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Adoption Center for Pets-Adoption Week Idea-

Hi jammers,

As some people know, AJHQ does NOT encourage dating, adoption or marriage in Animal Jam. I agree heartily with them, but pet adoption in my mind is a whole different matter. Its adoption week, and the Daily Explorer is packed with adoption week printables. So, here you go, complete with a review:

How to have a Animal Shelter at your den:

1. Decorate your den: This is great for nonmember and members, pillows, shoji screens for pens, a table (prefarebly coffee table) with a stack of books on it and a pillow for a chair for check in, drinks (lemonade is fine), plushies as well. I use an Echanted Hollow because its a relaxing break from castles in my opinion, but Small Houses are great for this. Any den works actually, one of the reasons I  find this idea so easy to do. You can look at my den pictures for more inspiration.

                              2. Decide what the adoption process is like and the fee: I made the adoption process a wee bit interesting to spice things up: an potential owner looks at the pets in their pen, and they tell me what pet they want, or I ask them what kind of pet they are looking for. Then I take that pet out of the pen and down to an small, enclosed area with green pillows 'fake grass' and have the dog and owner bond a bit. If the owner decided he/she wants that dog, they send me or trade me (for a necklace)

3. Invite the Animals! See the pictures for an idea of what to say.

                                          (Arctic is SUCH a photo-bomber, I don't really mind it though.)

4. Sort the animals into their places, the cats into the cat pen, dogs into the puppy pen, etc. Credit to Rikkirik, my real life BFF for the 'dog' and 'puppy' in those photos.

                                                          5. Invite the owners!


                                       6. Welcome the owners, show them around.

7. Take the animals out of their pens, if the owner is just looking, try to help them out asking for what they are looking for. This is how i do it at least, just an idea. You can make your adoption process any way you want.

8. Have the owner and pet bond.

9. Let the owner adopt the pet. You can also have the owner 'sign papers'. If you want, you can go with the owner to the den and give advice to introdouce the pet. Or, you can just tell the owner to Jamagram you if they want a trainer.

10. Have the owner pay. If you like money for your efforts, then the owner can trade or send you the payment, after that the owner is free to take the pet home.

These are pics of my adoption center:



                                Main room:


Dog room:

Owner and Pet bonding area:

Cat Room:


          Review: I got lots of money from it, and it went smoothly but unless you have a lot of time on your hands, there can be more pets then owners and then when you go to get more, sometimes pets can come instead of owners. So be warned once the pets get there, they will be hard to get rid of. Also, if you don't have a pet you'll be tempted to adopt one, thats natural. Adopt the pet for yourself when the shelter closes, so your pet won't have to wait to be cared for. If you have too many pets already, then just RESIST THE URGE D:

Have fun and Play Wild,


Oh, and one last thing: isn't this pop-up I saw today cool? Be sure to follow its advice        ^-^

This too:

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