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Alpha Training Camp

This is the idea I told you about, the title says all. Maybe it doesn't, but the idea makes you excited, the thrill of the unknown... Anyways, this idea is so (painfully) member, that I'm going to also include a nonmember version. So, let's go ahead and let Daredevil Arcticbrave take the spotlight, otherwise known as Juno, the arctic wolf alpha.

Greetings Jammers, Princess Arcticspirit sent you, did she not?

You looks cold, come up close to the fire. I was told you wanted to train young jammers to become alphas. That is hard work, my friend, and it will take some commitment. Some myths spread around that only members can do great things. Nay, both can be great or foul, it depends on the jammer. Ah, Princess Spirit sent you with a sealed letter for me. Ah, some things that will help you. Pictures and a list of good items/dens for the camp. I highly approve!

1. Plants of all shapes and sizes, Treetop Gardens is your friend (a shop filled with plants in Sarepia Forest).

2. Adventure Items, Cosmo's Plants, Fire drums, Lava and Portal crystals, Bunny Statue, Stone Circle.

3. Tiki Torches.

4. Towels, pillows, small couches and coffee tables. A jammer with a delightful blog, Mister Chunkybuddy had a tip for a raised bed, in the pictures are some 'sleeping bags', raised beds, etc.

5. The Ocean Adventure Base Camp music if your member, costing a single diamond from the Diamond Shop, its is truly spectacular, magical and adventurous.

6. For members: Restaurant, Crystal Palace and Volcano den.

7. For nonmembers, two small houses, one filled with plants and one alpha-like filled with adventure items, etc.

8. Animal Banners of all kinds.

7. Spiderweb and/or Cosmo's Hammock. The latter is from the adventure Meet Cosmo as a prize, the former is a prize from the cobra hunt interactive Brady Barr video series.

6. Sky, Starry Walls (basically a night sky) and Grass Carpet, the former is nonmember and the rest is member.

Below are some pictures taken by Liza's camera, nonmembers are recommended to have two dens, and members three.

I'll tell you why you would want several dens, in story form.

