Mt. Shiveer

A land of ice and snow, shrouded in mystery and adventure... In the heart of the mountains lies Mt. Shiveer, the coldest land in Jamaa. The music too is enchanting, and for that I wrote my first piece of creative writing on this blog, 'The Lonely Fluter' (a poem) whom I imagine to play the music. To honor that, and for other reasons, this page shall be the home of my Animal Jam creative writing. There is so much to say about Mt. Shiveer, so many untold tales. I have many of my own too, and I hope my tales, though not as grand, will captivate you as much as Mt. Shiveer's can. Scroll down to read 'The Moon and Sun', a story involving tigers (and bunnies), alphas, Mira and magical necklaces.

     The Lonely Fluter:  

                                          (read while listening to the above soundtrack)                                                   
The lonely fluter plays his song...
The days of yore oh how he longs...
A lonely flute, through the snow.
The notes rising high and low.
Jammers look up, listening to the tune.
They shiver with delight, magic will be here soon.
The song grows more full, once the phantoms took over the land...
The flute note's quiver from the mountains to the forests to the sand.
Mira found special beasts, alphas she called them.
They weren't much to anyone who saw them.
But Mira saw something greater, and trained them well.
Then she led them, over mountains through dell.
Finally they came back to Mira's Jamaa.
A reign of terror, phantoms they saw.
They defeated the phantom king.
Without words, the flute sings...
 Mira mourned over the lost Zios,  her heart was broken.
At his lose, her joy was shaken.
Mira's spirit came into the earth and sky.
Listen to the wind, and you'll hear her sigh
The flute gentle goes down.
The fluter slips away without a sound.
The lonely fluter, a mystical flute he plays.
Hear his song, I hope you may.

Forgotten Land:

(read while listening to the above soundtrack)

A lush paradise, now a dusty shell,

A toppling ruin, once a place where families would dwell

All until the phantoms came, with destruction in their wake

This happy civilization began to crumble and break

The sands of time overtook it all

Now a desert, it became drought's thrall

Forgotten, by all but a few

Forsaken, by all who it once knew

The gems that held the land together scattered and lost
This dry land would never feel another frost

Some tried to venture in and rediscover it, but failed

The sun and desolation prevailed

But in every darkness there is still a way

Riding on feathered wings is hope's shining ray

Will they reclaim what has been forgotten?

Will they heal all that is rotten?

Will this fractured land begin to heal?

