Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to start an animal jam club/Trading Glitch

Hey jammers,

So, i'm making a ''Pandola'' and ''Kanda'' club, pandas that look like koalas and koalas that look like pandas, to help pandas with endangerment and bring ''only'' parties for both. In honor of it, i'll teach ya'all how to have a club and also a animal 'only' party. Enjoy! :-)

1. Decide on the theme of your club/party, do you want to start a movement to stop scammers, make your own ''only'' party, make an animal popular or get together a group of people who love say, books.

2.  Decorate! I have a few tips, Jammers L-O-V-E interactive items, especially items like feast table or waffle cones. So, get out your cocoa or smoothie machines, lemonade, ice cream, etc. If it doesn't 'work' with the den, then take it out, OR if you really want it, you can make it blend in or do something like cover your cocoa machine with a tree or plants so its well hidden but still clickable. Rares aren't that important in decorating, but items like a Mira statue or a rare mirror are naturey and pretty. I like making my dens have lots of differant things, from a band to a little beach to food to a general theme to hidden games, its entertains people.

3. Gather your people, i look out for koalas and pandas, dance in Jamaa Township with a few others and have fun. Be creative with your ways, like gathering a bunch of Pandolas and dancing and singing at someone's den and then asking them to join.

4. Start taking action, whether dancing around in huge groups, bombing suggestion boxes with the same suggestion, or just partying and having fun, they came to your den for something.

5. Spread the word, while its similar to 3, spreading the word is about jamagramming people, dancing around or featuring it on your blog like me. You have members, but you need more, your movement or party needs to get bigger BIGGER bigger BIGGER bigger BIGGER!!

6. Making a commitment, whether holding a meeting every day. constantly bombing suggestion boxes or inviting more people every time a few people leave, things like this require COMMITMENT

Be sure to have fun and who knows, if your a member you might get an epic den or if your nonmember, you might be featured on a blog.

A quick tour of my club:

Oh, and i would like to point out a common trading glitch with the new system:

The person was standing next to several animals?

Have fun and play wild!


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