Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ice Cream Parlor and Turnin' The Tide

Hi Jammers,

As you might have figured, this blog isn't that great at keeping you updated on the world of Jamaa. Animal Jam Spirit, Animal Jam Sky, Animal Jam Cheats and Codes, etc. is better at that. But, nevertheless, i have some pictures of Turning The Tide for you:

(Dis Ain't Turning the tide, this is just the goofy Princess Arcticspirit pretending to be a bunny.

I just LOVE the Bottlenose Brigade, i want to join it!

Now, here is some member and nonmember ice cream parlors i've been seeing:

(You see my pet cat, Raven Spirit (Admiral Vonfox) my blind eagle (retired battle eagle) Arctic and Enchanted, the owner.

And Nonmembers versions!

Finally, i want to show you something:


Why don't you give a new jammer a tour of Jamaa, complete with legends or direct them to a few helpful AJ Blogs. Members, why don't you start a color drive at your den to give nonmembers colored items? Why don't you find scammers and report them and make sure no one gets scammed? Why don't you help bullied Jammers?

The possibilities are endless for Kindness in Jamaa. Help make Animal Jam a better place, because every deed you do COUNTS.

Have fun in Jamaa,


1 comment:

  1. Haha I love your Bottlenose brigade dolphin! And I love all the ice cream parlors!


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