Only if you can help it, please heed my appeal

Gather what was scattered, bring back life

Save this forgotten land from its desert strife

The Moon and Sun


Recommended music for the prologue: 
A young tiger snoozed quietly on a soft pillow, warmed by a large, crackling fire a few feet away. Soothing music from an invisible source streamed into the room, only adding to the coziness of the scene. The tiger was light grey, with a few lavender spots, mimicking that of a snow leopard. A chilly gust of wind swept the wooden door across the room open with a whoosh of air, but the tiger was undisturbed. Another creature stepped into the warmth of the tent, a panda.
The panda walked on two legs and carried a wooden staff, topped with a purple gem. She also wore a dark grey cloak. The traveler stepped over to a cocoa machine near the tiger, and pumped the pedals on it. She simultaneously pulled a lever and grabbed a cup. She put the cup under the nozzle, filling it to the brim. Finally she sprayed some whipped cream into the cup and poked a cinnamon stick into the whipped cream. The panda sipped the cocoa by the fire, lost in thought for several moments. Turning, she saw the tiger and her violet eyes softened. The panda turned to a rack of coats and blankets, and selected a light green patchwork blanket. The traveler wrapped the blanket
around the tiger's shoulders, and reached for her belt. She hesitated, and took a deep breath. From another pouch she took a purple moon necklace. The panda gently lifted the tiger's head, and gingerly slipped the necklace over the head, resting it on the tiger's neck.
''May Zios and Mira both protect you.'' she murmured, and then stood. She bent down and picked up her cocoa, and drained it with a gulp. Wiping her mouth and reclaiming her staff, she tiptoed to he hut door and opened. The panda froze at the creak of the door and looked back. The necklace ominously sparkled, but the tiger was still. She relaxed and slipped outside into the chilly air. The traveler bent down and used her staff to melt the snow, revealing dark dirt underneath. She touched the ground with her paws, and lifted them, coaxing a green stem out. A flower budded, and she pulled her paws away from each other, causing two petals to open up. She lightly plucked the yellow flower.
''Find Sir Gilbert, and deliver this message: Liza has delivered the necklace, call the other alphas together for a meeting.'' She shaped the stem poking out of the flower into two antennae. The alpha, Liza, threw the flower up and the two petals beat like butterfly wings. It's wings tinkled with Liza's message and it left a sweet scent in it's wake. 
Liza watched the flower-butterfly until it turned at a snowy peak and out of view. Liza trudged on in the snow, while in the Hot Cocoa Hut the tiger stirred.
-Author's Note-
I'm going to do little Author's Notes after each chapter, whether I have something to say, or a comment, or an introduction to explain what is happening. These pictures are a little difficult, (takes some photo editing sometimes!) so I probably won't crank out chapter as fast as I can, and I also take care in each chapter. In case you didn't pick up  what happened (if you don't pick up on something, I ask that you comment below about it, so I can revise my chapter so you and others can understand!), Liza gave the cute wittle tiger a magical necklace, and then sent a message to Sir Gilbert with a magical flower butterfly! I got inspired by the coziness of the cocoa hut, but i'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out! The tiger is the main character, and you'll learn more about her (I would make the tiger male, but the nametag reflects 'Miss Daisystar', and i'm too lazy to change it.) In case you didn't notice, this tiger is a duplicate account, and basically a twin of my main account tiger. I wanted a nonmember nametag, you'll probably understand why in Chapter 1! I need loads of feedback and criticism, so have no mercy! Anyone, bye for now and I hope you enjoy this new short story!
Chapter 1: 
Daisy wasn't the happiest of tigers. Jammers were generally happy, (or at least Daisy thought they were) but Daisy was different. Daisy actually wasn't a jammer, she was a 'Jamaasian', but not a jammer. For, you see, Daisy never rode on the Blue Heron when Liza decided to ferry animals into Jamaa, nor did she meet Peck to have the bunny alpha shepherd her into Jamaa. She didn't talk of how she got into Jamaa, and no one how, or even knew she never was guided. There were some problems entering Jamaa the way Daisy did. She didn't have a den, she didn't have the thousand(s) of gems to buy herself clothes or furniture, both given to jammers by the alphas when they first enter Jamaa. And, unfortunately, Daisy learned that there was an enchantment on all the games on the Sol Arcade. She had no idea who had put it there, (Mira) but she did know that the games wouldn't turn on for her. There was always a blank screen, and so she couldn't receive any gems. Jammers ignored her, caught up in whatever jammers did, so Daisy had to help herself. She wasn't ever thirsty, because of conveniently free cocoa, smoothies and fresh water springs. She didn't hunger either, for there was fruit aplenty hanging for all the jammers in Captain Melville's Juice Hut. Daisy slept wherever was most comfortable and the most empty, usually the Hot Cocoa Hut but she sometimes was able to sleep in the Pillow Room. None of those things, though appreciated, helped Daisy be as happy as everyone else was or seemed. Daisy avoided jammers, because she had a fear that she would be discovered and sent back to where she had come, and because of that she was lonely. She longed to be sleeping in some den with a comfortable couch of her very own with plenty of decorations. She wanted to party with other jammers, and play games without a care in the world. That dream didn't seem like coming true anytime soon, so she went about her old ways, and tried to ignore the heat or cold, or the jammers. But something happened, something small but wonderful. Daisy woke up feeling especially warm and cozy, and discovered that she had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She had to gently gnaw on her paw for a full thirty seconds before she realized it wasn't one of her jammer dreams. She looked down at realized that a necklace, moon shaped and lavender in color, was hanging around her neck. She pranced around the Hot Cocoa Hut, delighted with her new clothes (a luxury she envied jammers of) but a trip to the Sol Arcade still reminded her that she was still a non-jammer. Still, the blanket was wonderful as she padded through the chilly Jamaa Township. She walked to Captain Melville's Juice Hut and sat down in front of the Smoothie Machine. She took some of the free fruit usually used for jammers to make smoothies, and ate it. Suddenly, her new moon necklace starting glowing golden. 
Rays of light came out of the necklace, lighting up the whole hut and suddenly Daisy found herself sitting on some damp grass. She saw a young panda leaning on a bamboo staff step out of the trees into the clearing, looking around. 
''Hello?'' Daisy said. The panda didn't seem to hear her. Daisy stepped in front of the panda, but the panda female still didn't notice her. When Daisy touched the Panda, her paw almost seemed to go through. but she felt warmth and fur. The bushes rustled, and a large but young tiger stepped into the clearing, his head held high. Daisy cocked her head in confusion, but decided to watch whatever peculiar event was going on. ''Who are you? Did you meet Mira as well?'' the panda asked. 
''My name is Gilbert, and yes, I did! She told me to come here and wait for her.''
''I'm Liza, and Mira said the same to me... Did she say anything about some place called Jamaa to you?'' The young panda asked. Gilbert nodded, and suddenly he tensed. Daisy heard something in the trees, and suddenly a monkey swung onto the ground. The monkey was clearly older by some years, but he was still relatively young and definitely as unsure as Liza and Gilbert.
''It seems like we are all called here then. My name is Graham, and I couldn't help but overhear you. Perhaps Mira will come and clear things up soon.'' Liza was a little startled, but she nodded and smiled.
''Pleased to meet you, Graham!'' Liza, Gilbert and Graham sat for a while, getting to know each other. Daisy kept hearing a slight rustling, and thought she saw a shape, but nothing came out. She could see Liza glancing at the bushes occasionally out of the corner of her eye, but not looking directly. Finally a grey wolf slipped into the clearing. He nodded at Liza, Gilbert and Graham but sat a few feet away, not joining in the conversation. Finally Graham started getting annoyed.
''At least tell us your name! I'm almost positive you are here for Mira as well.''' The wolf sighed, and nodded slightly.
''Greely.'' he said, and then stayed silent. The small group didn't seem very surprised to see a much younger koala and rabbit to come out. These two were much more talkative, and Daisy learned that the koala was Cosmo and the Rabbit was Peck. Daisy enjoyed listening to the merry conversation, and suddenly realized how lonely she was. She walked up, and sat in the group, laughing and even making remarks as if she was part of the group, though she knew she was invisible to these animals. Even Greely edged closer to the group. Suddenly, there was a burst of blue light. All the animals, including Daisy, gasped. Out of the light flew a beautiful heron. The heron's feathers were shimmering with a million hues of blue and green, and the light seemed to come from her wings. 
''Greetings, my children. I have gathered you all together here for one reason: to save my land, Jamaa!'' The group got excited, roaring and shouting with excitement. Suddenly, the ruckus quieted and Liza finally said hesitantly 
''But how? We are normal animals. The phantoms sound so powerful, that I don't think even all of us together can defeat them. You are so powerful, and you can't, so how can we?''
Mira seemed suddenly sad.
''It takes more then power, it takes strength and courage to defeat the phantoms. I am weak, both in body and heart, without Zios...'' A glistening tear slide down Mira's beak, and Liza hung her shoulders, feeling guilty.
''We'll get Zios back, we'll set him free and you and him can be together again!'' Liza said. Mira smiled.
''I know you can't do it alone, and that is why I have these.'' Mira opened her wings, spreading great rays of light and suddenly six stones appeared at Mira's feet. 
''These are the Alpha Stones, and with them you will gain much power.'' Gilbert was the first to step up to the alpha stones. He looked at Mira for approval and she nodded, and he took a fiery red one. It suddenly caught on fire, and Gilbert gasped. The gem seemed to melt into his paw, and now it was Gilbert's paw on fire. He gazed at the fire, but it didn't seem to hurt him.
''I feel great power...'' he murmured. Mira nodded. One by one the animals stepped up and claimed their alpha stones, and the stones turned into different things, such as a gear for Graham and a leaf for Cosmo.
''I would like to keep the stone to put on my staff. Is there a way for me to have the physical stone as well as the power in me?'' Liza blushed, embaressed but Mira smiled. Liza's stone suddenly budded into a flower in Liza's paw, and the flower melted into Liza, leaving a purple rock, now an empty shell without any power. Liza smiled and put it on her staff.
''I know it is odd, but I wanted to keep the stone as a reminder of this day...'' Mira smiled.
''I understand, child.'' she replied. 
''It is time to travel to Jamaa. Climb onto my back.'' Mira was a large heron, and the animals fitted easily onto her back. Liza stayed on her paws, and didn't climb on.
''Liza?'' Cosmo asked. ''Are you coming?'' Liza shook her head.
''Could I travel to Jamaa on foot, following you? There is so much to see!'' Mira nodded.
''I will stay above you, and watch over you as you travel. Just follow me to Jamaa.'' Liza nodded, and Mira took off. On an impulse, Daisy climbed onto Mira's back. She felt a warm feeling, that started into her paws and filled her whole body. It made her feel happy, and also she felt magic. 
Suddenly, everything went black. Daisy opened her eyes, and found herself lying on the floor. The necklace wasn't glowing any more, and Daisy could still feel slight magic tingling in her paws. She felt sad, but also filled with wonder. She had no idea what this necklace was, but whatever it was, it was no ordinary necklace.
-Authors Note-
 I took a while on this one, and I really like how it came out. I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, I certainly did! So, this chapter introduces Daisy the tiger and her life, and then Daisy gets a vision of the alphas becoming alphas. If any one wants to illustrate the alphas and Mira,  go ahead! I would love to see a picture! Remember, the alphas are much younger. You should find more about Daisy and the necklace later, and don't forget: criticize and give your opinion as much as you want!
Chapter 2
Jamaa Township was mostly empty. Jammers were mostly partying or deep in some game, so Daisy wandered freely on the streets of Jamaa Township. It was a nice place to walk, with interesting storefronts and bright colors, it was merry even when cold and quieter. There were a few wolves and a fox but they barely noticed Daisy. The tiger smiled, enjoying the bustling music and even enjoying the brisk cold, though she greatly looked forward the green, colorful and fresh spring. Daisy loved Jamaa, none could deny it. She had enough to eat, drink and the land was spectacular. There was of course the constant though faint music, though Daisy wasn't sure if it was science or some sort of magic. She realized that she could rest in the warm and cozy pillow room, and she quickened her pace past the fountain. At the door of the pillow room, she was surprised to hear burbling water. She turned and saw a river, quick, cold and very much not frozen. Her mind wandered, remembering the last time she swam in a river... It was cold and the current pulled Daisy quickly, but she was a tiger and more comfortable in the water then some animals. She swam quickly, and hoped she'd make it down the river, fighting weariness. She wondered many, many times if Jamaa was worth such a swim...
 Daisy blinked, and came back to the present. She shivered and turned, pushing the door open. She was greeted with a wave of warm, musty air and soothing music. Daisy settled on a soft pillow, and was beginning to close her eyes when suddenly she saw light from beneath her closed eyelids. She opened her eyes and saw a glowing necklace for a split second, and then the scene changed. She felt the magical, tingling and calming warmth again, and she heard the rushing of air in her eyes. She stood up and found herself on Mira's back, seated with the other alphas. Beneath them was Jamaa, but it wasn't Jamaa at the same time... The usually clear waters were purple, and the grass was dead. The plants were withered, and distinctive purple goop was everywhere.
''My land is fading... Let us hope we aren't to late.'' Mira murmured. The alphas twitched uneasily, their self confidence lowering, seeing the serious state of the land. Daisy looked down and saw Liza in a tree, surveying the land. Mira saw her as well, and glided down, settling in the forest. 
''It looks serious...'' Liza said, climbing down. The others slowly nodded.
''Have faith, my children, you are strong and very brave. Thank you for coming to rescue my land.'' Liza smiled bravely, encouraged by Mira's kind words. The young alphas began walking down to the land, when suddenly Liza gasped.
''Look!'' She pointed to a group of spider-like, dark colored beasts, floating menacingly.
''Those are phantoms.'' Mira said. 
''There are animals there!'' Peck cried. Daisy squinted, and then gasped as well, seeing a small group of animals. 
''These are the last species in Jamaa! We have got to help them, get on my back!'' Mira said, and the alphas, including Liza, scrambled to climb onto Mira's back. Daisy barely made it before Mira took off toward the phantoms. As she got closer, Daisy could see the animals were terrified as the phantoms loomed over them. As Mira swooped lower toward the gathering Liza leapt off, quickly followed by the rest of the alphas. Daisy hesitated for only a second before she too jumped off, having no idea why. She felt like she was falling, but also like she was floating... She looked around and saw the alphas in their full glory. Their eyes seemed to glow, Liza's staff glowed with light and Sir Gilbert's paw blazed. The animals looked up, and gasped with wonder as the alphas landed. Daisy almost lost track of what was happening when her paws hit the ground, everything happened so quickly. She saw Sir Gilbert charging the phantoms and causing them to flee, the animals fighting the phantoms as well with newfound courage and Cosmo and Graham hard at work. Graham seemed to be crafting an invention with barely anything, some rope, a bit of metal, and seemingly moving with extreme speed and precision he was suddenly swinging something that looked like a giant butterfly net, trapping the phantoms. Cosmo coaxed the plants to be strong, and he eventually got them to start lashing and coiling at the phantoms. Peck and seemed to be everywhere at once, springing here and there, attacking every phantom in her way with her powerful back legs. A lavender beam came from the Liza's staff, terrifying the phantoms. Daisy seemed to hear the trees creaking like something very big was going through them. A giant phantom stormed out of the trees, booming with a fierce roar. A moment of feat passed through the alpha's faces, but it vanished as they charged, roaring and shouting. The great phantom send electrical surges at them, but they kept running and overwhelmed him. The phantom began running as well, and the alphas pursued them to a great portal. Phantoms were flooding into the portal and the king watched them go in. 
''Zios!'' Mira cried, and she flew to a large, crude cage next to the portal. 
''I have finally found you!'' Sir Gilbert smashed the cage, and Daisy watched to see who came out. Daisy wasn't sure what sort of being left the cage, but she saw a golden form. Just when she thought it looked like one animal, it seems to morph into another, but one clear feature was a large mask. Daisy smiled, watching the two great beings, Mira and Zios, come to each other. There seemed to be a moment of pure peace as Mira and Zios reunited, but then suddenly a dark shadow loomed. The phantom king suddenly trapped Zios in another one of the cages, and quickly shoved the cage into the portal and followed out. Mira let out a cry of anguish and dived toward the portal. She hesitated for a second, realizing that she was leaving behind Jamaa. She turned to the shocked alphas and animals.
''Take good care of my land, and live in fellowship and love. Let there be no fights, but peace and prosperity. Take good care of my land, my children. You are fully capable of doing it, and I trust you. Perhaps we shall meet again someday...'' Mira spoke, and suddenly dived into the portal.
''Wait!'' Liza called, and she only saw Mira looking back at her for a brief moment before both Mira and Zios were gone. Liza collapsed to her knees, weeping. Everyone bowed their heads sadly, many still in shock. Daisy felt miserable, watching Liza weep and mourning herself for Mira. Eventually Liza wiped her eyes and stood. 
''Mira entrusted Jamaa in our care, and we shall not let our beautiful land fall. Let us heal our land and live in peace!'' Everyone cheered, and the scene that Daisy was in changed, and she saw animals picking up debris and cleaning the water, plugging the foul phantom pipes. The plants were cared for, and everyone worked together, determined to bring Jamaa back to it's former glory. Daisy found herself looking around in the beautiful land Jamaa was now. She saw an alpha meeting.
''Mira told me about the phantom cages when she said Zios was captured. Even the strongest can't seem to get out of them... We cannot hope to see Mira and Zios again, but that doesn't mean we'll lose hope for Jamaa! It shall always be a wonderful land, and never shall we let it fall into darkness again. This is our land now, and our home. Let us take care of it!'' The scene changed, and Daisy saw Peck sculpting and painting a gorgeous statue of Mira, that captured her perfectly, and then she saw the statue in Jamaa Township as tribute to Mira... The blur of scenes as Jamaa changed and prospered suddenly darkened. Daisy opened her eyes, and looked down to see her necklace stop glowing. 
She stood and walked out of the Pillow Room, trembling slightly.
She found herself walking up to the Mira statue, a statue of ice for the Jamaalidays. The figure of ice - though not the shimmering blues and greens of Mira's feathers - was gorgeous, and it reminded Daisy so much of Mira. Daisy's vision suddenly blurred for a second, and she felt something warm and wet in her eyes. The tear running down her cheek surprised Daisy, for animals where Daisy came from couldn't cry. Tears were a new thing in Jamaa, a new skill of some sort. Daisy let herself cry for Mira, she also cried for sadness and wishing she really could meet this great heron. Perhaps Mira would let her be a jammer, and would truly let Jamaa be her home. If Daisy met Mira, she wouldn't be an outcast anymore... Daisy heard footsteps and turned to see a bunny. She shrank a little, but the jammer stepped closer. Suddenly Daisy was aware that the bunny had a necklace in the shape of a sun, and the necklace... it was glowing. Glowing along with Daisy's own moon necklace.
-Authors Note-
Today has been a good day. I have gotten a special interview, the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide, an owl and a chapter! So, we found Daisy wandering in an empty Jamaa Township, heading to the Pillow Room. She saw the river flowing by, and had a brief flashback of swimming, and wondering if Jamaa was worth it. She goes into the Pillow Room and has another 'necklace moment', where she witnesses the alphas winning back Jamaa, Mira and Zios leaving through the phantom portal, an alpha meeting and the Mira Statue being made. She wakes up, and goes to the Mira statue, mourning for Mira. Suddenly, she sees another jammer, a bunny, and she noticed that both their necklaces are glowing... Since I haven't described le bunny yet, you have to rely on the picture. The bunny is a member jammer, basically the opposite of Daisy.
Chapter 3
Daisy found herself in a very different place then she usually went to when her necklace glowed. Daisy was standing in front of a large phantom cage, the ground was black and purple and the walls and roof - for there was no sky - was also black and purple. It was the most phantom-like place she had ever been in, even more then the infected Jamaa. The oddest thing was that Daisy wasn't alone. The bunny that had the glowing necklace was here as well, standing next to Daisy. The bunny turned to Daisy (she could see her?) and spoke. "Hello? Can you hear me?" Was the bunny speaking to Daisy? "Yes." Daisy responded timidly. "You can see me as well? I'm not invisible?" The bunny asked. "Yes." Daisy said again. "So, you aren't just another part of the vision? Weird... Anyway, my name is Violet." Violet the bunny smiled cheerfully. "Daisy. I'm Daisy." Daisy said, still very shy. "Well, Daisy, have you been having this visions as well? I've seen the alphas coming together, the animals and alphas fighting for Jamaa... The loss of Zios and Mira..." Violet looked down, sad for a moment. "I've seen all those... those visions as well." Daisy nodded slowly. She turned to really look at Violet. Violet was a vibrant sea green, and from what Daisy could see Violet's pattern was orange. Violet's pattern wasn't that visible but Daisy could clearly see an orange streak on Violet's eye. But the most stunning thing about this bunny was the majestic orange and green armor, with shimmering wings on Violet's back. The only thing that this bunny had that seemed slightly similar to Daisy was a purple necklace, but even that was sun-shaped instead of moon-shaped. "I wonder who is in that cage?" Violet murmured. Daisy turned and gasped, because she only truly just realized that the cage was there. "Hello?'' Daisy asked.  "Anyone there?" Violet added. Daisy stepped closer to the massive, chain covered cage. She looked in, but she didn't see anything until she gazed at the floor. There was a dirty blue form lying there. The occupant lifted it's head and gazed back at Daisy, who almost shouted with surprise. "Mira?!' she cried out. The heron nodded, clearly being able to see the concerned tiger and bunny. Mira looked terrible, she was very dirty and her feathers were disheveled. There was a sad, almost hopeless look in her eyes, but even as she saw the pair she seemed to gain help, and for a second her feathers glowed softly. "Yes, it is me, my child." Mira spoke. "Not much to see, aren't I? But I suppose that is how everyone looks when they have spent years upon years trapped in darkness, with only a rare phantom for company." Daisy's heart was greatly touched to see the elegant heron in such a condition. "Is there any way we can help you?" Violet asked. "Yes, that is why you are here. But your presence alone, even if you aren't really here, comforts me. You are lying by my status in reality, and perhaps that is why you see me and I see you. My statue is a part of me, if only slightly.'' Daisy nodded quickly, anxious to hear how she could help. "Heed my words, for you won't be able to see me again.The phantoms are returning, I know that much, but thankfully they do not have as much power as before. If so, their darkness would be the end of Zios, and of me as well. But for now they can only trap us in cages, but we live still. I am connected with Zios, and I know he lives. The phantoms have something called phantom crystals, what they use to power portals. The Phantom King frequently travels to the Hive and back to make sure his colony in Jamaa is going well and to see how his phantoms are doing in fighting the alphas using a phantom crystal. Now, I believe that phantom crystals can help a particular alpha I know of learn more about the phantoms. I believe Greely can use the phantom crystals to his advantage, but he doesn't know of them yet. I need you to go to the Hive, find the phantom portal and steal it's crystal. Be careful, for you may meet the Phantom King while you are at the portal. If you can steal the crystal the Phantom King will need to replace it so I don't think you'll have to entirely defeat him. Bring the crystal to Greely and he might be able to do something with the crystal. This is a difficult task but if you complete it you might be able to save me before the phantoms grow to strong. I understand if you don't do it, but please do, for you are my only hope! Good luck, my children." Mira smiled. "Do not lose hope, Mira, for we shall do our best to get that phantom crystal to Greely. Right, Daisy?" Violet turned to Daisy expectantly. Daisy swallowed nervously, fearful of the large task. "Y-yes..." Daisy finally agreed. Mira smiled again. "Thank you my children." she whispered weakly. "Bye, Mira." Daisy whispered as she woke up next to Violet. "Well, Daisy, I don't know you that well but we have a phantom crystal to get! So, to the Adventure Base Camp!" Violet said. "Yeah..." Daisy said, but inside she wondered what she was getting herself in to.
-Authors Note-
Sorry for the wait! I was going to make a fancy little picture of the vision they had together, but things didn't work out, so this will have to do. Oh, and the next chapter should be coming very soon!

