Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monkeys Only Party Fun and my Joining Date!

Hi Jammers,

Today i learned my joining date: December 9th 2013 at 4:22. Kewl! :-)

Now, for the next edition we shall do the Monkey's Only Party!

10. Buy De Stuffs!

9. Finally get that monkey plushie collection.

8. Dance around to the music, and if your a member, purchase it!

7. Pretend to be a wild monkey! Maybe even get someone (like a duplicate account)to stay while you dance around and say buddy ____ and teleport to (be in a monkey tribe or enjoy the monkey's only party)

6. Enjoy the view of the jungle beyond and speculate about it. BWB (Best With Buddies). Also, find the river (is it what Snowyclaw calls the 'River Delta'?).

5. Find a cozy place to nap. Monkeys look SO cute when they sleep, almost as cute as Koalas

4. Hide in the leaves at the bottom and pop out and scare people.

3. Pretend to sell Bananas.

2. Pop away from the party and get a Banana Smoothie from Captain Melvilles Juice Hut in Crystal Sands.

1. Explore the weird monkey patterns and try to get friends to look mystical in all sorts of different powers and pretend to use your powers on other monkeys.

People have been popping up with Adventure Items:

I see those people mostly in the Pillow Room, could it have something to do with it? WHY DID DA BUNNY STEAL THE KEY?? Orrrrr maybe that Bunny is part of the family who owns it :O

Finally, a fewAnimals who just Can't Reach.

Like my den idea and my 'Peck'?

See you later!


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