Sarepia Forest

   Torwards the top of Jamaa is a lush forest. Sarepia Forest is slightly gloomy at first glance with its music, buts its truly a wonderful place. Sarepia Theatre is a great place to watch short videos, the most popular of them called Geckos! (a music video, the song's lyrics are completely made up of the word 'gecko'). It also has the Flag Shop, a spirited place that sells EVERY flag except North Korean flag. The forest itself has a long slide, and a fire pit with a cool secret-if four jammers dance around it the spirit of Mira bursts out of the flames! Jammers love to roleplay 'clanning', wild animals and simply people with (insert power here). The Animal Jam Good Times Sarepia Forest is the 1 place to learn about general jammers! Interviews, 'Jammer of the Week', popular fashions and random phrases I hear, enjoy!

All the Jammers of the Week:

Ajpup1 (now known as Neekotako1)

(Her brother, that also uses the account sometimes. 
When this animal is up, this is him, not her, and no, 
he don't give out Fashion Advice).

(Ajpup1's first member animal, and her most common animal besides
her Arctic Wolf).

(AJPup1's fox, her first member animal and the other animal she is commonly seen with).

Ajpup1 is the first jammer of the week, and my good buddy! She l-o-v-e-s blue, is a fashion fantatic, and a really nice person to hang around with! Her nickname is Fauna.


Happycamper2013 is a fun, sweet jammer who loves to support nonmembers! I really enjoyed hanging out with her, my new buddy! She is the very first jammer of the week to meet me through this blog, I didn't know her before! She is also the very second jammer of the week. Read her interview to learn more about her!

Interview of the Jammers of the Week:


Me: So, why did you join Animal Jam?

Fauna(Ajpup1): One of my best friends showed me it.

Me: What did you think of it at first?

Fauna: Hmm... I thought it was cute :3 A very entertaining game.

Me: What was your first username?

Fauna: it was Lovebunny00820 then I switched to Ajpup1.

Me: What appealed to you most about it?

Fauna: The way National Geographic influenced jammers to learn about wildlife, and the fun decor, color and jammers :D

Me: What is your fondest New Jammer memory?

Fauna: What do you mean?

Me: Something that particularly stood out to you when you first joined AJ, or an especially fun moment.

Fauna: When I started to meet other friends, even if I didn't know them they were super nice, and they totally get me :3

Me: How many years have you played AJ?

Fauna: About a year and a half. Actually a month ago was my first day anniversary thingy. I think I joined in August or September.

Me: You can see what day you joined and what time it was in the Parent Dashboard. 

Me: Whats your goal in AJ, or a dream?

Fauna: Hmmm... To make everyone happy with rainbows :3

Me: Well, your halfway done with that, at least with me :3

Fauna: Is that good or bad?

Me: Good :-)

Fauna: Yay :D

Me: So, tell me about your fashion interests.

Fauna: Hmm... Well, it really looks like I like blue. I do, but I like other colors. Hmm... I like to design outfits in my free time...I can sew...I make little outfits for my dog at home :3

Me: Tell me about your career with Miss Poshlady.

Fauna: In Animal Jam I design outfits with my boss, Miss Poshlady.

Me: Anything else you want to say on that subject?

Fauna: Never wear stripes with plaid.

Me: Any shout-outs or goodbye messages?

Fauna: Hmm.. (thinks). I would like to give a shoutout to Fionna21 she just came back on AJ, from like 5 months or something. 
Au Revoir Mon Ami (goodbye to my friends)!

And thats is the lovely interview of Ajpup1, she is a really great buddy. And if you are member, if you have any spare blue items be sure to send her a congratulatory gift :3 (if you want). She is a really nice person to hang out with, so you'll be in luck if you can catch her in Jamaa! She also has a G-R-E-A-T den decorating talent (her den is a pawfect example when its unlocked) as well as good fashion sense so if you send her a jamagram on the subject she might help you with an outfit (might, I didn't say this with her permission XD) Funny, this interview was in Sarepia Forest.


Me=The reporter, Suzi00. 

Me: How did you come upon Animal Jam Good Times?

Her: I found it on the Animal Jam Nonmember, on one of the comments you wrote.

Me: How long ago was this?

Her: A few days ago, but I got very engrossed in Animal Jam Good Times.

Me: Why did you like it?

Her: Because of the info you gave to other people, your stories and roleplay ideas.

Me: Any favorite posts? I'm using this for future blogging.

Her: I loved your one about Trick or Treatings, I love roleplay.

Me: Least favorite?

Her: Honestly, I haven't seen any yet.

Me: O,o Any tips for me? I'm a newbie at this sort of thing.

Her: I think that featuring jammers is great, maybe advertise more. And it rocks!!

Me: Okay, enough about that. Why did you want to become Jammer of the Week?