Chapter 4

(Recommended Music)

Daisy stood in front of the Adventure Base Camp, realizing this would be the first time she would walk into it. Mira had asked for her and Violet to go to the Phantom Hive and find one of the phantom crystals. She was nervous, but also strangely excited. Violet stepped through the doorway and they crossed the bridge into the camp. 'It certainly fits the title of Adventure Base Camp', Daisy thought, listening to the spirited music. There was a shop selling phantom cages and crates, a crowd of jammers and a big, gleaming green portal.
"This way!" Violet called, and she led Daisy over another bridge to even more portals. Daisy could see signs saying 'Meet Cosmo' or 'Return of the Phantoms'.
"Have you done any adventures before?" Violet asked.
"No." Daisy said.
"Well, I guess your 'adventure tutorial' will be a trip to the phantom hive." Violet smiled nervously. She took Daisy over to a large purple tunnel entrance.
"Well, are you ready?" Violet looked at Daisy. Daisy only shrugged, but she stepped closer to the tunnel.
"In we go!" Violet stepped into the darkness of the tunnel. Daisy tried to follow her, but she couldn't go forward. She could go every which way except into the tunnel.
"You're nonmember! That means you can't go into some adventures." Violet said. More then just nonmember, more like nonjammer. Daisy thought.
"So, now what are we going to do?" Daisy asked. Violet shrugged.
"I never considered that.'' They sat down, deep in thought.
"You could go alone..." Daisy said uncertainly.
"But we both had the dream with Mira. We were both meant to go in." Violet said. Suddenly, Daisy and Violet's necklaces began glowing faintly. Daisy looked down at her necklace, expecting to have some sort of vision, but to her surprise it stopped glowing. Daisy tried to step forward into the tunnel again, and found she could.
"Woah..." Daisy murmured.
"These necklaces... how magical are they?" Violet said. Daisy shrugged and plunged into the darkness of the tunnel next to Violet. Violet's armor cast off a faint glow, but the tunnel was still very dark, and the pair walked almost blindly. It wasn't all pitch dark, for a few occasional glowing mushrooms casted some light, but it was still very unpleasant. Daisy felt something sticky - phantom goop - against her paw and shuddered. The tunnel opened up into the largest cave Daisy had ever seen, stretching on for what looked like miles. Daisy  looked down to see that she was standing on a raised stone path, and the real cave floor was much lower. Daisy suddenly saw a flurry of black-blue swirls, and jumped back. It turned out to be Greely. He said something quite rude about how young Jammers should stay away from the Hive, and then went away.
"That wasn't actually Greely. The alphas set up some sort of weird spell or contraption that makes them look like they are right here. They speak and give instruction, but they don't answer anything you say, like they are only half here." Violet said, chuckling slightly. Daisy fought back a surge of embarrassment and continued walking down the stone path. The path expanded into a chamber, with strange line markings on the floor and four holes. At the opposite wall was an ominous stone door.
Daisy stepped through the chamber and was met by Cosmo. He simply said that they needed to get boomseeds and torches, find the phantom crystals and put each one into it's hole in the chamber. Next to Cosmo laid a pile of torches, large green seeds, and a few large bags
"These are called boomseeds. If you throw them they explode, serving as a useful weapon against the phantoms. These are the pouches that you keep the boomseeds in, but since boomseeds are so big you can only fit three at a time." Daisy nodded, trying to memorize everything Violet just said. She watched Violet fill a pouch of boomseeds, and then filled one herself, holding the boomseeds gingerly. 
"Ummm... How do I know that they won't explode in the pouch?" Daisy suddenly felt very embarrassed and hung her head.
"They aren't that sensitive, that would make carrying practically impossible! Anyway, follow me!" Violet slung her pouch over her shoulder and picked up a torch in her paw. It lit up with a woosh, and Daisy eyed it nervously. Violet lighted the way with Daisy close behind. 
They paused briefly at a gap in the path with a fire drum, which Violet lit on fire with her torch. Out of seemingly nowhere a huge glowing mushroom appeared, and Violet walked across, unimpressed by the sudden mushroom sprouting. 

