Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heatwave Party-Fun Things To Do-


This is how to have fun in the Cruise Ship party, the cool beach-waterpark!

10. Swim! Play in the water, slide down !

9. Buy the items to take the beach to your den! 

8. Rant on how the Ice Cream isn't click-able

7. Pretend to build a Sandcastle

6. Have a beach-attire fashion show.

5. Match your colors to the towels,

4. Have a smoothie and pretend to drink it until its gone.

3. Sunbathe, turn your animal a lighter color of whatever color it is, and then after a while turn pink and put on some aloe vera saying 'Ow Ow Ow!!!'

2. Pretend to be a sea creature, or better yet: a shark with the shark fin, going around and biting people.

1. 'Chill' in the bamboo house, discussing the weather with a smoothie. Or, better yet, be a panda and enjoy the little bit of 'China'

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