Her: Because I think its awesome being feautered on a thing like that.

Me: How long have you played on AJ?

Her: Two years.
Me: So, what attracted you to Animal Jam.

Her: Well, my friend introduced me to it, and I love all the fun games, and how you can design your own den and design your own animals.

Me: Was it the same account as this one, Happycamper2013?

Her: No, I started out as Polkadot456 (account shaded grey).

Me: What was your first animal?

Her: My first animal I think was a koala.

Me: Ohmygoodness, my first animal was a koala too! Sorry, Koala love o-o

Her: Oh, cool!

Me: What is your favorite color?

Her: Turquoise  ((Me thinking: PURTY))

Me: Have you ever considered starting a blog of your own?

Her: I have, but its a lot to keep up with, and I don’t know which business I would use.

Me: Business?

Her: Like, you use blogspot.

Me: Its actually blogger, and its totally free and easy! And you can even make money from it. 

Her: Cool.

Me: What do you look for in a blog, a den, and a jammer?

Her: I look for a lot of supporting nonmembers.

Me: So do I

Her: I read a nonmember thing and its great, so yeah! I’m big into supporting nonmembers.

Me: Ditto. What do you do as a hobby out of game, if your willing to disclose. y’can be vague.

Her: Well, I like to read and write and play volleyball! I also like to spend time with my dog too ((I’m thinking so do I!))

Me: Any goodbyes, helpful bits of info. Anything to remember you buy, for the readers of this interview?

Her: Proudly support nonmembers and don’t be afraid to help them out! I would like to give shout-outs to Tigerlilly1313 and Tigerlilly585 and I’ll see you on Animal Jam!

And that is the great interview of Happycamper2013! She truly deserves this honor, however small a humble AJ blog's honor may be :3 I look forward to getting to know her better, and hanging out with her, and if she is on while i'm making a post then she might find herself as a beta tester for my ideas if she isn't busy(I'm talkin' to you, Cappy!). The interview was done in her small house, candy shop den, where I also constructed my fox's fairy night of the phantoms costume! Also, I made a new account 'jammeroftheweeks'. Buddy it to apply for Jammer of the Week, so my list won't get stuffed X,X


Me = Me (the reporter)

Rikkirik = Rikkirik

Me: So, how long have you played Animal Jam?

Rikkirik: I started in the winter of 2013 

Me: What made you want to play it?

Rikkirik: You were over at my house and you said 'I need to show you this game!'

Me: What appealed to you about it (even though I shoved it in your face)?

Rikkirik: ...It seemed so happy and cheery

Me: What is your favorite thing to do in it now?

Rikkirik: I like to pretend I work at Claws n' Paws at Appondale ((that was one example of her testing)) and playing hide n' seek ((that is another, a game of my own invention. And yes, it's fun. Try it. She loves it. You will too. TRY IT))

Me: What is it like being my test subject for my ideas?

Rikkirik: It's fun to try all these new ideas...

Me: Did you even know Animal Jam Blogs existed when I told you I made one?

Rikkirik: Well, you told me there were lots of Animal Jam blogs and you said you were making one. But, before then I had no idear ((that's actually what she said in real life)).

Me: Right... So, what is your least favorite part of Animal Jam?

Rikkirik: The scamming and the daters.

Me: What is your least favorite part of Animal Jam Good Times?

Rikkirik: All your remarks in this interview ((she is looking over my shoulder)).

Me: Hehehe... Anyway, would you ever start a blog of your own?

Rikkirik: No. 

Me: Why not?

Rikkirik: I wouldn't be able to keep up with it

Me: I barely keep up with my mine >.<... Do you have any animal jam goals?

Rikkirik: To get a purple and pink headdress, not because it's rare, it's because it looks really cool.

Me: What do you think of honeybees being nonmember? Are you excited for other animals/pets/dens that nonmembers can have?

Rikkirik: I think there should be badgers for nonmembers!

Me: If there is one thing you can change about Animal Jam, what would you change?

Rikkirik: I would make 'quests' around Jamaa where you go looking for something, and then once you get there you have to look for other things, like a scavenger hunt.

Me: Wow, that's creative! Is there anything you'd like to say to my readers?

That is the end of the interview! Rikkirik is my very good real life friend. She's always been very supportive of this blog and extremely helpful. She's really fun and caring, as well as very sensitive and mindful of other people's feelings, leading to great generosity. She also has an awesome sense of humor =D 

So, if you haven't already, you really should buddy her, because she is an amazing buddy <3 Also, we have been both trying to get a pink and purple headdress for her, she really deserves it! So, please, if you can then it would be amazing if you gave her this headdress. She doesn't care much about rarity, she just loves that color of headdress. We also both share our love for purple ^-^
Anyway, if you want to be a jammer of the month let me know!

