Monday, August 25, 2014

How to make a Spirit Party!

Greetings my furry jammers friends!

Today i shall pack a long and tedious blog post into a short minute video that explains a spirit party, after that is a few sentences of extra info.

Spirit Parties celebrate the spirit of Jamaa, so try to have some cultural stuff, things like alpha statues, the banners from the beta party, and lots of plants and the flag of course! If you can't make up your own, then i reccomend visiting Mister Chunkybuddys' Blog 'Animal Jam Cheats and Codes', some great stories are there. If you can, invite buddies for Alphas that are slightly similarly dressed, be sure they stay in character at all times and answer questions! Also, those alphas need to read the bios of the said alphas so they know exactly who they are pretending to be. A son of zios is golden, with a zios mask, or it can just be a golden tiger or koala. I hope you found this helpful!

--- A few pictures---




P.S. Ain't dis cute?

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