Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Den Idea: Restaurant

Hi Jammers,

A classic since the dinner party, many jammers do it, Restaurant den is always used. Just in case you've never seen it, a Restaurant is adding tables, chairs and most importantly: food to a den. You invite jammers, and many pay waiters and waitresses. You take an order, and then pretend to bring the food to a person, and some jammers get money from recycled items for it. Its a classic by far, and mostly overused. I said 'mostly' because there is a way to make it YOU and not just a dinner party knockoff. Theme it, make it a new den, add special music that isn't the dinner party ''Play Wild'' or ''Jam Session''.  Here is a how-to to make a restaurant

                                   Step 1. Choose the theme: 

((That was made with Google Drive))

Step 2. Decorate:

Tables, Chairs, and your special Theme! Don't forget any tables with food feast/desert/fancy/ice cream cart and for nonmembers 'fruit bowl' and 'lemonade stand'

Step 3. Invite People

Be sure to say ''Workers Needed'' if you want people to work there, also you might want to add ''will be paid'' if you have lots of gems or unwanted items. If your member and a worker is nonmember ask their favorite color and give them a headflower or necklace that color if you member. You'll have to trade unwanted items with them.

Step 4. Work there!

Ask people if you can take their order, pay your waiters and waitresses and tell them what they need to do etc. Enjoy your restaurant!

Below are pictures of my Seasonal Restaurant:








I enjoyed it, but there were a whole lot of workers, so be sure to check back into your den often so you'll stop advertising 'workers needed'

My max amount of people? Or, rather, the people i got before i went to the den.


I hope you enjoy all your AJ adventures, members or nonmembers, restaurants or whatever :-)


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