Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two fun things to do with your den (and how to do without)

Hi all,

So, sorry for my lack of posting. I have to admit, I'm procrastinating since my big camping post. I haven't gotten into my 'creative ideas blog writing' state of mind, and I hope that'll change. Now, I know that some of you (like me) hunts the internet for den decorating ideas or (even better) things to do with your den like themed parties or restaurants, Anytime I do a little business or have a certain event at my den, I'll try to write a review on what I did, how I decorated for it (type of den, music, furniture) if any money was made, the overall popularity and what happened there. So here are two ideas for den events and a little extra thing you will enjoy at the end. Please read through, don't skip to the extra. Everyone loves surprises, and the best ones are achieved with a bit of work. Now, lets go!

1. Jungle:

The biggest event I've ever had in my den was this very 'jungle'. The reason why? I suspect because it provides a place for roleplayers to form tribes and pretend to be wild animals (because Sarepia Forest gets old) and the rest come to check out how I decorated it. Here's a short list of things I used:
- A mushroom den w/ the Paradise Party music
- Vines on trees and lots of plants (the lusher or more tropical the better)
- The sky wallpaper and grass carpeting (it looks really nice in that particular den)
 Now, this is both member and nonmember, in my opinion all den ideas are (or should be) you just need to compromise (tip for nonmembers: use tons of nonmember plants to cover up the walls and various plant or green carpets to cover up the floors. It looks great!)

So, here are the pictures, and then you can see what you'd even DO with a jungle.

Entry Room

Throne Room, for the king of the jungle and his queen.


A moss-covered resting area

Another king or queen or possibly princess could be here. Or a croc.

Territory maybe, people fought over this area, a resting spot by water with a cool totem...

You dance around saying ''Jungle my den, clans, tribes, all animals welcome!''

People rush in like mad. I never had 21 people in my den before this. 

Then, when people come, you'll see the wild animals, i saw a lion sitting on a throne, a whole fox tribe made themselves up in a few minutes and there were skirmishes so i had to set borders...

I enjoyed it, watching all the people.

2: Museum

Thank you, Gringersnap on your blog 'Animal Jam Expert' for your idea on the museum, you haven't logged on in a while (i loved that blog) and, if you ever read this, thank you for the idea. It was fun to expand on. So full credit to Gringersnap, thanks ^^

Museums are super fun. So, basically you get a bunch of old looking stuff (see pictures) or something like that, and then you make up storylines for that in a 'tour'. Entry cost one item (only one person paid :I but you can make it free). You give this cool tour, (its a MUST to me to talk about Zios and Mira) and i set up a giftshop with plushies on a shelf.

Check-in (giftshop at bottom)

Portal exhibit:

Jamaasian Lore section:

''Curiousities'': (like the ongoing and FROZEN torch, a constantly glimmering window even in darkness, a blue-fire-always-going candelabrum, a mirror that answers questions though not always truthfully, and at for a mini exhibit i just put the pots on a coffee table at the bottom).

Thrones and birthstones: (I talked about the paradise throne and how it came from the ruins, the paradise queen's reign, etc. as well as the Jungle King)

Artifacts from the wolf tribe:

All of these stories are made up, but they were fun.

The people mostly left waiting for the tour and never came on the tour so i think i should try it again for a full review, but it was fun making up the stories and giving my buddy a tour.


Now, finally, here is the surprise extra: 


                                  Live outside your den:

Its simple. Choose an land, with a building not often visited, but can be used at a home. I did Outback Imports for the pictures, but i usually do Flag Shop. You sleep on a rug or pretend to make your own bed (i did out of flags) and then you hunt, gather water, maybe make a fire and BEST PART interact with people who come. I love doing it in Sarepia the best, because so many people gather there and so many things to see. I evaded a vampire and befriended a werewolf one day, made friends with a fearful wild hyena and a dog chose to be my dog another. I take care of the injured wherever they are. Its really fun!





That's my idea, and it might not be the best surprise but its really fun.

Thank you for making it through this and enjoy all your Jamaasian Adventures!



  1. I do the living outside your den sometimes, I choose the pillow room on an empty server, it's really cozy.

  2. Huh. That museum thing might actually work :T I'll try it.


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