Sunday, August 31, 2014

Outfit Ideas for Adventures (Member and Nonmember Versions)

Hi Jammers,

I've finally gotten a blogger account, Suzi00, so i won't have to borrow it anymore. Today i'll reccomend some Adventure fashions! One is plant-like for Meet Cosmo, one is a good, heavy-duty hive or great escape and one is great for a merry stroll around Return of the Phantoms. We are also celebrating 300 views thank you so much guys, oh my goodness it was only about two weeks since i got 200! Anyway, backpacks are back in and i made a school, a post will be for that on Tuesday!

Here are my fashion ideas!

Take a merry stroll through the mildest of Phantom Adventures with this plant idea!



When things get more heavy duty, caves and goop and such, this outfit might help:

Since this outfit is nonmember besides the elf bracelets we can just call it nonmember.

And when things go all crazy, fighting phantom kings and exploring hives and whatnot, this will be great, also mostly nonmember besides, again, the elf bracelets:

Lastly, a special, nonmember treat:

The Butterfly Queen, an outfit filled with beauty and perfect for fanciness.

Nonmembers, i hope you don't mind the NM outfits were displayed on an Arctic Wolf.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Friday, August 29, 2014

How to unleash your creativity

 For ideas, look around other AJ blogs.

1. Go to the Art Studio and paint whatever pops into your head, or better yet, paint random stuff and then look at it and try to make a scene in your mind. Paint that scene when your done and send that to AJHQ.

2. Color your animal and a unique way that no other jammer has. Forget the fads, or what looks good. rule number one of creativity: BE YOURSELF 

3. Decorate your den in a themed way, or a scene or whatever but be sure to follow rule number one.

4. If you want to, you can dress up as a character and stay in character all throughout Jamaa, making it respond to the other jammers, very fun. 

5. Pretend to be sucked into Jamaa, very fun.

6. Make rhyming poem and send it in through Jammer central.


(sorry for the horrid post)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Priceless Pictures

Enjoy, credit to the glitch and the Cruise Ship Party :3


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glitches Galore!

Hey Jammers,

I have made many posts, and now its time for a post dedicated to glitches, especially one particular, FUN FUN FUN glitch that you need to keep a SECRET, do not shout it out in the township. But, thats a reward that you MUST NOT skip to see. First, a nonmember friend took these screenshots:


''I went to my buddy's Cosmo's Den, me and her den both had the sky wallpaper. When i came back, this happened. I had accidentally purchased two sky wallpapers, and when i looked at  my wallpapers, both were shaded orange like i was using both at the same time. When i took away one, the Cosmo's Den wallpaper disappeared. It happened with another buddy's Cosmo's Den, Suzi00 actually. I went to a normal land, and another person's small house den and it disappeared when i returned, but when i went to a Cosmo's Den and back, it reappeared. This is a cool den glitch!''
-Anon (she was nonmember by the way).

Next, i'll show you a few pictures of a personal glitch that i shall explain in a video:

(My buddy is going to find out if thats a code and what the code is, i'll get back to you on that.)

Be sure to stand here, and then open the parties tab and then, click the Kani Cove entrance but right before you get there you click your party. Side effects occur, land in sea and sea in land, animals and objects alike (i haven't seen sea objects on land though).



Monday, August 25, 2014

How to make a Spirit Party!

Greetings my furry jammers friends!

Today i shall pack a long and tedious blog post into a short minute video that explains a spirit party, after that is a few sentences of extra info.

Spirit Parties celebrate the spirit of Jamaa, so try to have some cultural stuff, things like alpha statues, the banners from the beta party, and lots of plants and the flag of course! If you can't make up your own, then i reccomend visiting Mister Chunkybuddys' Blog 'Animal Jam Cheats and Codes', some great stories are there. If you can, invite buddies for Alphas that are slightly similarly dressed, be sure they stay in character at all times and answer questions! Also, those alphas need to read the bios of the said alphas so they know exactly who they are pretending to be. A son of zios is golden, with a zios mask, or it can just be a golden tiger or koala. I hope you found this helpful!

--- A few pictures---




P.S. Ain't dis cute?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hula Finally!!!

I've always wanted to put a Hula skirt on a koala, when i was a New Jammer i thought that item existed and was member... Now, it does and is member (no surprise there) and I finally can fulfill a dream :P

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to start an animal jam club/Trading Glitch

Hey jammers,

So, i'm making a ''Pandola'' and ''Kanda'' club, pandas that look like koalas and koalas that look like pandas, to help pandas with endangerment and bring ''only'' parties for both. In honor of it, i'll teach ya'all how to have a club and also a animal 'only' party. Enjoy! :-)

1. Decide on the theme of your club/party, do you want to start a movement to stop scammers, make your own ''only'' party, make an animal popular or get together a group of people who love say, books.