How to Become a Jammer of the Month:

While, yes, my buddies have a distinct advantage because I know them, but anyone can be one if your a good jammer! A good jammer of the month would:

* Being able to be contacted for an interview.

* Play AJ often, not like once a month.

* Like Animal Jam

* Be friendly to all jammers.

* Comment on this blog if not my buddy to enter, or buddy Jammeroftheweeks and tell me via jamagram or comment why you want to become one!


1. Interview with a clanner:

Me: Why do you play Animal Jam

Her: Because its fun o3o

Me: What do you think of clans?

Her: Mostly epic.

Me: Does it bother you that wolves are used as cats?

Her: Nah i like both.

Me: Do you know what the Blue Bird in Jamaa Township is?

*long silence*

Her: Do i wat?

Me: Do you know what the blue/green bird in Jamaa Township is?

Her: ....It doesn’t bother me that wolves are used as cats.

Me: Statue?

Her: What statue?

Me: Its towards the top.

Her: Lemme check...


*Comes back*

Her: I don’t see one...

Me: Are you a clan leader?

Interview of a clan MASTER :3

This is an interview of XxRoesellaxWarriorXX, an experianced clanner. I look at a last of popular clanners, and found her there. She was online, so I interviewed her. I'm very happy I did, and this interview is sort of an in-depth view of clanning, its gold if you want to learn about it. I myself have taken part in Madjasterxyz's Thunderclan, which I later learned was a kittypet clan. 


Me= Suzi00, which is me, author of the blog.

I am not a clan leader anymore, though I was a strong and skilled warrior, if my certain clan, now, Brookclan ever falls then I have plans to rebuild my clan, Swiftclan. ((my thoughts: that almost sounds poetic).

Me: Tell me about Swiftclan please :3

Lucky:  Swiftclan was the longest clan to ever live, to this day it still holds that title.

Me: Impressive

Wolfie(A person who dropped in occasionally, a friend of hers. Forget username sorry!): Thunderclan has been around longer.

Lucky: Thunderclan was a kittypet clan hun.

Me: Did you start Swiftclan?

Lucky: Swiftclan started with it's first leader, Moonstar.

Me: So, when did you join?

Lucky: It was standing for a straight four years. I was there when we decided to make it. So, I was there to the beginning and to its end.

Me: What was Swiftclan like?

Lucky: It was peaceful, and of course dramatic. All clans have those few cats that are just.. eh.

Me: What was it's main prey and it's territory (land or den? By land I mean like in Jamaa.)

Lucky: It's main prey was mostly fish, mice and rabbits and its land was Zois, a swamp-like land.

Me: Temple of Zios?

Lucky: Yes.

Me: How did you get on a list of thirty most famous clanners?

Lucky: Well, i've been here for a long while. I've been improving on my skills, and i've been just doing my best, to be on the top thirty was shocking, really lol.

Me: Do you miss Swiftclan?

Lucky: Yes I do, Swiftclan was my home for a long time. When you join Swift, then you join our family. Thats what we were. A family. A family who looks out for each other. Yeah, we had our moments, but someone does at some point.

Me: Tissue?

Lucky: Takes a tissue: Thank you.

Me: I wish i've could've seen it! What brought you to Animal Jam?

Lucky: Oh um.. I used to get the National Geographic magazine, and it talked about Animal Jam opening, so I decided to join. I was bored at the time so why not?

Me: How long has Clanning been around? When was it popping up around beta.

Lucky: Am I considered Beta?

Me: Did you join in Beta Testing period?

Lucky: Kinda, during the end.

Me: Was clanning around then?

Lucky: No, not all actually. Clanning didn't start til' like many months after that, maybe a year.

Me: What do you think of clanning nowadays?

Lucky: I find it ok now.

Me: Did you always approve of it.

Lucky: No, I'm glad we got rid of the anatomy. When anatomy was brought it, I wanted to quit. I find it useless, and a waste on this sight.

Me: What exactly would you call anatomy? How would you define it.

Lucky: Its bigger words for the cat body. Takes up too much room, and ruining what roleplay is...

Me: What is your opinion of wolves used as cats, mostly instead of tigers.

Lucky: I don't mind it, the tigers look super weird, so wolves were the next best thing.

Me: Any advice for a wanna be clanner?

Lucky: For a wanna-be clanner I advise you look like us, and try your best to be like us. Join a kittypet clan, and then work your way up to larger clans, we all did it. We were all once in a kittypet clan, but we learned and brought ourselves up.

Me: I read the books, and i'm wondering what you'd call a ''kittypet clan''. Different then the book? Because le definition of the book makes no sense in this situatio.

Lucky: Much differant. A kittypet clan is like Madjaster's thunderclan now. Or any clans similar. Clan that uses bunnies for kits, and dress up weirdly.

