Deep in the savannah of Jamaa is Appondale, a land filled with pets, cool animals and conservation. A Acacia tree filled with pets is the main attraction, as well as the Conservation Museum, a cool place to learn about animals, donate to Endangered Species, buy cool animal hats, try one of the addicting plushie machines and print out coloring pages! A mud pool also graces Appondale, to play in and get dirty. The A.J.G.T. (Animal Jam Good Times) Appondale is the one stop for PETS, Gringersnap with her (shut down) Animal Jam Expert Blog has a few pages for 'taking care' of your adorable, pixelated pets, like Hamsters, Puppies, etc. While full credit goes to her for this idea, i'll continue the 'take care' of pet page as well as put other pet-related stuff and post links to any pet posts I do. Everything den idea here is nonmember, but member pets will be featured:

Acacia Tree Add-ons:

Ok, so your pets live in the same old Acacia Tree. Sure, it has a lawn chair and a swing as well as a door that opens and closes, but your pets deserve a bit more unique of a home, a few add-ons, say, a fenced-off yard, a (small) plant, the window actually having something behind it, so it looks like a house, statues,  etc. Voila!

Be creative with all your add-ons, its yours but a list of good ones are:

1. A bamboo screen or picket-fenced yard.

2. A mailbox if you have one.

3. Tiki Torches.

4. Figurines for statues.

5. A pet table/extra chair

6. A pillow or something behind the window to give your pet a HOUSE inside.

7. A pillow or something behind the door: it opens and closes when you click it.

8. Plushies are always good.

9. Lava/Portal Crystals.

10. Several pets at a time in it.

11. A food bowl of any kind, whether the member pet one, or the simple clay pot.

 Nonmember (And DEN) Pet Wash!

As soon as you saw the 'nonmember pet wash' you got excited, even if you are member. Here is the differant steps of the member pet wash:

Its simple, the nonmember one (no sparkle :C) here 'ya go!

Two different versions.

Aa nonmember diamond shop rain cloud and shoji screens/bamboo fence. Cool add-ons include a towel under it (I used a member towel, I don't seem to possess nonmember ones), or a rug. I like to use the vine as a brush (Don't judge, the brush is hanging in the member pet wash and the vine looks scratchy) and a waffle cone to refresh yourself. To operate, you simple turn on the rain cloud if its white, and then turn off. There isn't any soap, sadly, so the pet doesn't sparkle. 

Pet Hamster Care:

Pet Hamsters are EVERYONE'S friend, whether member or nonmember, they don't require lots of den space, they don't fret if you can't dress 'em and they are perfectly happy if you clean them in a pool instead of a pet wash! In short, hamsters don't need luxury. Hamsters are made happiest though with a bit of special attention, this is how you can give your hamster a bit of luxury that it deserves!

Hamsters love walking, but keep it simple. Don't do it in the cold or super, super hot Jamaa Township is good, and Appondale is where hamsters live.

A hamster needs a little place to call his own when he isn't in his luxury acacia tree, so here is a little place for them:




More cool pet stuff coming soon!


  1. Wow! Nice ideas you have!

  2. Twilightsparklefairy!January 31, 2015 at 7:41 PM

    Wow, I'm rapidly beginning to think I'll need several dens for everything i have! Um... Actually, that's possible... Let's see. Small House: theme changing den (seasonal stuff.) Erm, I also need a pet de- oh right. Mushroom Den: Pet Den! (Only problem: I sometimes like to RP as a fairy and I'd want that den..... Crystal Palace: Um... er... I honestly have no idea yet. Sky Kingdom: Combination fancy palace and alone RP clan area. And I relly don't know, I WOULD like not to change my den so much :(

  3. I love those ideas, Suzi00! They seem like people would want to come to your den over and over and OVER and *OVER*, but hey, they like your den! I might do the Acaica (or howerever you spell it lol) thing, it sounds like fun! Although, I would have to recycle some items...


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