Suddenly she froze and gazed at Daisy.
"I hear a phantom. As soon as we see it I want you to throw a boomseed at it, alright?" Daisy nervously removed a single boomseed from her pouch. 
"Now!" Violet whispered and they turned a corner to see a phantom. Daisy threw a boomseed at the phantom, nearly missing her mark. The boomseed exploded, with light green pieces going everywhere, and the phantom disappeared.
"Good job! Better then my first phantom encounter." Violet grinned, and Daisy smiled faintly. 
"C'mon, there are several more phantoms to trap." Sure enough they came upon three more phantoms. All of them saw Daisy and Violet and rushed forward to meet them. Daisy started running, but Violet leapt back and threw another boomseed, destroying all three. Daisy gaped at Violet, who caught her breath.
"Well, that was a lucky shot. The first lava crystal should be nearby." The path widened out into an intersection, but phantom pods were blocking both paths.
"Daisy, how sharp are your claws?" Violet asked. "Usually I would take a sword, but this happened so suddenly I wasn't able to bring anything. I barely have any claws at all, I'm afraid." Daisy shrugged "I guess I can try..." She lifted up a paw and started scratching at the plant. After several swipes it finally broke, clearing their path.
"Great!" Violet exclaimed, advancing onto the path. There was an orange glow at the end of the path, which turned out to be a lava crystal, barely hovering.
"One down, three to go!" Violet said triumphantly. The pair headed back to the room with the runes on the floor and placed the first lava crystal into a socket, causing the runes by the socket to glow red-orange. 
"Have you been through the Hive before?" Daisy asked. 
"Well, sort of. I've gone here before with a few buddies and we had gotten three lava crystals, but the prospect of fighting the Phantom King frightened us so much that we left." Violet gazed at her paws, and Daisy realized she was ashamed. 
"We have more crystals to get." Violet said, looking back at Daisy. They got more boomseeds and walked back to the intersection, and Daisy clawed up the other pod. After some more walking Violet lit up another fire drum, and they went across. They met some more phantoms, which Violet and Daisy both subdued with their boomseeds. Finally they came upon the other crystal, which Violet told Daisy to leave be. Instead of going back, they continued on the path, lighting up fire drums and throwing their boomseeds at the phantoms. They left the third lava crystal and instead kept walking until they reached the fourth crystal, which Violet picked up. They brought the crystals back and put them in their places, lighting up more runes. Finally they went back and got the lava crystals they had left and took it back. Together they put the last crystal in it's socket, lighting up the rest of the runes. The stone door, activated by the lava crystals, slid open. Daisy swallowed nervously. Cosmo appeared, or seemed to appear, informing them that the Phantom King was only affected by boomseeds when he slams and his eye loses focus. Daisy had silently hoped that somehow they wouldn't meet the Phantom King, but she took note of Cosmo's words nonetheless.
"Well, no turning back now I guess. We need to get the phantom crystal and take it to Greely." Violet's voice was brave, but a little shaky. They both looked at each other, trying to gather the courage to advance through the door from each other. Finally Daisy took a small step forward, and Violet did as well. Side-by-side they walked up to and through the door. They came upon an activated phantom portal on a stone platform, surrounded by lava. It was too quiet, too easy, and both Daisy and Violet knew it as they glanced at each other. Suddenly the ground shook, and Daisy heard a deep. booming roar that felt like it made her heart stop. She looked back at the portal, quivering with terror, to gaze upon a fuming phantom king.

-Authors Note-
Exciting, isn't it? Before you continue reading, I want to comment that this is not a Hive tutorial and I've taken some writing liberties about Phantom, Crystal and Pod locations. It shouldn't bother you, but I'm sorry if it does :p 

Chapter 5

The Phantom King was gigantic, and angry, very, very angry. 
"We need to make him slam!" Violet shouted over the noise. Daisy nodded as the Phantom King advanced. He began to rise up, and then he slammed, right next to Daisy and Violet. They both were slightly stunned by the sudden jolt of electricity, and Daisy realized something. She knew that Jammers could get hurt enough that the phantoms were able to put them in a deep sleep, she knew they were transported to a Zios statue where they could wake up. But, Daisy wasn't a jammer. Would she still get to awaken by a Zios statue, or would she stay asleep and injured... The phantoms weren't jammers, and they disappeared forever when the boomseeds hit them. What would happen to Daisy if she got too hurt? She didn't want to find out, and she and Villet quickly ran away as the Phantom King prepared for another slam. For a moment the Phantom King was dazed, and thinking quickly Daisy threw a boomseed at the King. He flinched and cried out. Daisy realized that she was supposed to do that, she had to keep making the Phantom King slam and throw boomseeds at him.
"I see the crystal on the portal!" Violet called. She rushed over to the portal, trying to get the crystal at the top of it's frame. She starting flapping her eyes, causing her to hover a little. She reached for the crystal and started prying it loose.

"Daisy, distract the Phantom King! I'm going to get the crystal!" She cried. Daisy turned to the Phantom King and stared into his single eye, challenging him to come over. The Phantom King started over and prepared to slam again. Daisy leapt away from him right as he slammed, and threw another boomseed. He roared with rage and lifted up his tentacles, summoning out of thin air five phantoms. Daisy threw her last boomseed at the phantoms, but it only took down one. The phantoms and their King approached Daisy, and she looked around desperately for anything she could use. 
"Daisy! Use these!" Violet slung off her boomseed pouch and threw it at Daisy. Daisy unloaded the boomseeds and lured the phantoms all together and threw a boomseed. It got the phantoms, but didn't affect the King at all, who slammed immediately after his reinforcements exploded, catching Daisy by surprise again. She cried out, and something inside her told her she wouldn't be able to last being slammed a couple more times. Daisy gritted her teeth and lured the Phantom King to slam again, throwing another boomseed at him. In even deeper rage then before, he summoned five more phantoms. Daisy took out most of them with her last one, but two more phantoms still lived. In a sudden idea, she managed to attract the phantoms to her and made the King slam again, hoping the phantoms would get shocked. The phantom king's slam didn't affect his minions at all.
"Violet, you really have to hurry up!" Daisy called. She picked up a rock and threw it at the phantoms, which only drove them back. She kept throwing rocks to keep the phantoms away, but she was running out. She ran to the other end of the stone platform she was on, throwing the last of her rocks. She looked over the edge, seeing the lava and kept running aimlessly away from the phantoms as they steadily approached, surrounding her.
"VIOLET! HURRY!" Daisy shouted desperately as the phantoms drew closer. The Phantom King  slammed, and Daisy jumped back just in time to the very edge of the platform. She could feel the heat of the lava, as the phantoms advanced. She was going to fall... Daisy closed her eyes, anticipating the Phantom King's next slam. Any moment now... She had no way out... Any moment he was going to slam... Was that sputtering she heard? She opened her eyes to see Violet yank the phantom crystal out of the frame. The bright orange glowing crystal dimmed to a murky purple as Violet held it up triumphantly, The portal sputtered more and more and all three of the phantoms whirled around. Roaring one last, angry time the Phantom King dove into the portal a mere second before it turned off. Daisy stepped away from the edge of the platform and both animals began smiling. The smiling turned into laughing as their stress and anxiety rolled away. They did it. They defeated the Phantom King. The portal turned back on, this time a pleasant light green. Cosmo, or what seemed like Cosmo, stepped through, congratulating them as five chests appeared. Violet walked up to the chests and opened one, grinning to see it contained gems. She picked up one of the pouches that Daisy dropped and tucked the gems into it, and used the other pouch to carry the Phantom Crystal. Daisy walked up to the chests and pushed one with her paw, but it didn't open.
"That's weird. They are supposed to easily open..." Violet said. Daisy tried all the remaining chests, but none of them opened.
"Well, maybe it's because we sort of snuck in somehow. I mean, you sort of aren't meant to be here, I mean, you are, but since you are nonmember in a member adventure maybe you can't open them." Daisy was filled with disappointment, but she didn't say so. 
"Well, let's find the real Greely now." Violet said. They stepped into the portal and found themselves back at the Adventure Base Camp. 
"Where would we find Greely anyway?" Daisy asked. Violet considered Daisy's question.
"No one that I know of has ever really met Greely face-to-face... He is so mysterious that probably only his fellow alphas see him. He would probably be at an alpha meeting, but no one has ever seen an alpha meeting. Maybe they meet at places jammers can't find." Violet mused.
"Or maybe they only meet when jammers aren't around! Didn't you see the alpha meeting in one of the necklace visions?" Daisy asked, with growing excitement.
"Yeah... It was at night, in the..." Violet tried to remember, and then realized.
"THE ADVENTURE BASE CAMP!" Daisy and Violet exclaimed simultaneously.
"No one ever goes there at night because adventures in the dark aren't allowed, so it's perfect for an alpha meeting!" Violet said, and Daisy nodded excitedly.
"Well, I guess we should wait for the alphas. I need to recover anyway, that was some serious adrenaline!" Daisy plopped down on a patch of grass, with Violet lying down next to here. Together the pair began their wait for alphas.
-Authors Note-

