Monday, August 11, 2014

How to have a Job in Animal Jam

Hey Jammers,

So, AJ isn't like real life, its supposed to be fun, but for some reason pretending to work IS fun for some. Anyway, there are two ways to get a job in Animal Jam.

If you want to get a job at a player-run (and sometimes have more fun) business then you do these steps:

1. Locate a business, restaurants, spas, salons, ice cream parlors, adoption centers, daycares, hotels. Those are all good places for job opportunities, many say 'Need Workers'

2. Try out the business, in other words, eat at a restaurant, get a room at a hotel. Some things, like adoption centers you can't really try out so just observe what everyone is doing and see what the place is all about and scheme how you can work and what to say in your roleplay.

3. Ask the owner if you can work there. The owner usually says yes, but you need to work out a payment too, because its much more fun. The payment can be traded for a necklace, or sent in a jam-a-gram but the most fair items for payment cost 300 gems or more, you might actually get a half-decant payment when you recycle. Also, work out when you'll get payed like 'every three hotel days' or the best times are when the customers all leave and the owner goes and gets more customers. Also work out a time off, because you don't want to work 24/7

4. Work, make sure the role-plays are detailed and be kind to all employees.

You can also work at a location in Jamaa, here is a tutorial.

1. Choose your location, be creative, you can feed the pets at claws 'n paws, treat the sick at the medical center, serve smoothies at Captain Melvilles Juice Hut, give fashion advice in Jam Mart Clothing etc.

2. Go there and begin working, you might want to say 'unlocks' when you come in.

3. Work! When everyone is gone or you 'feed' for all the pets then you can leave.

4. Have lunch. Take a little break and have lunch and maybe surf the web or something.

5. Lock up:

When your done working say 'turns out lights' or 'blows out lanterns' and then go out and say 'locks door'

6. Get your pay, your pay is playing a game for a period of time, a 'raise' is playing it even longer.

Done! Enjoy all your jobs and adventures in Aj!




  1. thanks for the advice :)


  2. I need a job to be in a ajmv. User:diffla


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