while we wait for people who said they would come to come. Please come within the fifteen minutes, I'm afraid I can't wait for you. If you are late, please jamagram me and I'll try to direct you to the world we are in!

This is the route for the camping trip! When everyone is here we'll leave the Sky Kingdom, go to a (probably half empty) world and begin camping! We'll go on hikes, sing campfire songs, gather food, interact with other jammers who might think we are weird, epic or both... It's going to take some roleplaying, or cluelessly watching, but it will be fun!

Oh, and besides the party, I have an extra-special gift for y'all, and no, it isn't items.
Hint: A special interview

The gift will come after the party, or at the end at least! 

Anywho, the date is tomorrow, obviously and the time is (as quoted from the invitation 'Saturday, Feburary 7th. 12 through 1 pm pacific time, 1 through 2 mountain time, 2 through 3 central time and 3 through 4 eastern time. Sorry if you don't live in the United States!'' 

Anywho, I hope to see most of you there, and sorry to those who can't make it!

Have a jamtastic evening, and see you at the party!


Mt. Shiveer page

Sorry that the Mt. Shiveer page dissapeared - it turns out I accidentally made it not show up, though it was still a part of the blog. Sorry for the inconvienance, and enjoy the new chapter!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Tiger's Destiny chapter three!

You'll be pleased to see chapter three of the Tiger's Destiny! Please enjoy the chapter, and I hope you notice the plot gaining some. It ends on a cliffhanger, but you have to read it yourself! Once when your done, you need to check out the party invitation again:


It is the day after tomorrow, at noon (my time)! You can see the time in different time zones on the invitation, so be sure you ask your parents in advance if you can make it! I really hope you can make it for the cross-jamaa camping trip!

Don't miss it, it will be a grand event!

I will only post one more warning, so be sure to mark your calenders!

Look forward to seeing you then!

I need to decorate my Sky Kingdom for the party!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Member Airport

You have waited long... And finally I bring to you... the member airport!

Hey Jammers!

I've finally made the member airport. We'll start with the juicy stuff, pictures! After that, I'll tell you how to successfully run an airport and my experiences with this airport.

This is the infomation desk. I automatically assume all my passengers have gotten tickets already!

I've ridden a few planes, so for sake of realism you have to wait in this area before I come to my den, and when I come the plane is open for boarding. At the top left you can see my airport store (airports have stores). The information desk person (either a buddy or a duplicate) has to keep the people off the plane, which is a difficult task!

This is the plane! Fancy seating is in front, and simpler seating is in the back.

This is the pilots seat!

This is the lavatory, a.k.a the restroom! Airplane lavatories are actually small and WAAYYY less fancy but I had room!

When the flight has ended the doors open and everyone has to board the bus driving to the hotel! After everyone gets on I change the den!

Ahh... The beautiful entrance to the Sky Hotel. I have gotten some woahs, but not as much as my alpha training camp.

Check-in desk! The check-in desk person has a busier job then the airport check-in: you have to give everyone rooms!

This is the Banquet Hall, where I call everybody for lunch after a while.

This is one of the rooms. I split off one big room into two small ones. People tend to fight over these rooms.

This is a room in the tower.

Ain't dis a pretty room?

I have two cottages for people to have, but since these are big I make it so jammers have to share a room! I've noticed new friends being made as the people who want cottages asking for roommates!

 Two very nice cottages, if I may say so myself.

And my experiences? 

I call people while my buddy stays behind at the desk, trying to keep everyone off the plane (which only half works). The first time I've tried out this airport I used a duplicate, who seemed to convince everyone to stay off the plane.

Once when I opened the doors of the plane people can walk through security and choose a seat! The flights are approximately eight minutes, I set a timer! Usually the airport desk person is a hostess on the plane, which means they give out snacks, pillows and headphones for the tv/radio (the radio is built in each chair). Its funny, because when the hostess gives, say, hot cocoa a giant hot cocoa machine just plops out of nowhere and usually the whole plane gets a drink.