Like the fancy picture I made? This chapter was fun to write :3

Chapter 6

Daisy fell asleep without meaning to. She was weary after fighting the Phantom King, especially since she had only just been introduced to phantoms, boomseeds and fighting. The adventure base camp music lulled her to sleep. Violet woke her at dusk and they sat down, watching the crescent moon rise and the stars light up one by one in the dark sky. They were silent, but they took comfort in the presence of each other. Neither had been out at night in the Adventure Base Camp, or most of Jamaa. They waited for hours, each growing quite bored but not wanting to break the vigil of silence. Finally Violet spoke,
"We should try somewhere else." Daisy was relieved to hear her finally say something.
"You are right, but where?" Daisy asked. 
"Where else in Jamaa do alphas go where no one else goes at night?" Violet asked.
"Ummmmm...." Daisy replied. "Oh! There is one place that is never full at day and probably entirely empty at night. It makes sense as well! The Art Studio!" Daisy said.
"Right! It's not just The Art Studio, it's Peck's Art Studio!" Violet said. She stood with they walked out of the Base Camp. Violet sprang across the river in Temple of Zios with her strong back legs and Daisy followed. They walked through Temple of Zios.
"It's so eerie at night..." Daisy whispered. They walked into Crystals Sands, and Daisy was surprised to see that the water slides were still on. The water they waded through was very cold,  making them shiver in the cold night air. They turned pass Tierney's Aquarium and through  Canyon Pathway until they finally arrived in Coral Canyons. Coral Canyons was still magnificent at night, with towering dark rocks and moonlight lighting up some areas. Leaping over one more river they arrived at the Art Studio. Unlike all the other buildings, the Art Studio's light was still and they could hear voices from inside. Daisy was almost ready to go inside, but Violet pushed her over to a pile of rocks next to the river. She ducked down and Daisy did the same. They listened to the voices. Daisy heard talk of winning back the alpha guard tower that the phantoms had taken and she listened with interest. The voices definitely sounded like deeper versions of the voices of the young alphas Daisy heard in her necklace-vision. The meeting turned to talking about jammers and items, and suddenly the door opened and to Daisy's delight Greely slipped out. 
"Greely!" Violet called in a loud whisper. "There is something very important you need to see." Daisy heard the talk inside the Art Studio die down and one by one the alphas left and slipped away into the night. Greely waited until the other alphas had gone, and then he approached the rock pile that Violet and Daisy were hiding behind. They popped their heads up.
"Greely! There is something of the phantoms I found that you need to see!" Violet said. 
"I will be the judge of that." Greely said, but he watched Violet with interest. She grabbed one of the boomseed pouches and walked toward Greely, opening the pouch. Daisy followed a few steps behind, feeling wary. Violet carefully lifted the Phantom Crystal out of it.
"It's a Phantom Crystal, I found it in the Hive. It was charging the Phantom King's portal and the portal started sputtering when I took it out, and the portal disappeared. We thought you might be able to use it for your research!" Greely listened closely to Violet, and took the crystal, observing it.
"You should leave things of the phantoms be, they are dangerous." he said.
"Can you use it?" Violet asked.
"I will study it." Greely said. He turned and disappeared in a flurry of blue-black swirls. 
"Well, we did it." Violet said after Greely left. She smiled.
"We actually did exactly what Mira said!" Daisy smiled too. "I need to be getting to bed. This was quite an adventure, Daisy, and it was very nice meeting you! If you want, you can visit my den  at 362 Sarepia Lane!" 
"Well, bye Violet! Sleep well... I hope to see you soon." Violet nodded and walked away. Daisy watched her leave and then turned and walked to Jamaa Township, where she settled down for the night at the Pillow Room. It felt strange being alone again, and Daisy felt sad she didn't know where Sarepia Lane was, nor did she want to go to den to den trying to find Violet. She yawned and closed her eyes. The adventure was over.

-Authors Note-

Silly Daisy, your adventure has a ways to go until it's over. But enjoy your rest, because you have some more work to do :3

Btw, the pictures aren't entirely accurate, Violet's necklace is actually purple even though the pictures make it look like her necklace is glowing. Sorry!

Chapter 7

Daisy was surprised how sad she felt the next few weeks. She missed Violet, even though they knew each other for only a day. The next few weeks were dull, feeling more ordinary, but they weren't without some excitement. The following day after Daisy. and Violet parted ways a flyer was put on jammer central. It asked the bravest jammers to volunteer to breach and reclaim the Phantom Tower for the alphas. The jammers came back from the tower like heroes at the base camp. Then there was a more urgent call for jammers to help investigate a volcano rumored to be controlled by phantoms. There was lots of excitement and fear over what would happen, it would be very dangerous if the volcano went off. The jammers came back proudly and welcomed enthusiastically, but they seemed grim. It turned out Greely sacrificed himself to save the jammer party, and no word has been heard from him since. Daisy was dismayed, both at the loss of an alpha but also that Greely had the phantom crystal for research, something that Mira counted on. Without Greely, Mira might never be rescued. A crowd of jammers surrounded Jammer Central one day, looking at a final adventure flyer. It asked for jammers to come and search for Greely among the wreckage of the volcano. Daisy felt a sense of urgency, she had to do something to help.
"Daisy!" Daisy whirled around, but didn't see anything in the group.
"Daisy!' she heard again. Violet hopped out of the crowd toward Daisy, carrying her boomseed pouch.
"Violet!" Daisy said joyfully. Violet grinned, but her smile quickly vanished.
"We need to help Greely, whether we have a vision about him or not. I'm about to go and sign up, you should come! I even brought my boomseed pouch from the Hive, just in case." Violet said, and Daisy nodded.
"Alright, then we need to go to the Adventure Base Camp." Violet told Daisy, and together they ran across the Temple of Zios River and headed through the doorway into the camp. Liza was there, helping to arrange jammers into parties of four. Violet walked up to Liza and talked briefly with Liza while Daisy waited.
"Daisy, we are going to have to be with two other jammers for safety." Violet told her friend when she came back.
"Can't we just go alone?" Daisy said. Violet shook her head.
"Jammers can only go into the volcano in groups of four. That's what Liza says. Anyway,we are going to be put with them." Violet motioned toward a pair of arctic wolves. "We'll be the third group to go into the volcano, we leave as soon as the second group comes back. Anyway, let's introduce ourselves to our new friends." Violet came up to the arctic wolves, with Daisy trailing a few steps behind. One of them was light grey with a white underbelly, she also wore enchanted armor like Violet did, except she also wore an enchanted helmet and enchanted gauntlets, both pieces of the armor Violet did not wear. The other wolf was black, with a pink star shaped pattern.
"Hello, I'm Violet and this is Daisy. We are going to come with you into the volcano!" Violet smiled, ever the friendly one.
"Pleased to meet you! I'm Lily and this is my sister, Arctic!" The light grey arctic wolf said, smiling.
"Call me Cherry, everyone does." The black arctic wolf said. Daisy wondered why everyone including herself was named after flowers. She liked the arctic wolf sisters a little more, but she was still unsure.
"So, I guess we wait then." Violet sat down. She and the sisters struck up a lively conversation about adventures. Daisy grew tense when she mentioned she and Daisy fighting the Phantom King and adventuring in the Hive, but Violet didn't mention anything that would make it sound more then just an ordinary Hive expedition. Finally the second group of jammers came back out of the volcano, and Daisy learned that they found journal entries from Greely's diary, but they got stuck at some sort of combination lock and they had to turn back. Daisy's group stopped their talking and hearing calls wishing them good luck, they started down the path to the volcano. Daisy thought about how a group of jammers went down this very same path to an active and dangerous volcano, and she felt instantly glad she wasn't them. They entered the volcano, and Graham, the real Graham, greeted them. He told them that his monkeys had also been searching, and had been stumped at Greely's whereabouts. He wished them good luck and left, leaving the group to make their own findings. They crossed a giant glowing mushroom and came upon some journal entries.

 Daisy read them, and she was surprised they sounded like... like Greely was helping the phantoms. Greely couldn't be evil, so much was at stake... He just couldn't be. They continued on some pipes and came upon a group of monkeys, studying a journal entry.
"There is a small blue circle in the corner..." Cherry commented as she read the entry. The group continued on and found another journal entry, and Violet noticed a orange triangle. They found a few more journal entries, and Lily found a yellow star. They climbed up a pipe and entered a room that was messed up, with books scattering the floor and a moon rug shredded. Graham appeared and told them it was Greely's secret hideout. On one side of the hideout was a big combination lock, with colorful shapes on it instead of numbers.
"Hey! Those look like the shapes in his journal!" Cherry exclaimed. She went to one and changed it to a blue circle.
"You are so right!" Violet said, and she changed another into an orange triangle. Lily changed the last one into a yellow star, and to their delight the wall with the lock moved, revealing a passage. Graham appeared.
"Woah! This was where many jammers turned back, but you cracked the code! A secret hideout within a secret hideout, Greely is a genius! Go on and see what you can find." Graham said, and disappeared again. As they walked down the passage Daisy looked around and saw many things that pointed to Greely, such as a torch on the wall with a wolf head on it. They turned the corner to find a weird looking machine, with drawings on the wall behind it, looking like instructions. They crossed a bridge and came upon a phantom portal, with a purple crystal next to it. Daisy and Violet both ran up to it, and gazed at it and each other. It was the Phantom Crystal, the one they got for Greely in the Hive. Violet picked it up, and then looked back at the machine.

