Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glitches Galore!

Hey Jammers,

I have made many posts, and now its time for a post dedicated to glitches, especially one particular, FUN FUN FUN glitch that you need to keep a SECRET, do not shout it out in the township. But, thats a reward that you MUST NOT skip to see. First, a nonmember friend took these screenshots:


''I went to my buddy's Cosmo's Den, me and her den both had the sky wallpaper. When i came back, this happened. I had accidentally purchased two sky wallpapers, and when i looked at  my wallpapers, both were shaded orange like i was using both at the same time. When i took away one, the Cosmo's Den wallpaper disappeared. It happened with another buddy's Cosmo's Den, Suzi00 actually. I went to a normal land, and another person's small house den and it disappeared when i returned, but when i went to a Cosmo's Den and back, it reappeared. This is a cool den glitch!''
-Anon (she was nonmember by the way).

Next, i'll show you a few pictures of a personal glitch that i shall explain in a video:

(My buddy is going to find out if thats a code and what the code is, i'll get back to you on that.)

Be sure to stand here, and then open the parties tab and then, click the Kani Cove entrance but right before you get there you click your party. Side effects occur, land in sea and sea in land, animals and objects alike (i haven't seen sea objects on land though).



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