People like to talk, meet each other and occasionally go to the bathroom. Some people ask to drive or work. Four minutes into the eight-minute flight I make it nighttime and change the music to Mythical Morning (the soothing diamond shop music) and everyone goes to sleep. When the timer has around one minute left I say it is eight-am and people start waking up. I land the plane and open the door on the other side of the plane, and people start walking out. I invite people to get on the bus and they eventually do.

When the den changes people immediately start seeking rooms and small fights sometimes break out. Be prepared to settle these small skirmishes, because they aren't anything major. My hotel lodges exactly 9 people, but I usually invite 10/11 people before I go to my den, because sometimes people get bored and leave on the plane.You might have to invite more people in Jamaa Township for the hotel. 

People really start wanting to work here, and you might land yourself with a few maids. Hotel workers clean rooms mostly, and report to me what is going on in the whole hotel. You might want to watch the chat log, because some drama goes on. You can also get in the den decorator and you'll be able to spy on everyone without them knowing, you can see some amusing things.

After some time I get my hotel workers and tell them to invite everyone to lunch in the Banquet Hall. Everyone eats and might come to you for any disagreements or questions they may have, which in my experience is usually about cottage sharing or job positions at your hotel. I like to have a small giveaway where I use a Random Thing Picker that is super easy to use: (http://andrew.hedges.name/e/random/pickone.html).

I put in everybody's usernames or nicknames who wants to enter, (workers are optional) and then whatever the thing picker chooses gets the (small) rare. If I have a particularly good worker I might reward them with a rare in front of everyone. I rewarded one worker with a rare fox hat, which is better then the item I gave away. ;3

After everyone goes back to their rooms it a simple routine: the hotel workers clean rooms sometimes, people interact and the other 'event' in the hotel is that I send out hotel workers to announce lights out for a short time. I only call Lunch and Lights Out once, but you can do it as many times as you want in the hotel. 

People who stay start getting dramatic or just weird, arguing over cottages or acting just weird o,o

Hotel running is difficult, so while the remaining people act weird at my den I usually go out and out and about. Eventually people might get heated or annoying, jamagramming you and even some random person came and asked for a job. When I said no, she started disrupting the peace.

Thats when I change the den back to the airport, thank them for coming (sometimes with a jamagram) and then promptly lock the den. If you have to go, its okay to leave your den like that. They eventually get bored and go away.

And thats how to run a member airport! Thanks for reading! I'm getting the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide tomorrow and I might post about it. 

I'm really enjoying writing the Tiger's Destiny, so I might write a post about it tomorrow or Friday!

Mark your calendars for this Saturday (the seventh) for a blog party camping trip! Just a reminder.

Have a great day and keep playing wild, jammers!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Party Invitation

It is time. You have asked about it, and now you'll get an answer. What am I talking about? The blog party of course!

What: A party

Who: Everyone who likes the Animal Jam Good Times blog!

When: Saturday, Feburary 7th. 12 through 1 pm pacific time, 1 through 2 mountain time, 2 through 3 central time and 3 through 4 eastern time. Sorry if you don't live in the United States!

Where: The first fifteen minutes of the party will be in my Sky Kingdom while people arrive, and then we shall pack our bags and go across Jamaa in a camping trip! Don't know how to camp in Animal Jam? Try this tutorial I made around the time I started this blog: http://animaljamgoodtimes.blogspot.com/2014/07/camping-in-animal-jam.html

Why: To celebrate 3,000 views! To some it may seem a small amount (I'm looking at you, Naffy! :p) but it took me seven months to get this far, so I might as well celebrate! We could also celebrate 93 posts (I'll tell y'all when we reach 100!)

Please tell me if you can make it at most a day prior to the party. I would like to know how many people can make it, and If I would have to reschedule if to many people can't.

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Chapter of the Tiger's Destiny and New Signature!

I finally have a new chapter of Tiger's Destiny. I think you'll find it entertaining, and I hope you enjoy it! Head over to the Mt. Shiveer page to see it!