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Animal Jam School Teachers Manual

First of all, H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y A-N-I-M-A-L J-A-M!!! Four years and 20 million jammers, quite an accomplishment, though i expect no less of Animal Jam. This post is a simple, humble teachers guide for your school.

Class Ideas:

Fashion Class: Teach them about what colors match and what clothes to wear for a particular situation.

Math Class: Quiz them subtraction, multiplication and addition. Say basic things such as
''Addition is adding something to something, like "I have one mango, and I add one more mango. Now i have two mangos!''. For Multiplacation say ''You know if you add two plus two plus two, its six but an easier way to do it is three two times, or two three times (they mean the same). It sounds something like: Two times Three is six!''. Quiz them simple times, and for 'homework' ask them to count the amount of say, flowers in Temple of Zios using multiplication.

English: Tell them basic grammer including:

Periods are used at the end of a sentence.

Each sentence starts with a capital letter and names, not ''chandelier'' but ''Bob the chandelier'', ''Bob'' would be capitalized.

Each sentance sounds like ''I have a pig named Ruthie.'' the Subject is the pig, or Ruthie it doesn't sound like ''Named Ruthie''.

If you use ''i'' referring to yourself like ''I walked my dog.'' it is capitalized. 'I's aren't capitalized like ''in my house''.

For spelling in an English class, then teach them how to spell things like ''Cat'' and then move onto ''Something'' then ''Capitalized''. Simply state how to spell something, and if a pupil misspells a sentence then state the correct spelling.

Art: Art is pretty simple, you can have them pretend to make crafts, or you can teach them about the 'famous artist' Peck. Make sure you have plenty of Field Trips to the Art Studio,

History: Simple! Mister Chunkybuddy's blog has lots of made-up stories of Jamaa history, but be sure to tell them the Creation Legend but also teach them about Clark Stacey, creator of Smart Bomb and the Beta Days.

General Student Behavior:

This section of the 'manual' talks about how to deal with Student Behavior, punishments, 'good student', 'bad student', how to avoid favoritism and of course: Class President.

You always need to set a rules, some example ones are:

Rule Number 1. Do what the teacher tells you.

Rule Number 2. Treat other how you want to be treated.

Rule Number 3. No talking when the teacher is talking.

Rule Number 4. Have fun!

(The last rule is important to lighten up the atmosphere of a classroom).

Now, bad student behavior would be:

1. Pushing other people on the playground.

2. Talking in class.

3. Being rude (thats means both being sassy and ignoring) to the teacher or anyone.

4. Breaking any rules (obviously).

5. Stealing ANYTHING.

6. Not picking up after themselves (be VERY gentle about this, if they keep on going as bad as ever be only a little harsher.)

7. Bullying.

Punishments would be:

1. Sitting in a corner

2. They have their mouth in 'time out' (they can't talk) until the teacher says they can speak.

3. Extra homework

4. Staying in late/or staying in the classroom and (optional) helping the teacher.

5. They don't get to go on said field trip (thats a VERY harsh one, so be very, very, very, very, careful with that one).

Don't physically (or, since its a game, PRETEND to) slap or hurt any of your students.

Good Behavior would be:

1. Waiting for their turn.

2. Picking up after the other students.

3. Following the rules, being quiet when they need too, being nice etc.

4. Listening in class.

Good Behavior (including good grades) should be rewarded, here is an example list:

1. A big, BIG reward is choosing the next field trip. Only do it to VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, outstanding students, not 'teacher's pets'.

2. A sticker, a very small reward.

3. Something from the gift shop of the next field trip, like their own flag from the flag shop or whatever, you can trade for necklace, send it, or if they want you can place it by their desk.

4. A personalized desk, like a different color of books/actual desk/chair/table/plushies or any small something to go by it/a flower pot or fan on it.

5. A compliment, and a thank-you, they might like that.

How to avoid favoritism:

While liking a particular student is okay, don't go around giving the student better grades then you normally would, extra privileges and lots of fame, but if the student is a really good student then said rewards is good, but not special attention.

1. Be sure not to tell anyone (even the student) you like him/her in particular, but if you say something like 'your one of my best students' not 'your THE best student' then its alright.

2. Don't let the student break any of the rules WHATSOEVER, and don't hold back any punishment then you normally would would if ANY student broke that rule.

3. Be sure to compliment all your students, tutor them if you must and help them out on anything. If there is a suggestion for anything, then consider it fairly.

Class Presidents:

Something that few Jamaasian Schools have is a Class President. In Jamaa at least, the Class President would have a bit more power to improve things, such as if they went on a campaign for say, a larger lunchroom they could take student votes, and even with the teacher's guidance go out in Jamaa Township and ask for donations for such and such. Class President is a VERY fun role to have, and they can sort of be the 'teachers pet' sometimes.

1. Announce that you now are taking Jam-a-Gram votes for a Class President and that their is one vote per member. Explain what a Class President is, and also remind the class that it isn't any more special then everyone else, its just a duty that takes responsibility but can be very rewarding. Ask all students that want to campaign for a class president come forward, and then tell them they have a set amount of time to have a mini-speech and say, send jammers cool stuff or trade better items for a necklace. Once that set amount of time is up, then explain that jammers can vote.

2. Call the candidates over and tell all of them to play fair, no bribery and not to be a sore loser or a prideful winner. Also tell them what makes a good campaign, an example would be "Something that pleases the students, and is completely fair. Be sure to treat members and nonmembers alike equally, and for any member candidates please don't send any items to other members, just trade them."

3. Sit back, relax and watch them campaign. A good campaigning time would be the day after you announce in between classes. Make sure EVERYONE follows the campaigning rules above.

3. When the voting comes, tell jammers which candidate means this message such as ''Fuzzy Cutegirl is 'Animal Jam Rocks', Prince Snowyninja is ''Seals are cool!'' or make each candidate a card such as "Fuzzy Cutegirl is Cute as a Bunny, Prince Snowyninja is Cool as an Arctic Wolf". Only count one jamagram from each person, and make sure they are ALL your class or else duplicates or buddies would vote for said person. Announce when everyone is voted and the voting time is ended.

4. Don't state the winner until about five minutes after the voting stops, and tell each candidate to make peace among themselves and make a winning speech in advance but also brace themselves for losing.

5. State the winner, and have them come up and make their winners thank-you speech. When he/she is done then you can tell him/her that changes to the class can start being made and the president needs to get donations and run campaigns for votes for a change in atmosphere.

Student Council:

The class president is at the head of the student council, but the council itself is for voting, settling disputes and they are like Congress: when the president sends the idea they choose to approve it or not and make a fair decision among themselves. When they are done voting, the decision is sent to the teacher and you can add the change. Make sure to approve the idea before the president even starts campaigning, but don't be biased. Council members are voted by students as well, but they don't campaign.

End of the school year:

You can choose to make your school as long as you want, but follow the traditional holiday, and winter/spring breaks and the golden school year rule: No jammers schools in Summer ever! :-)

I hope you enjoyed my teacher's guide, keep jamming!



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