Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cruise Ship Party-Fun Things to Do-

Hi Jammers,

The next in my party series is the Cruise Ship Party


10. Buy de stuffs 

9. Put on a swimsuit (a swim-like item that you don't usually wear) and play in the water

8. Watch the dolphins

7. Sip a smoothie as you sunbathe!

6. Try to grab a buddy and slide at the same time with them!

5. Grab a cloud and try to find all the shaped clouds.

4. Pretend your going on a real cruise and comment on the quality and the price.

3. Have a giant dance party by the dolphins or on the rear of the ship.

2. Pretend to sell smoothies or various fruity stuff onboard.

1. Try to match all your colors and patterns to the beach towels, its coolest when several people do it with different or the same towels.

And here is some horrible art of an Otter!


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