"Do you think this has anything to do with the machine?" Violet murmured, walking back to the machine.
"Woah! What is that?" Lily asked, seeing the crystal in Violet's paw.
"The Phantom Crystal." Violet said, studying the markings on the wall. She placed the crystal in a socket on the machine, making it glow orange. A nozzle on the machine began spewing black-purple goop.
"Yuck!" Lily said. Daisy only watched curiously. Violet looked at the rest of the markings on the wall, and then back at her onlookers.
"I think we are supposed to stand under the nozzle..." Violet said.
"Don't! That's gross!" Cherry said. Despite her protests, Daisy plunged into the goop. Daisy gasped with fear, the machine turned Violet into a phantom! Violet looked at the frightened expressions on the faces of Daisy, Lily and Cherry.
"What's wrong? Did something happen to me?" Violet asked. She looked down and gasped.
"I'm a phantom!" Daisy nodded slowly, still nervous.
"So, you are not evil and phantom-y?" Lily asked.
"No, not at all. It's like I'm disguised as one..." Violet answered.
"Can you do Phantom things, like shock things?" Lily asked.
"Or... go through phantom portals..." Daisy said, deep in thought.
"That's it!" Cherry exclaimed. "We are supposed to go through the phantom portal! Maybe Greely went that way!"
"Cherry! That's genius!" Violet said. Lily took a deep breath and plunged into the phantom goop, turning into a phantom as well. Daisy nervously followed her, until Cherry was the only one who wasn't a phantom. She groaned, and reluctantly stepped into the goop as well.
"I'm hovering!" Lily exclaimed, sure enough, everyone with the phantom disguise hovered instead of walked.
"This way!" Violet said, and the group of phantoms headed toward the portal. Daisy chuckled softly.
"What a silly group we must look like." she said, causing a few chuckles amongst the others.
"Well, let's see what will happen. Either we won't be able to enter the portal at all, or we'll be able to!" Violet said. Violet hovered over to the phantom portal, took a deep breath, and flew into it. She disappeared, and the phantom portal suddenly looked extra mysterious. Lily followed, then Cherry, and lastly Daisy. Daisy opened her eyes, or rather, eye and looked around. The floor was a dark purple, with light purple and pink markings all over the floor. The walls and roof were stone, reminding Daisy of the Hive. This place definitely felt familiar somehow, and then Daisy realized why. Mira was trapped here, somewhere, Daisy was sure of it. Daisy could tell from the expression on Violet's face that she was thinking the same thing. Suddenly, Daisy fell s few inches on to the ground, her phantom disguise gone.
"Oh no! What if we get spotted..." Lily said. Lily used her gauntlets to claw a phantom pod, revealing a path. Lily and Cherry went down the path, but Violet stood with her eyes closed.
"Violet, are you okay?" Daisy asked, Violet opened her eyes and suddenly she was purple and black instead of green and orange. Daisy gasped.
"What's wrong with my new disguise?" Violet asked.
"Err... nothing." Daisy replied, remembering that jammers could change their fur colors. Violet removed the large boomseed pouch she had slung over her shoulder, and folded up her mystical armor. She put it in her pouch, along with her leaf bracelets. Satisfied, she spoke again.
"Maybe you should also be disguised, it might help!" Violet said.
"Err... I can't... I mean I won't... I mean, err, I don't need a disguise." Daisy said.
"Is there something you are not telling me?" Violet asked. Daisy pondered that question for many moments, should she say yes or should she say no. She couldn't lie, that wouldn't be good at all, lying never is. Daisy nodded slightly.
"What is it? Daisy, I understand if you don't want to tell me, but you can trust me with anything. I won't laugh at you, or tell anyone. I promise." Violet said.
"Why do you think I'm hiding something?" Daisy asked, genuinely curious.
"Because you act a little... odd. It's like you don't trust anyone, or you don't want to make friends. I have to admit I've gotten a little hurt, because I've been thinking you didn't like me since I haven't seen you since we parted ways. It could be a misunderstanding, but Daisy, I promise you with all my heart. You can trust me." Violet smiled, and Daisy had an internal battle.  Should she say or should she not? She really wanted to trust Daisy, not to hide so much from her friend... The last thing she wanted to do was hurt her feelings.
"Okay. I'll say." Daisy swallowed, and then spoke. "I'm not a jammer. I live in Jamaa, but I don't get to do anything jammers do. I can't earn gems, or change my colors, I don't even have a den! It's really hard, and I have been afraid someone would find out and I would be forced to leave..." Daisy started crying.
"Oh Daisy. I am so, so sorry. You are wonderful, smart and brave, and I would never make you leave." Violet hugged Daisy, a gesture Daisy never experienced before. She felt warm and safe and loved... Daisy knew that that hug was the best thing that anyone had ever done for her, the only time someone had really loved her, besides Daisy's mother.
"But, why aren't you a jammer?" Violet asked when Daisy stopped crying. "Why did you endure so much pain..." Daisy looked long and hard at Violet, and then answered.

"Well, I guess I'll start from the beginning." And so Daisy began her tale.

                                                              -Authors Note-

Apologies for the wait! This chapter is a super-shoutout to two readers of this story: Twilightsparklefairy (Lily) and Cherry3645 (Arctic, or Cherry). They have inspired me, and made up for my lack of jammer characters. I took TSF (long name, let's just call you Lily) on an adventure (Search for Greely) along with my buddy Rikkirik (she plays Daisy in member adventures). I took a few pictures, saying I would use them for 'bloopers'. I am a horrible actor, even on the internet. 

Unfortunately, Cherry (Lily's real life sister as well as short-story sister) was unable to make it due to computer troubles so I had to do some photo editing. Thank you Awesomepanda868 for making graphics of Cherry, and a huge thanks to Chevronrainbow, one of my followers, for dressing up as Cherry and posing for the pictures. Thanks to you two, Cherry is in these pictures :3

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Chapter 8

"I never really knew what it was like to have a friend. My brother was twenty-five minutes older then me, much more dominant and better at everything. He was my mother's favorite, but she never denied me any love that she gave to him, and for that I am very thankful. I might've not been able to survive my first year if it wasn't just a good year for prey, I got enough to eat. My mother loved me, and I knew so, but my brother wasn't as loving. He was kind to me though, and I guess I can say I had a good family. I was shy, small and hunting didn't feel right to me. To only make things worse, I was born with a very, very, very unique fur color for a tiger. I was spotted instead of striped, and resembled a snow leopard in some fashion. My spots were few, unlike a snow leopard's, and they were light grey. Some say that a long time ago one of my ancestors chose a snow leopard to start a family with, but others say that is impossible, and Tigers and Snow Leopards don't mix. There was also talk of some of my ancestors looking like a snow leopard because of this strange mix, and being more graceful. Where I lived a snow leopard's fur offered no camouflage, something tigers use often in their hunting. So, I wasn't that great of a hunter. When I grew up and left my mother as she prepared for her next Cubs I wandered far, looking for a home. I came across many other tigers my age (Cubs were plentiful along with the prey the year I was born, so many tigers I met were my age). I was bullied severely and learned something: I'm not special, even if I have a different coat. I tried my best to blend in and avoid others, but I was picked out and picked on. I started starving, and stronger tigers claimed all the territory, so I was forced to wander and scavenge for my food. I wouldn't have survived, but there was something that happened that would change my life. There was talk of a land called Jamaa, where animals lived in peace and prosperity, and no one had to fight to survive. There was a place called a town where many, wooden dens were crowded together and animals could live in big dens, doing as they pleased. It wasn't all laziness or peace (whatever it was called) though, for the land was constantly attacked by these dark creatures call phantoms and those who lived in Jamaa (called 'jammers') had to help protect the land they loved. It sounded perfect, and I knew that that was my only chance to live a better life. There was a floating, wooden den called a boat that picked up animals who wanted to be jammers and carried them to Jamaa, but the boat was making it's last trip to my land and I had to get on it. There was a crowd of curious animals standing by the river, waiting for the boat. It was there, at that riverside where I met my first snow leopard. She saw me, and insulted me, telling me I didn't deserve to be called a snow leopard or a tiger, I was a nobody. She told me to leave, or she would make me miserable at the new land. I hid from her, still wanting to see the boat. It pulled up, and many animals chose to board, including the snow leopard. I couldn't go, I wouldn't be allowed. The panda who owned the boat probably wouldn't even allow me on. I watched it go, and then I realized that I had to get to Jamaa. I wouldn't be able to live here, at this land. So I jumped into the river and swam after the boat, staying hidden but still following it. I nearly drowned at times, even though I was a good swimmer, the boat went through waters calm and fierce, all day and all night. I found a log that I could use as my own 'boat' and I followed it on that for another day until finally, after what felt like forever, it stopped. The new jammers got off, talking excitedly and by watching them I could tell they learned all they needed to know on that boat. I managed to sneak into the place they called a town, and so my life as a non-jammer began. I acted like a wild animal still, until I truly realized former predator and prey were friends and things were different. I became wise in the ways of Jamaa, and was able to look out for myself, always fearful that I would be forced back. My life was easy if not lonely, and I grew to love Jamaa not just for the easy survival but for it's culture and beauty, even if I never was really a part of it. I loved to observe and explore, two things that kept me occupied because Jamaa is ever-changing. My life was never really dull, I can say that much. One day, I woke up in the Cocoa Hut with a blanket and a necklace. My life became really interesting, with those visions to spice it up. And then I met you, and you ruined my life. You are amazing and the only real friend I ever had, and having this great adventure with you made it hard to go back to my daily life and for once things felt dull. I'm not unhappy you came, though I do not like my daily life in Jamaa as much, I don't mind it if I can have these adventure with you." Daily finished her tale and smiled at Violet. 
"Oh Daisy, I hurt for you so much. I wish your life could be better, because you really are special, just the way you are.'' Violet hugged Daisy again.
"Anyway, thank you for telling me. I think we should catch up with the others." Daisy and Violet walked down the path, and what they saw surprised them greatly. There was Greely, trapped in something that resembled a large, purple diamond. On the base of the diamond were four chains keeping it in place with keyholes next to each one. There was also a large keyhole on the base itself. Suddenly Lily and Cherry came up, holding a key. 
"What took you guys? We already destroyed phantoms, Phantom pods, turned off a weird phantom laser, destroyed some phantom sprouters and got the first key!" Lily grinned.
"Sorry, we were caught up in a conversation. Anyway, we'll try to help now!" Daisy and Violet did help, after lots of throwing boomseeds, pulling levers, dodging lasers, clawing phantom pods and destroying phantoms, they had gotten two keys. Finally all four animals had gotten the fourth key, and together they opened the last chain. Suddenly sirens starting going off, they were caught in a trap! Daisy heard a loud, loud boom and pounding, like something very, very, very big was coming their way.
"We can take a Phantom King, we've done it before!" Violet whispered. But how could one phantom king make so much noise? Daisy's question was soon answered. With a huge boom, two phantom kings stood in front of Daisy.  