Me: Weirdly?

Lucky: Have no organization or color coordination. Yeah like just having random accesories on etc.

Lucky: A clan where everyone does their own thing?

Basically. Where they don't stick together, where no one knows anyone.

Lucky: I could walk in Thunderclan and call myself leader X,X Though I have little to no clanning experience. How would a large clan avoid being a kittypet clan?

Lucky: Yeah. Get some organization. Actually train. And have everyone stop calling themselves leader.

Me: I was an apprentice for one minute in TC, then I was a warrior.

Lucky: Yeah, thats not really training. I have my own apprentance that I have been training for a week now. I can tell she is going to make a good warrior, but she still has a long way to go. Clanning is really anything like the book. Well, it kinda is, kinda not, a bit of a mix.

Me: The book adjusted to fit Animal Jam's standards and possibilities?

Lucky: Yeah, kinda. We did switch it up a bit.

Me: When does clanning get too violent for AJ?

lucky: Really, never. Now since they block everything, its hard for it go violent.

Me: Opinion time! Cats with sword and bow and arrows? They don't wear those thing o-o

Lucky: Swords.

Me: For claws?

Lucky: They don't, but they help with your title. To look like a warrior.

Me: Like a dress code?

Lucky: Yeah.

Me: I'm understanding the world of a clanner more, and my readers will too.

Lucky: Thats great c:

Me: I've sort of despised clans, found them dramatic and immature. Now I know i've only seen kittypet clans. I tried to start clans, with little clanning knowledge I know now.

Lucky: Yeah. Best to have experiance first.

Me: Any advice for newbie clan leaders?

Lucky: Maybe get tips from the big clan leaders and warriors. Like go through training as an apprentice.

Me: Like you :)

Lucky: Yeah, like me. f they are willing though, and have time. When your in a clan you have to make time for it, and have a bit of time for it to be active. We all have lives to live so.

Me: What is the first activity you should do when the neccessary amount of people come. When you invited all you want, after Jamaa Township dancing.

Lucky: I'm not all that sure.

Wolfie: No you don't do that. You find people that are worthy to join your clan.

Lucky: Yeah, mhm.

Me: Thats where every clan went wrong o,o 'cept a few.

Lucky: The kittypet ones, yes.

Me: How do you find a non kittypet clan?

Lucky: You basically, look up the top clans or clanners on youtube vids, and then find them or that clan. Dramatic, Kinda. Immature, depends on what clan your watching.

I hope this enlightens non-clanners or wanna-be clanners on the slightly more advanced part of clanning! Its helped me :)

Interview of A New Jammer #1

Twinkle=New Jammer  Me=Suzi00 (me) not asking questions 

When did you join?

Twinkle: I joined an hour ago

Why did you join?

Twinkle: It is fun and there are cute animals.

Whats your favorite part of AJ so far?

Twinkle: The Animals

Why did you choose a koala?

Twinkle: It is cute and it is not big and not cute like a wolf.

What’s your least favorite thing about Animal Jam so far?

Twinkle: Mean Animals

Me: Mean Jammers (They are the players)

Twinkle: Cute deer

Me: Thanks :D

What are you most interested about in AJ?

Twinkle: The Adventures.

 Is there any questions you have?

Twinkle: No

So, have you done any decorating (animal or den) yet?

Twinkle: Not really

On that note, I gave her her colored items and visited her den. I look forward to see her jamming some more! 

More to come soon!


  1. Thank you so much for making me Jammer Of The Week Suzi00! As always you are my best friend on aj! Well basically, EVERYONE IS :D.
    -Fauna (Ajpup1)

  2. I would love to be jammer of the week! i'm a member and a proud supporter of NMs. I play animal jam every single day. Jam a Gram me or respond to this if you think I could be one!! Thanks!!!!!!! :)

    1. Hi, Happycamper! I'd be happy to make you jammer of the week once we can arrange an interview. What time (and timezone) are you usually on? I'm glad to see another nonmember supporter. Just to be sure, I'll jamagram you in Jamaa as soon as I get on!


    2. Yay! Thanks so much! I'm in central time zone, and I'm usually on 9-10 AM, and 8-10 PM, but if something else works for you, I can get on a different time. Thanks again!

  3. Your two hours ahead of me in time zone, you think you could get on at 7 pm your time?

    Glad your interested :-)


  4. I'm on right now if you want!

  5. Are you able to meet me again at 7 tonight ( my time)? I'm also on right now.


    1. Ok... what I was trying to say was...


    2. Moonstar isn't even a name used in the books, some Erin Hunter rule that you can't have a Moonstar.

      I'm sure there are twenty other Moonstars in Animal Jam anyway, so I guess you can be one too.


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