Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to have fun at parties-Jam Session!!!-

Hi Jammers,

This is a double-post, so i won't post for a couple days unless i find something really cool to post about. If i stop doing a schedule then i'll refresh my posts by SATURDAY.

This is a friendly tutorial to have fun at my FAVE party in Jamaa, Jam Session!

10. Sit on the grass and enjoy the show!

9. When people get off-stage, ask them for an Autograph and say 'Your part of my favorite band! I love your ___ (dancing, singing, drum-playing, depends what they do on stage) ''May i please have your autograph?!''

8. Buy an instrument and pretend to play along

7. Socialize with other jammers, discuss the band, the party, the dancing etc. Compliment them on their dancing.

6. Get on-stage and dance and/or sing in front of the lights

5. Enjoy the music and click an instrument that you think fits in this part of the song, add your own notes!

4. Pretend to play an instrument and dance by it or sit by it, and only click that instrument.

3. Invite other jammers on-stage, especially the ones in the sidelines or shadows. The more jammers dancing, the better the music and effects will be.

2. Gather other Jammers and try to make a band! Bring a instrument home to your den and if you can, try to make a band. Even if you only have the same instrument, have two people playing the instruments or just have one jammers doing that. Get a singer to sing cool songs, especially Animal Jam themed ones, make up your own. Also, have two back-up dancers. This band will rock the house, no matter how many instruments. Make sure everyone has matching clothing and colors, or have the instrument players have  very, very, similar costumes and colors and have the backup dancer with another shade of those colors and the costume and the backup dancers have similar costumes and colors, maybe no costumes, just the colors. Be sure to give the band a name.

1. Get one jammer and try to make them a famous singer, take them to several Jam Sessions, have them sing at the dinner party and restaraunts as well as other jammer-held events that would do better with a band. Ask the host, and maybe he/she can pay your 'celebrity'. Make a youtube-channel or blog for him/her if you can, and then you might want to get a band for him/her, see 2.

What parties make YOU feel Wild and want to Play Wild?

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