-Authors Note-

I apologize for the wait again! Anyway, that's Daisy's backstory. I hope you didn't read all the way to this point just because you wanted to hear Daisy's backstory. I researched tiger cubs when I made this, but just as a disclaimer I want you to know tigers don't look like snow leopards somehow. Oh, by the way, Daisy's spots kind of changed to more purple when she came to Jamaa. In the wild her spots were more light grey.

Chapter 9

Daisy's heart was in her throat. She could barely defeat one, but two? She had to remind herself that there was four of her group and two phantom kings, but she was still petrified with fear. The Phantom Kings slammed simultaneously, making the ground tremble, throwing Daisy back. Boomseeds, she had to get boomseeds. She scanned the area frantically.
"We don't have boomseeds..." Daisy cried.
"Why would the phantoms have boomseeds just laying about? It's different in the Hive because the alphas already breached it." Violet responded matter-of-fact ly.
"I found boomseeds!" Cherry shouted. She stood next to a crate with strange markings on it, and a picture of an explosion. 
"They are probably researching these, trying to use them against us..." Violet mused.
"You know everything, don't you?" Daisy said.
"Nope, I just have a lot of experience as a jammer." Violet said. She gently unloaded her pouch of the glistening armor, laid her armor in a corner, and then filled the boomseed pouch with boomseeds instead.
"We are going to have to share the pouch." Daisy said. 
"Um, guys... There are Phantom Kings attacking us!" Lily warned. Violet and Daisy spun around,   seeing the phantom kings only a few yards away. They grabbed all the boomseeds they could and ran. One of the phantom kings rushed them and slammed, stunning them and himself.
tossed a boomseed with some effort at the Phantom King before he recovered and it barely exploded before he got back up, giving Daisy and Violet time to run. The Phantom Kings summoned many more phantoms, who ganged up at the attacking jammers. A Phantom King slammed Violet, and she fell down. Daisy ran to Violet's side, afraid that the Phantom King had hurt her badly. Violet suddenly disappeared. Confused, Daisy looked around to see where Violet had gone. She appeared in a corner, a floating statue of Zios above her. She woke up and ran back to Daisy.
"What happened?" Daisy asked breathlessly.
"The Phantom King caused me to fall asleep. The alphas have a protection spell on all jammers so when the phantoms make them fall asleep, they wake up nearby, with a glowing Zios statue overhead. If the phantoms make us fall asleep, we"ll appear next to the statue." Violet explained.
"Violet... I'm not a jammer, remember?" Daisy whispered nervously. Violet's eyes opened wide.
"Oh no... Daisy, you have to be careful. I'm not sure if... if you'll wake up." Daisy nodded.
"I know that, but I don't want to fight any less hard. This is not about me, this is about Greely." Daisy said firmly. They hugged and continued fighting. Daisy was worried about the kings, working together they seemed faster, smarter and definitely stronger. They slammed less and summoned phantoms instead. The group of animals' boomseed supply was being lowered as they fought phantoms instead of the kings. 
"This isn't working!" Violet shouted. 
"There is no other way..." Daisy said. Suddenly the Phantom Kings made great, throaty booming noises. Daisy realized they were laughing at their desperate enemies. Her mind wandered to Mira, powerful, wise and kind, a dirty heap of feathers in a cage. Did they laugh cruelly at her as well? They didn't care about anything other then themselves, they wanted to take over a beautiful and prosperous land and make all that was good dirty and broken. Daisy felt pure rage bubbling inside of her, she hated these phantoms so much. She couldn't let them win, not let them keep Greely captured. Mira was counting on them, she would fight the phantoms for her.
"For Mira!" Daisy roared. She grabbed some boomseeds and rushed at the phantom kings, making them slam in defense. She threw two boomseeds, making a great explosions and outraging the kings. They advanced at Daisy and she threw more boomseeds at them as they attacked. She hit her mark and caused some damage, making her smile grimly. Her smile quickly vanished when she realized the Phantom Kings had cornered her, she had nowhere to run. She gritted her teeth, swallowing her desperate fear. She picked up two more boomseeds and glared at the kings, who glared back. They slowly began rising together for a great slam, painfully slow. Daisy felt like her heart would thump out of her chest as she watched them. It happened so quickly, the Phantom Kings dropped to the ground in a huge slam and Daisy simultaneously threw her boomseeds. The ground shook and Daisy suddenly felt herself falling. The phantom kings slams and the boomseed explosions had overwhelmed her, and she dropped to the ground, darkness overwhelming her. 


Violet wasn't fast enough. Daisy was too reckless and the Phantom King slammed so fast. The ground trembled and Violet lost her balance and fell. She was back up on her paws in an instant as the Phantom Kings left Daisy lying there. Violet ran up to Daisy's side, waiting for her to disappear.
"Daisy, wake up. Wake up!" Violet whispered. She nudged Daisy, who didn't stir. Violet's vision blurred with tears.
"Wake up! Please... Daisy, please..." She dropped to the ground next to Daisy, her sobbing uncontrollable. Lily and Cherry arrived at Violet's side.
"She won't wake up..." Violet said, her body trembling. Cherry and Lily just stood there, unsure of what to do. Finally Lily swallowed.
"Violet, we need to defeat the Phantom Kings. How are we going to fight them if we don't try? That's what Daisy fell trying to do, and we need to finish it." Lily said, her tone authoritative. Violet wept for a few more moments, and then wiped her eyes with her paw.
"Yes..." she said, standing up.
"Alright, we need to make then slam at the same time and then throw as many boomseeds as we can, that should weaken them very quickly." Violet said, her tone authoritative. Lily and Cherry nodded quickly, picking up some of the boomseeds. Violet turned.
"For Mira and Daisy!" she cried, running up to the Phantom Kings. Violet, Lily and Cherry fought hard. They leapt forward and backwards, taunting the kings to slam. The Phantom Kings were almost clumsy in their rage, trying to slam the three jammers, but the threesome were to swift. They leapt away and threw multiple boomseeds at the Phantom Kings and then taunted them to slam all over again. Violet also hid behind a Phantom Pod, her camouflage helping to hide her as she threw boomseeds, confusing the kings. Violet, Lily and Cherry threw the rest of their boomseeds in a final attack as the Phantom King's slammed, dodging the normal phantoms also trying to attack them. The Phantom Kings were overwhelmed. Confused and still raging, they leapt away and fled deep into their kingdom, their phantoms quickly following. As they went one King dropped a large, purple key that Lily quickly snatched up.
"This is the last key!" she exclaimed. She ran up to the imprisoned Greely and pushed the key into the base of the crystal he was trapped inside. She laboriously turned it, and the crystal shattered, freeing Greely. He thanked all of them, but Violet turned away, gazing at Daisy lying lifeless on the ground.

-Authors Note-

Oh well, poor Daisy.

The End!

You: But wait, it can't end like this. What happened after Violet? How do we know Daisy is really dead?

Me:  Well, you can't know everything...

You: But it's a sad ending!

Me: I can't stand sad endings.... All right, there shall be another chapter. But I can't promise it to be 'happy'.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Daisy was engulfed in darkness. She was cold, very, very cold and entirely alone. Her thoughts were in a confusing blur, and Daisy was afraid. She wasn't sure where she was or how she got there, but she felt deathly afraid of something. She felt that way for an eternity, lost in the darkness, unable to think or act. Sometimes she felt like she was running far away, and other times she was frozen stiff. Her loneliness hurt, and Daisy longed for something, but she wasn't sure what. All she seemed to know was darkness, and that hurt deeply. Daisy felt incredibly weary, but she didn't get any rest, even when she didn't seem to move. She was hopeless and so very miserable. Suddenly,  Daisy felt warmth, starting from the tips of her ears and ending at the tip of her tail. She felt a sense of belonging, comfort and most of all she felt like she wasn't alone in this darkness anymore. The fear-shrouded darkness became the soothing darkness of sleep. Daisy's mind became clear and she relaxed, finally being able to rest. She didn't have to fear anything, for she was safe.

Daisy heard soothing music before she felt anything, music that spoke of sunny afternoons or bees buzzing from flower to flower, of small seeds sprouting and flourishing. She opened her eyes and looked around. She was lying on a brown-grey hammock in what looked to be a den. There was light light streaming from a window, with books and plants on the windowsill. There was a staircase, made of... was that leaves? Daisy tried to sit up to see better, but with a jolt of pain she laid down again. 

Daisy had a bittersweet taste in her mouth, like that of plants. She laid, thinking and then it all came back to her. The Phantom Kings slamming her, the dark dreams she had and then the sudden peace and rest. She had woken up after all, but she wasn't sure how long she had slept. The Phantom King fight seemed so far away, yet she remembered it like it happened an hour ago. She closed her eyes and shuddered, she still was shaken up from that awful fight. This place was the opposite of the phantom lair, it was restful and beautiful. She blinked and yawned, deciding to get some more rest. She awoke again some time later to the sound of footsteps.
"Hello?" she whispered, her voice hoarse. The footsteps quickened and a koala stood at Daisy's bedside. He wore a large, pointed hat with a flower on the end, a moss skirt and a staff with a horn fixed on top. The koala smiled warmly, and Daisy suddenly liked this koala.
"Wonderful! Your awake!" he said. Daisy nodded.
"Where am I?" she asked, looking around once more.
"My den! I am Cosmo, the koala alpha. Your friends managed to defeat the Phantom Kings (for now) and free Greely. When we found them one of your friends, (I think she said her name was Violet), pleaded for us to help you because you didn't wake up when the Phantom Kings put you to sleep. Since I am a healer I decided to take you in. You have tossed and turned for about four days, but eventually the herbs started working and your sleep improved. This is your sixth day here. Now, what is your name?" Cosmo informed her.
"I'm Daisy." Daisy said, Cosmo nodded. 