2.  Decorate! I have a few tips, Jammers L-O-V-E interactive items, especially items like feast table or waffle cones. So, get out your cocoa or smoothie machines, lemonade, ice cream, etc. If it doesn't 'work' with the den, then take it out, OR if you really want it, you can make it blend in or do something like cover your cocoa machine with a tree or plants so its well hidden but still clickable. Rares aren't that important in decorating, but items like a Mira statue or a rare mirror are naturey and pretty. I like making my dens have lots of differant things, from a band to a little beach to food to a general theme to hidden games, its entertains people.

3. Gather your people, i look out for koalas and pandas, dance in Jamaa Township with a few others and have fun. Be creative with your ways, like gathering a bunch of Pandolas and dancing and singing at someone's den and then asking them to join.

4. Start taking action, whether dancing around in huge groups, bombing suggestion boxes with the same suggestion, or just partying and having fun, they came to your den for something.

5. Spread the word, while its similar to 3, spreading the word is about jamagramming people, dancing around or featuring it on your blog like me. You have members, but you need more, your movement or party needs to get bigger BIGGER bigger BIGGER bigger BIGGER!!

6. Making a commitment, whether holding a meeting every day. constantly bombing suggestion boxes or inviting more people every time a few people leave, things like this require COMMITMENT

Be sure to have fun and who knows, if your a member you might get an epic den or if your nonmember, you might be featured on a blog.

A quick tour of my club:

Oh, and i would like to point out a common trading glitch with the new system:

The person was standing next to several animals?

Have fun and play wild!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

The New Jammer Experiment

Hey Jammers,

Sorry, my past few posts probably have lacked a bit in the 'interesting and imaginative' level, anyway, i want to tell you a story.

The Experiment


I was roaming around the streets of Jamaa Township, a little desperate and mad that Otters were Diamond Shop and member. My brain was working rapidly trying to think up a cool idea for a blog post. I had none, i was listening to music and turned on something calmer. I thought of how when I was rallying with some other jammers one jammer said 'I wish it was beta again with no membership'. I thought of how Beta had no scamming, everyone just had fun, and then i thought of when i was new. Being a new jammer is almost like beta, innocent, not knowing of rares and scamming, just there to have a good time, not obsess over pixelated items that had a gold plate on them saying 'rare'. I decided to start a new jammer account again, i won't reveal its name because I don't want my buddies to know who i am.. I went to Jamaa Township, led a 'fellow' New Jammer to 'the pet store', and went to the Sol Arcade. I saw a member there, buddied her, found out she was with Animal Jam from the beginning, and asked her something very rude 'Are you one of those jammers who are obsessed with rares and gems?'' she said 'Yes' and later found me talking to a brand-new  new jammer buddy and i was talking about beta of how it didn't have 'Any scamming, membership or rares, Animal Jam was about nature and having fun'. The member saw me, and unbuddied me, feeling a little hurt i'm sure. Well, i told my New Jammer friend about Beta and the legends, and played a LOT in the Sol Arcade. I didn't use any of my rich account goodies, i had to get everything from scratch and i discovered i became the Claw Machine MASTER, for some reason every other time i always got a plushie, two kangaroos and a lion were some of my best. I'm having so much fun and i feel new again, am i a good actor or did i just need a membership break? I want everyone to realize the magic and simplicity of Jamaa, earning gems, decorating your den, saving up for 'always-wanteds' like a pet or exploring the Summer Carnival. While my blog is about ways to have fun in Animal Jam that doesn't always meet the eye, a lot of fun can be won by being new again. If you are new, then embrace the magic, adoption, dating, scamming, obsessing over rares, that doesn't need to be a reason why you play Animal Jam. I'm having fun with my new account, i'm playing on it now!


And, my new jammers friend, you know who you are. If your reading this, thank you for helping me with the magic of Jamaa.

I just got a plushie in the claw on my other account and i'm anxious to see what it is,


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mini Announcement

We are one view away from 200 views, I'm going to be having a part in Animal Jam at 1:30 pacific time, please come :-)

I'll also invite people in the township because I doubt anyone would actually come from this blog to there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hiya Jammers!

So, before we do anything else i want to put up an ad:

Blog Authors are great too.