A armor-covered wolf called in Jamaa Township. 
''Alpha training camp in my den, discover your destiny!'' her low, beautiful voice sounded over the buzz of the township, and many jammers were intrigued and went to her den. When the doorbell rang ten times she went to her den, and saw the jammers there. 
''Greetings young'uns, I am Juno, the arctic wolf alpha.'' she spoke and many jammers turned and listened, or left.
''I'm sure many of you came through much to be here, some of you perhaps were chased by phantoms, like Sir Gilbert when he was a cub.'' a few jammers chuckled, no, they didn't, but they loved to here about an alpha.
''I am here to train you, so you too can become shamans, and maybe even step up to be alphas. The current Alphas and Shamans are fighting the phantoms, who grow steadily strong, so we need new ones, jammer ones, to help the jammers and make peace.'' only five remained, the other half left of boredom.
''Rest and eat, and when you are ready we shall begin your training!'' the jammers did as she instructed, and said they were ready. Juno changed the den to a restaurant, remodeled with plants and rather impressive. She took the jammers through a course over tables, jumping, climbing, and swimming. When they were done she took them to a blue fire drum. 
''This test is hard on some, but its very important. I myself have completed it. You must jump into the fire drum!'' the jammers were hesitant, but the courageous went first, and the rest followed. One jammer, very much not alpha type, refused to do it.
"My den is so much better then yours!'' he mocked, and Juno smiled to herself. She herself jumped into the fire drum, and the den changed. There was a shining crystal palace, with the music of the Ocean Adventure Base Camp, and alphas lining the entrance. The previous mocker, impressed, quickly disappeared upon laying eyes on it. Ooohs and Aaas came from the jammers.
''Explore this palace, and then the REAL training will begin.'' the jammers explored, chose beds, and ate. Juno called them together, and told them their first course. She gave them each a sword, and fought each of them. Many of the jammers were strong, but Juno overpowered them quickly, but they got better. The next lesson was archery, which the jammers excelled at, many having bows of their own. Swimming came next, and then fight-falling. An eagle friend of Juno's picked each jammer up, and dropped them, and fought them in mid-air. Juno told them to roll when they landed, so each landed safely. The jammers ate and slept, and the following morning they had to climb a mountain, listened to the Jamaa legends around a blue fire drum and then the hardest course yet: five live baby phantoms were released, and they outsmarted it, and trapped it. Juno was very pleased.
''All of you have done well, because of that, there is a few who want to meet you.'' she walked away, and Peck, the bunny alpha, in a beret and tie-dye t-shirt, looked them over.
''You are certainly alpha-type, because of it, you shall meet MIRA!'' Peck smiled, tipped her hat, and then hopped away. Mira came, and the jammers gasped.
''I've been watching, and all of you have done well. Flora, you are very strong, and other jammers need you. You shall be the secondary bunny shaman, and help the jammers through their adventures. Fauna, you are very kind and your task as a secondary fox shaman is to root out scammers and stop bullying. Make peace among jammers. Rosy, you, last but not least, shall be the secondary koala shaman, and you will spread Mira's name, and the legends. Work with Fauna to help bring peace, and help the jammers remember their culture.'' the jammers, only three remaining, nodded and felt solemm. Mira smiled.
''Goodbye Jammers, my spirit will always be in the Jamaa Township statue, and I can hear you. Visit me, and never forget your shamans, and who I and Juno am.'' she flew away, and Juno returned.
''Well, Jammers. It has been my personal pleasure training you, and now it is time to find your destiny. Flora, you have plant powers that you yourself discovered use them well in helping with adventures, Fauna, use your gift of fire to bring peace, not fear, and Rosy, your light shall be spread far, use it well.'' The jammers nodded, and Juno continued.
''GO, and be brave, be mighty, BE SHAMANS! Farewell, and do well in all your adventures.'' she danced a few steps, and then locked the den, wondering what the jammers would do as new shamans.

You also need a backstory, such as where you were born, why you became an alpha or alpha trainer (like: refused alpha, for greater calling: alpha training), also, mentioning alphas like amelia, liza, sigurd, sir gilbert, etc.

Have fun Jammers

-Juno and Princess Arcticspirit


  1. Thank you for your most helpful advice, Juno and Princess Articspirit. I shall begin my own camp, for I am a very important Alpha that was thrown out. I took disguise in Jammer form, but many others have seen through it. But I digress... once a Jammer saw who I really was, and stole my Spring Bunny items, made of carrots that I carved with my own four paws... and then she went away from me, and I took my fury out on a mere chalkboard. I have but one question:

    What type of den(s) shall I use for my camp? I must have a good one.

    Once again, thank thee for your advice, I shall use it today. Farewell, I am off to 11306 Wolf Street to tutor fellow jammers!

    1. Nevermind my question, for I have chosen select dens for my program. I have already atracted two fellow jammers for my camp. Farewell, and jam on, Juno!

  2. Hello, young ones. I am Countess, second Artic Wolf Alpha. I have not attended Juno's training camp, the Alphas made me... well, an Alpha. If anyone would like to attend my camp, my user is wildkrattsisawesome.

  3. Please, come and train alongside other Kangaroos,Owls, eagles, and other Creatures.

  4. Great idea, Juno and Arctic! I myself am not an alpha, but close to it, do you think i should run my own training camp? i don't know which dens to pick.... i might need some help with this! ^w^ -midnight

  5. How do you choose an Alpha name? I need soooo much help with Alpha-ing. Also my den space is full so I can't really buy anything for it... oh, the wonders of life....

    1. We like using the Volcano while we wait for everyone to get her, a Resteraunt (with all lights and signs covered by plants) with an obstacle course as the test to evaluate everyone's skill and a Crystal Palace for everything else. As for the alpha names, I chose one of the diamond animal alpha busts with no official information behind them and made my animal look like them. Juno is the official Arctic Wolf alpha. I dressed myself to look like her and gave her a personality.


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