''Lovely, like a flower.'' He walked away and returned with a bottle of dark green liquid.  Daisy drank it. It reminded her of sweet tea, but it was bitter once when she swallowed.
"Sorry, it's a tricky thing to sweeten the aftertaste." Cosmo apologized. 
''It's okay.'' Daisy said politely. Cosmo continued.
"You need a lot of rest to fully recover, so I'm going to leave you to it. The elixir should make you less sore, but you need sleep to fully feel it's effects." Cosmo turned and walked away, leaving Daisy to rest. The sound of trickling water soon lulled her, and she slept long and deep. 

Daisy spent many days drinking what Cosmo gave her and sleeping. He said she was healing fast, and Daisy hoped she would be able to walk soon. After another four days of rest she tried to sit up. She was delighted to feel no pain. Daisy yawned and tried to get off her hammock. unused to hammocks, flopped off onto the ground, but she was able to stand up. She tried walking around. Her legs were sore and she was a little wobbly but she could still walk! Daisy tried exploring Cosmo's den. She discovered her hammock was in a sort of nook in the wall and beyond her hammock was a set of colorful potions on his shelves, with one of them being heated over a candle. Daisy turned around and walked down the leaf steps. She was worried that they wouldn't support her wait, but they were very firm and stiff so she walked down easily to the first floor. 

There were plants hanging on the wall, plants and pots and a cutting board with a peach on. Daisy's paws felt wet, she looked down to see water in the cracks of the floor. She saw a large doorway and debated whether she should get rest or explore more. She continued on through the doorway. She gasped, seeing the lush green land Cosmo had lovingly worked. There were fruits and vegetables growing in neatly plowed patches of dirt, lots of trees surrounding the area, a well in the center of it all, flowers on the ground and vibrant green grass.   Daisy enjoyed the peaceful, upbeat and quiet music and wondered as always where it came from. While she walked among the plants she found Cosmo speaking to a plant about water. He seemed to be listening to the plant, and then watered it. 
"Err, hello." Daisy said.
"Hello, Daisy! You seemed to have made some progress!" he said in a friendly tone. Daisy smiled back and nodded.
"You have a very lovely den and garden. What are you doing?" Daisy asked, looking at the plant.
"Oh, just watering my plants. I can hear plants talk and think, as weird as it seems, and I was asking it how thirsty it was. I'm glad you like it around here, I spent so much time taking care of it and I love it all." Cosmo looked around fondly and Daisy was impressed. He was very accomplished and hardworking, and she could tell he was alpha type. At the same time Cosmo didn't seem too grand, he was just a a farmer and healer who understood plants. 
"Oh! I forgot to tell you that soon after you came here the bunny, Violet, visited you. I showed her away after a while because you needed rest and I needed to concentrate, and she also seemed very depressed to see you laying there. She asked me to jam-a-gram her as soon as you get ready for visitors, and I believe now is a good time. She should come soon, I suggest you rest until she gets here." Cosmo's news made Daisy very excited. 
"Can I stay out here? It's very relaxing and I've gotten really tired of laying in bed." she asked shyly. Cosmo nodded.
"I understand! If so, could you help me by watering the Orange tree? There is a watering can next to the well." Daisy nodded. 
"Of course!" she found the watering can and filled it. She looked around for the Orange tree, and though struggling a little with the full and heavy watering can, she went up to the tree and watered it thoroughly. Cosmo asked a few more simple tasks of her and she did them, happy to be working out in the sunshine. Eventually he left for an errand and instructed Daisy to eat some of the fruit. She enjoyed laying in the fresh green grass in a patch of sunshine, eating delicious fruit.

There was a sudden rustling in the undergrowth, like a creature was in it. Daisy looked up, gasping to see Violet running towards her.

-Authors Note-

So, that's what happened to Daisy! The pictures are from my favorite adventure, Meet Cosmo. This chapter isn't my best since it was rushed, but I hope you enjoy it! 

Chapter 10

"Daisy!" Violet cried. She ran up and gave Daisy a big hug. Lily and Cherry soon joined in the hug, making Daisy laugh.
"I was so worried for you! I was afraid... I was afraid that you would... Well, I was afraid you would never wake up again. But you did!" Violet laughed. Daisy grinned.
"You act like I just suddenly woke up. But it was Cosmo who helped me and nursed me for many days." Daisy turned to Cosmo who was watching them.
"Thank you so much, Cosmo. I can't thank you enough." Daisy said, truly grateful. Violet, Lily and Cherry also thanked him.
"It was rather difficult and certainly puzzling. But I'm just so happy to see you much better with your friends, it was my pleasure. There is also someone else you need to see.'' Cosmo said. Suddenly a giant flower appeared and opened up. A tall panda stepped out of the flower  as the flower's petals fell to the ground and disappeared. The panda had a braid, wore an aquamarine dress and bracelet and carried a staff topped with a purple gem. Daisy recognized her to be Liza, the panda alpha.
"Hello, little ones." Liza said. She looked at Daisy.
"You are the one Cosmo was caring for because you didn't wake up from your phantom-induced sleep. He spent a long time researching why. We couldn't seem to find you or your den. Your friend, Violet, seemed to know why, but all she said was your name was Daisy. We found out that you weren't a jammer. Could you tell me how you got to Jamaa?" Liza asked gently. Daisy felt her heart thumping wildly. Violet nudged her encouragingly, seeming to say that Daisy could trust Liza.
"My whole life I was treated like I wasn't special or important. I couldn't do anything right and everyone else acted like I was weird and shouldn't have been born. My life wasn't easy, and I wanted to get to Jamaa, but I knew I probably wouldn't get accepted there either. So I snuck in, following the Blue Heron. I slept in places like the Hot Cocoa Hut and I ate at Captain Melville's juice hut, my life wasn't fancy but at least survival was easy. I woke up with a special necklace one day and began seeing visions whenever the necklace glowed. I found Violet who also had a necklace and together we found the Phantom Crystal on Mira's request and gave it to Greely. We found each other again when Greely was captured and set out to find him. I think the phantoms made me fall asleep because I'm not a jammer and I don't have the protection against phantoms they do." Daisy explained everything. Liza nodded slowly as she spoke.
"Daisy, I have a story to tell as well. The alphas found these two necklaces, necklaces that seemed to hold some sort of magic in them. No matter how we tried, we couldn't make them display their power to us. They seemed drawn in a way to jammers, not alphas. One necklace was put in a Treasure Chest for an adventure. But the other, the moon necklace, well it came to jammers differently. I found you in the Hot Cocoa Hut, sleeping. The necklace seemed to be straining to get to you. I put it on you, and I can see I did so rightly. You have been very brave and have done a lot for Jamaa, thank you." Liza asked. Daisy thought for many moments and then gathered the courage to speak.
"Are you going to take me out of Jamaa since I snuck in?" Daisy lowered her head and body. Liza looked long at her.
"No. Even if you didn't help Jamaa I wouldn't make you leave, it isn't fair at all to do so." Daisy felt like jumping up and down, she didn't have to leave! 
"But there is one thing I will make you do." Liza continued. "Follow me." Liza led Daisy, Violet, Lily, Cherry and even Cosmo through the forest, into Jamaa Township and down a street. She walked up to a small house den and taking out a key she unlocked the door. The den was completely empty. "Daisy, come here." Liza said. Daisy walked over to Liza, who without a word handed Daisy the den key.
"Welcome to your new home." Liza said. Daisy couldn't believe it, she had a den! She actually had a den! Liza said something under her breath and her staff starting glowing. Liza gently touched the glowing Crystal to Daisy's head. 
"You now have the protection and abilities of a jammer, for you are one now." Liza told her. Daisy just gaped. She couldn't believe it. She was a jammer, she was a jammer! Daisy lifted up her paw and pinched it with her teeth. It was real, she was a jammer! Daisy was absolutely speechless.
"Oh, and here!" Liza handed Daisy a bag of gems. Daisy looked at the bag and then back at Liza. Did she really make her a jammer, give her gems and give her a den? It was to good to be true. Cosmo walked over to Liza and spoke to her in a quiet voice. Liza nodded.
"You have risked much to find the phantom Crystal and free Greely. I feel that I must give you a reward... Daisy, how would you like to be a member?" Liza asked. Daisy's mind was racing. She imagined laying on a posh couch in her very own castle with Violet, who was already a member. She could have anything she could earn gems for... Then Daisy thought about her own life, feeling as others were more special and holding a jealousy for animals who seemed to have perfect lives. Being a member would normally require thousands of gems, and she would probably make many jammers jealous. She didn't want to feel better then anyone, or get special privileges.
"I choose to be nonmember. I don't want any jammers to feel that I'm better then them just because I'm a member. I rather be their equal, even if I can't do as much." Daisy said. Liza's eyes widened.
"I hold much respect for your decision, very well. Violet, do you want anything? What about you, Cherry and Lily?" The three jammers thought hard, but one by one shook their heads. Violet got an idea.
"There is one thing. Whenever you need help fighting phantoms send us a jam-a-gram and sign us up. Especially if it involves Mira, we still haven't heard from her again." Violet spoke up. Liza smiled and nodded.
"Let me know if Mira contacts you again. Farewell, brave ones." A shimmery, clear flower surrounded Liza and then she disappeared. Cosmo left in a flurry of leaves.
"Well, what do I do first?" Daisy asked.
"Let's go shopping for your den!" Violet said. After lots of furniture shopping and as they headed out of Jam Mart Furniture Daisy realized something. The snow was gone and was replaced by green grass and lots of flowers. Daisy walked up a path to the Mira Statue. Instead of the ice sculpture of Mira there was a shimmering and colorful likeness of her. Daisy gazed at her, deep in thought. Where did the necklaces come from? Yes, it was Mira, it had to be. Daisy smiled at Mira's statue and then spoke quietly.
"Thanks for the adventure."

-Author's Note-

My friends, I should've given you this chapter a long time ago. But, what's done is done, and here it is after a long while. Thank you for joining me on this little adventure, thank you for joining Daisy. Thank you for all who supported me, whether you gave voice to your support or even just read this little thing I wrote. I love you all so much and I want you to know you are all one-of-a-kind and very special, magical necklaces or no.


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