8 Goofy Places to Have Fun in The Sun:

1. Temple of Zios

2. Coral Canyons

3. Kimbara Outback

4. Play-as-your-pet party

5. Mt. Shiveer

6. Tierney's Aquarium

7. Conservation Museum

8. Bahari Bay

I would also like to show you a Dolphin Dance-Off, a 'Hey Jammers' popped up for it, it said:

It makes me wonder whether an AJHQ account is there, a penguin (Sleeping Spiritbird) and a claimed he was which meant he wasn't and a shark tried to eat us :3 'Show AJHQ your moves', it makes it sound like they are there too...

This is my dolphin, my friend, Rikkirik has one two, and our sister, Admiral Venicia in the adventure look

Now, why don't you go pretend that Tierney's Aquarium is a real aquarium?

Have fun,


Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Have Fun at Parties-Beta Party-

Beta Party is a tricky party and my ideas aren't all that great.

10. Explore the beta style den, its really cool and a step into the past.

9. Relax on the beach and splash in the pond! Be sure to SQUAWK at the Beta Crystal Sands bird.

8. Buy the stuff, its not actually from Beta but its the same style of artwork.

7. Pretend to play on the band, but be mild and sing calm songs, its not a crazy dance party.

6. Look through the telescope and comment funny stuff like ''Thats a cool eagle. I didn't know Jamaa had power-lines and where did those pigeons come from?! Oh, no surprise, Mira flying around, seeing her land. WAIT, MIRA SOMEONE TALK TO HER!!! The volcano is exploding, someone is playing Greely's Inferno.

5. Pretend to paint peoples portraits and be very detailed on the canvas.

4. Escape getting eaten from the spiky venus fly traps. Works best on a bunny, being small.

3. Sit on various places and watch people sing, or look like the rocking horse.

2. Explore the really-cool artwork.

1. Watch jammers come and go.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Adoption Center for Pets-Adoption Week Idea-

Hi jammers,

As some people know, AJHQ does NOT encourage dating, adoption or marriage in Animal Jam. I agree heartily with them, but pet adoption in my mind is a whole different matter. Its adoption week, and the Daily Explorer is packed with adoption week printables. So, here you go, complete with a review:

How to have a Animal Shelter at your den:

1. Decorate your den: This is great for nonmember and members, pillows, shoji screens for pens, a table (prefarebly coffee table) with a stack of books on it and a pillow for a chair for check in, drinks (lemonade is fine), plushies as well. I use an Echanted Hollow because its a relaxing break from castles in my opinion, but Small Houses are great for this. Any den works actually, one of the reasons I  find this idea so easy to do. You can look at my den pictures for more inspiration.

                              2. Decide what the adoption process is like and the fee: I made the adoption process a wee bit interesting to spice things up: an potential owner looks at the pets in their pen, and they tell me what pet they want, or I ask them what kind of pet they are looking for. Then I take that pet out of the pen and down to an small, enclosed area with green pillows 'fake grass' and have the dog and owner bond a bit. If the owner decided he/she wants that dog, they send me or trade me (for a necklace)

3. Invite the Animals! See the pictures for an idea of what to say.

                                          (Arctic is SUCH a photo-bomber, I don't really mind it though.)

4. Sort the animals into their places, the cats into the cat pen, dogs into the puppy pen, etc. Credit to Rikkirik, my real life BFF for the 'dog' and 'puppy' in those photos.

                                                          5. Invite the owners!


                                       6. Welcome the owners, show them around.

7. Take the animals out of their pens, if the owner is just looking, try to help them out asking for what they are looking for. This is how i do it at least, just an idea. You can make your adoption process any way you want.

8. Have the owner and pet bond.

9. Let the owner adopt the pet. You can also have the owner 'sign papers'. If you want, you can go with the owner to the den and give advice to introdouce the pet. Or, you can just tell the owner to Jamagram you if they want a trainer.

10. Have the owner pay. If you like money for your efforts, then the owner can trade or send you the payment, after that the owner is free to take the pet home.

These are pics of my adoption center:



                                Main room:


Dog room:

Owner and Pet bonding area:

Cat Room:


          Review: I got lots of money from it, and it went smoothly but unless you have a lot of time on your hands, there can be more pets then owners and then when you go to get more, sometimes pets can come instead of owners. So be warned once the pets get there, they will be hard to get rid of. Also, if you don't have a pet you'll be tempted to adopt one, thats natural. Adopt the pet for yourself when the shelter closes, so your pet won't have to wait to be cared for. If you have too many pets already, then just RESIST THE URGE D:

Have fun and Play Wild,


Oh, and one last thing: isn't this pop-up I saw today cool? Be sure to follow its advice        ^-^

This too: