Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Have Fun at Parties-Beta Party-

Beta Party is a tricky party and my ideas aren't all that great.

10. Explore the beta style den, its really cool and a step into the past.

9. Relax on the beach and splash in the pond! Be sure to SQUAWK at the Beta Crystal Sands bird.

8. Buy the stuff, its not actually from Beta but its the same style of artwork.

7. Pretend to play on the band, but be mild and sing calm songs, its not a crazy dance party.

6. Look through the telescope and comment funny stuff like ''Thats a cool eagle. I didn't know Jamaa had power-lines and where did those pigeons come from?! Oh, no surprise, Mira flying around, seeing her land. WAIT, MIRA SOMEONE TALK TO HER!!! The volcano is exploding, someone is playing Greely's Inferno.

5. Pretend to paint peoples portraits and be very detailed on the canvas.

4. Escape getting eaten from the spiky venus fly traps. Works best on a bunny, being small.

3. Sit on various places and watch people sing, or look like the rocking horse.

2. Explore the really-cool artwork.

1. Watch jammers come and go.

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