Thursday, August 21, 2014

The New Jammer Experiment

Hey Jammers,

Sorry, my past few posts probably have lacked a bit in the 'interesting and imaginative' level, anyway, i want to tell you a story.

The Experiment


I was roaming around the streets of Jamaa Township, a little desperate and mad that Otters were Diamond Shop and member. My brain was working rapidly trying to think up a cool idea for a blog post. I had none, i was listening to music and turned on something calmer. I thought of how when I was rallying with some other jammers one jammer said 'I wish it was beta again with no membership'. I thought of how Beta had no scamming, everyone just had fun, and then i thought of when i was new. Being a new jammer is almost like beta, innocent, not knowing of rares and scamming, just there to have a good time, not obsess over pixelated items that had a gold plate on them saying 'rare'. I decided to start a new jammer account again, i won't reveal its name because I don't want my buddies to know who i am.. I went to Jamaa Township, led a 'fellow' New Jammer to 'the pet store', and went to the Sol Arcade. I saw a member there, buddied her, found out she was with Animal Jam from the beginning, and asked her something very rude 'Are you one of those jammers who are obsessed with rares and gems?'' she said 'Yes' and later found me talking to a brand-new  new jammer buddy and i was talking about beta of how it didn't have 'Any scamming, membership or rares, Animal Jam was about nature and having fun'. The member saw me, and unbuddied me, feeling a little hurt i'm sure. Well, i told my New Jammer friend about Beta and the legends, and played a LOT in the Sol Arcade. I didn't use any of my rich account goodies, i had to get everything from scratch and i discovered i became the Claw Machine MASTER, for some reason every other time i always got a plushie, two kangaroos and a lion were some of my best. I'm having so much fun and i feel new again, am i a good actor or did i just need a membership break? I want everyone to realize the magic and simplicity of Jamaa, earning gems, decorating your den, saving up for 'always-wanteds' like a pet or exploring the Summer Carnival. While my blog is about ways to have fun in Animal Jam that doesn't always meet the eye, a lot of fun can be won by being new again. If you are new, then embrace the magic, adoption, dating, scamming, obsessing over rares, that doesn't need to be a reason why you play Animal Jam. I'm having fun with my new account, i'm playing on it now!


And, my new jammers friend, you know who you are. If your reading this, thank you for helping me with the magic of Jamaa.

I just got a plushie in the claw on my other account and i'm anxious to see what it is,


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